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Top 12 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Dance Classes

Kids always seem to have boundless energy. As a result, keeping up with them can be quite tiring. While getting your child to participate in a sport is a good solution, it might not work for those not interested in team sports.

Dancing is the perfect alternative to this problem. It is a safe and fun activity that will not only keep your kid engaged but will also aid in their physical and emotional well-being.

If this isn’t enough, we have an ultimate list to persuade you with valid reasons. With this ultimate list of 12 reasons why should you send your kids to a dance class, you’ll make a choice immediately. And, we also offer you the reasons and the solution! Just stay tuned for it after reading our reasons for the same!

Why should you send your kids to dance classes?

Dance classes are a great way to improve physical fitness

Along with a balanced diet, children also require physical activity. Dancing is a fun way for kids to indulge in the same. Children who take dance classes like hip-hop, tap and Bollywood have improved flexibility and stamina.

Furthermore, a physically active child is more likely to take part in school activities during gym and recess. Dance can also help maintain posture and balance, thus, preventing health issues in future.

Dance classes help improve emotional well-being

Dancing not only helps in improving your child’s physical fitness, but it also helps in uplifting their mood. Physical exercise like dance enables the release of endorphins which trigger positive feelings. If dance makes your child such a happy pill to be around, you have the best reason to try enrolling your child in a good dance class.

Dance classes help build teamwork

Choreography often requires teamwork, partnership and synchrony. When kids move in a group, they will learn to build trust with their peers. Additionally, children learn at different rates. Therefore, a group may contain some who have already mastered the choreography and some who have not. This will teach your child patience as they need to wait for everyone to learn a step before moving on.

Dance classes can improve social skills

Dance classes are an excellent platform for your kids to interact with children their own age. Whether your child is outgoing or an introvert, a common hobby is sure a way to make new friends and bond with them.

Dance classes help build self-esteem

If children know that they are good at something, their self-esteem will rise up by a few notches. Repeatedly practicing a step will help the child eschew clumsiness and perform the choreography correctly. This will give them tremendous confidence in their own abilities. Speaking of confidence, check out our tips on how to raise a confident kid, here!

Dance classes will help your child in building confidence

Dance develops determination

Children who learn dance usually do so for a competition or an end of the year dance recital. Having a goal like this will help the child build determination. They will also build in themselves the capacity for hard-work required to achieve these small goals. Furthermore, they will also be able to set goals for themselves in future.

Dance classes improves retention

In a dance class, the routine is rehearsed for months. Kids learn a small part of the choreography, review it and then learn the new steps. This helps improve their memory and aids in long-term retention of important information.

Dance classes help engage all senses

Students need to watch, listen and practice the choreography repeatedly, which engages all their senses. This is also beneficial in a classroom as students also watch, listen and practice the class material.

Dance helps in developing gross and fine motor skills

Movements acquired in dance classes can help develop motor skills in kids, especially very young ones. These movements can translate to sports and other activities they will take partake in in school.

Dance classes encourage creativity

Dance is a way for children to express themselves and be more creative. Children are encouraged to think critically and develop creative problem-solving skills when they navigate choreography and footwork.

The educational benefits of dance classes

Learning dance requires discipline and dedication. Discipline will help your child excel in their future. Dance also required focus. Children can learn how to concentrate better on their movements and thoughts, which will help them achieve higher goals at a later time.

Dance classes enhance communication skills

The most important part of communication are the non-verbal cues one displays. Children learn how to express their emotions through their facial expressions, eye contact and codes of space while dancing. These skills learnt in the dance class will enable your child express their thoughts and ideas better.

Dance Forms Your Child Can Learn

There are several different dance classes you can enroll your child in to keep them engaged. Some may cater to children of a particular age group while others are available for all to join in and have fun. Some dance forms you can opt for include-

  1. Creative movement (for kids of ages 1-2)
  2. Bollywood dancing
  3. Salsa dancing
  4. Hip hop
  5. Freestyle
  6. Contemporary
  7. Kathak
  8. Bharatanatyam
  9. Kathakali
  10. Ballet

To master basic movements your child can learn ballet or Bharatanatyam. Both these dance forms are excellent for beginners and help develop a foundation for aesthetically pleasing movements and facial expressions. If your child finds these dance forms boring, then you can switch to freestyle, hip-hop or salsa. If you wish to traverse the Indian classical route then Kathak would be a good option.

The key thing to remember is that your child should enjoy the dance form they choose, else they may lose interest and can have counterproductive results.


Dance is a fun way to keep kids engaged. It allows them to stay active and at the same time encourages the physical, emotional and social development of the child. Therefore, dance classes will help your child become a part of a loving community who share many things in common, both including and besides dance.

Additionally, dance helps develop habits of discipline, focus and patience that will be there to stay. Therefore, if you wish to see your child open up, build connections and be confident, then dance classes are a must.

And since we promised you the reasons and solution, we’ll deliver them at your convenience. Podium School offers personalized dance classes with expert faculty who will hone your kid into a little master of the craft. Join our contemporary dance program by the talented Shakti Mohan of Dance+ and Dance India Dance fame. We also have curated courses for Kathak, you can know more about these classes here!

We look forward to you joining us in this journey and help your child grow with all the lyrical sensitivity of dance. Enroll your children in Podium’s special programs now!

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