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Some Books for Children with Learning Disabilities 

Have you seen a beautiful garden with different varieties of flowers? After keenly observing a beautiful garden, one can realize that what makes a garden really beautiful is its diversity. In the same way, God has made every child differently. There are children with learning disabilities. One needs to understand that differences make this world […]

Benefits of Reading Books

Books are everywhere. All over larger cities and colleges, you will find bookstores and libraries of all sizes. All of them are filled with books, which is the most important thing of all. People who love reading books are grateful for the many places they can find them. People who don’t love books may not […]

10 Best and Famous J.R.R Tolkien Books

J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the most well-known names in the fictional theme. He was born in England in 1892 and served in WWI on the Western Front, which influenced his work. After that he served at the Oxford English Dictionary headquarters and eventually got into academics. A perpetual writer at heart, Tolkien would frequently tell […]

Best E-book Sites for Downloading Books for Free

What is better than reading books? Reading books for free! This article provides you with all the information regarding free e-book sites from where you can download books and start reading right away!From cheesy romances and fantasy to daring adventures, from spine-chilling horror to thoughtful literary fiction and so many other genres, books have always […]

Best Shakespeare Books For Children

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare were a thing that boggled minds in 19th century and continue to do so till date. It has the intention of entertaining young readers. It was done so that William Shakespeare’s plays could be easily understood. Shakespeare’s plays portray recognizable people in situations that we can all relate to – including […]

Interesting Environment Friendly Books To Teach Your Kids

Teach your kids no matter what the subject is whether it is about values of life or other things. Kids are the future of this world and therefore, they should be taught the right things. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and without each, other would be meaningless.Children are taught different things either at […]

Books to Teach Your Child Good Manners -Books for Etiquette

We all know what the word ‘Etiquette’ means but, does everyone know about it! In fact, we could have a small debate about etiquette in society or in today’s world. The word could be a very powerful word when it is used correctly. Authors have come up with many books for etiquette. Additionally, not only […]

Decades Old Mystery: Top 5 Thrilling Books By Agatha Christie

Do you see an inquisitive detective in you? Or are you looking for some gut-wrenching thrill in life? The thriller genre appeals to many of us. We feel a rush of adrenaline while reading or watching suspense. This is due to its suspenseful, plot, and of course the remembering of characters. Most of us are […]

8 Great Thriller Books About Mental Health to Read

When we talk about our health we usually refer to our physical health but we forget that mental health is as much as important as our physical health. If we describe it in simple words then mental health means the way people feel, behave and think. It is very important to take care of our […]