Here Are Some of the Best Children’s Book with LGBTQ Protagonists


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When it comes to books, we have seen them of many types, shapes, sizes, colors, and categories. Almost every book under these categories has a strong protagonist. Yes, strong a protagonist not only means men, boys, girls, or women or any straightforward relations. But, today we will be talking about books with LGBTQ protagonists.

LGBTQ-related books are being published for quite some time now in the market. There are thousands of books not only for children but, for elders portraying this unique concept. Not only side characters but, the books have portrayed LGBTQ as the main protagonists in every story.

My shadow is Pink

Stories as an LGBTQ protagonists have always been interesting and attractive. In today’s world, most the organizations and people have accepted LGBTQ as a normal human community and so does the authors. Further in the article, we have discussed some of the children’s book that portrays LGBTQ as a main or side character.

Best Children’s Book with LGBTQ Protagonists

The books that we have shortlisted are especially for young children aged 1-3 even more years-old. Even the elder ones or the parents could read such cute little stories to the young children. The following are some of the books that perfectly portray LGBTQ characters.

My Two Moms and Me

This is quite a famous book when it comes to LGBTQ protagonists. The book has been written by the American author Michael Joosten. The book was first published in 2019 with great artwork by a famous fashion illustrator.

This book depicts the story of lesbian mothers and diverse loving families. The story primarily focuses on same-sex parents who are the mothers of their two beautiful kids. The lesbian mothers are seen having fun throughout the day starting from day-eating breakfast to going on a playdate.

The lesbian mothers have an everyday routine of reciting bedtime stories and a good-night lullaby to their babies. This is how both the lesbian mothers live with their beautiful kids.

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Julian is a Mermaid (LGBTQ Protagonists)

Julian is a Mermaid is another famous book that exactly does not depict the character of LGBTQ+ but, in some way it portrays it. It is an American children’s picture book that has been written by Jessica Love. The book was originally published in 2018 and received 4.5 out of 5 from Goodreads and 5 out of 5 from Waterstones.

The story revolves around Julian who is a boy. One day, while on the subway with his grandmother, the boy notices some participants of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Julian looking at them becomes excited and fascinated and immediately starts dreaming about becoming one of them.

Later, we see while his grandmother is taking a shower, Julian disguises himself in a mermaid outfit. He did not get the right utensils or materials to do so, but, somehow he managed to dress like one. Soon, his grandmother comes out of the bath and gives the boy a disapproving look, and goes away from the scene.

Later, with a lot of understanding his grandmother decides to take Julian to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Visiting the show he again becomes very excited and fascinating and interestingly, he gets a chance to walk with all the other mermaids.

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And Tango Makes Three

‘And Tango Makes Three’ is another highly valued children’s book that perfectly portrays the character of LGBTQ+. This unique book has been written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell and was first published in 2005. The book has received 4.2 out of 5 from Goodreads and 5 out of 5 from Book Trust.

The story is based on true events about two male penguins, Roy and Silo. The two penguins are in Central Park Zoo. It is already that time of the year where the penguins need to couple up with one another.

Later, we see that all the other penguins have found their partners as one male and one female except for Roy and Silo. These two left-out male penguins fall in love with each other. These penguins do everything together such as singing, swimming, dancing, and even building a nest so that they can start a happy family.

The penguin turns sitting on a rock, thinking that it is an egg. But, they do not lay any eggs on the rock and this is noticed by the zookeeper, Mr. Gramsay. He then brings the couple an extra egg from another penguin couple so that they become happy. Roy and Silo become very happy and take care of the egg until it hatches.

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I am Jazz

“I am Jazz” is a book written by Jazz Jennings and the story is based on real-life experiences by the author of the book. The book was originally published in 2014 and it received 4.1 out of 5 from Goodreads and 4 out of 5 from Common Sense Media.

This book portrays the story of a child who thinks that he is born with a girl’s brain but in a boy’s body. Later, in the story, the parents of the child find out that Jazz is not what he should be. The parents immediately see a doctor and as a result, the doctor reveals that Jazz was transgender. Jazz has always been a transgender and he has born in that manner itself. This was what was revealed by the doctor.

The story has been kept in a very straightforward manner to the audience or the readers.

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Jacob’s New Dress

“Jacob’s New Dress” is a very unique story portraying the LGBTQ community quite well. This unique book has been written by Ian Hoffman and Sarah Hoffman. The book received 4.2 out of 5 from Goodreads and 4.5 out of 5 from Barnes & Noble.

The story revolves around the LGBTQ+ protagonist, Jacob. In the story, we see that Jacob loves wearing different dresses and loves dressing up. Doing this, Jacob thinks that he can be anything he wants to be.

Later, some kids in the school say to Jacob that he can’t wear “girls” clothes. This is what changes Jacob’s mind and now he wants to wear a dress to school. Jacob seems to be very confident in wearing the so-called “girl’ dress to school. But, for that he has to convince his parents so that he can wear whatever he wants can he do that!

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