Creative Writing Course: How to Improve your Writing Skills?

Quick Guide to Learn Creative Writing - Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing is among the core skills that are in trend currently. One can appreciate the significance of creative writing skills through the fact that experts claim creative writing skills as the skill of the 21st century. In the past few years, the demand for skills such as creative writing has seen a steep rise in the business world. As a result of spurt growth in the demand for creative writing skills, creative writing courses and classes also became popular. Various online lessons and courses for creative writing so as to improve creative writing skills are now available.

Many experts are of the firm opinion that learning creative writing techniques can be very beneficial for kids. There are enough pieces of evidence supporting the fact that learning creative writing techniques help in intellect development in kids. Several expert tutors have come out with high-yield courses on how to improve creative writing. Learning creative writing skills trigger innovative thought processes in the children. Therefore, it helps kids develop imaginative powers and unique thinking abilities.

What is Creative writing?

Creative writing is a form of art that involves writing imaginatively and innovatively. Unlike academic or professional writing, Creative writing utilizes components such as character development, plot writing, and imaginative writings. Creative writing includes Poetry, Fictions, Novels etc… A unique and innovative approach is the characteristic feature of creative writing.

Creative writing involves the following forms of writing genre:

  • Poetry
  • Fictional writing
  • Novel
  • Short stories
  • Drama or Plays

How to improve creative writing with our online course?

Our online course on how to improve creating writing can help develop your creative writing skills. At Podium school, we work on teaching creative writing skills in a creative way. Our educators believe in-

Creativity nurtures Creativity.

As a result of which, our experts imply a creative approach and innovative techniques for the development of your creative writing skills. Below you can find a brief idea of how our online course on how to improve your creative writing will help you-

1. Reading enhances writing skills

Reading different forms of pre-written articles, blogs, books, and novels helps a lot in furnishing your creative writing skills. You get exposure to a wide range of vocabulary through reading. Scientists believe that reading enhances the overall writing skills of an individual.

Reading has several benefits, out of which a few significant ones are-

  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Increases exposure to newer forms of writings
  • Enhances innovative thinking

2. Finding creativity in everyday life

Creativity exists around us in our surroundings. There are many daily life events that can inspire us to think innovatively and creatively. In fact, Nature is the most creative artist. For instance, a painter or sketcher can inspire by the beauty of the sky. A story writer can plot his next story after getting inspired by a daily life event around him. There are numerous examples where our basic surroundings trigger our innovative approach.

3. Journalling improves creative writing skills

Journalling helps in developing a sense of creative thinking and a unique approach to life. There are several types of journaling. Regardless of the type, journalling helps in better self-analysis and allows you to work upon your weak areas.

4. Rewriting exemplary stories or novels

Another great tip on how to improve creative writing is to rewrite some of the famous novels or stories but with a unique approach. It helps in developing the originality of your writings. It triggers the release of excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine that activates our creative thinking.

5. Dedication and Devotion is the key

No task is impossible when you invest all your dedication in it. Practice creative writing with complete dedication and devotion in order to improve your creative writing skills. Consistency helps in furnishing your creative writing skills.

importance of creative writing course

Why is it important to enhance the creative writing skills?

It is important to enhance creative writing skills because it indirectly leads to the development of several other skills that are vital in the modern-day business world. For instance, resilience, persistence, uniqueness, and imagination are some of the skills enhanced as a result of enhancement in creative writing skills.

1. Resilience-

Learning creative writing skills develop resilience in many ways. For instance, when you are new to the world of creative writing and write a new piece. It will be subject to criticisms and feedbacks that might be positive or negative. But at the same time, it helps you to be resilient against those negatives. Instead of taking them as failures, you should work upon them. Always remember,

Failure doesnt exists. It is just that you did not reach the threshold of success this time. So, enhance your efforts.

2. Imaginations-

Creative writing course indirectly enhances the power of imaginative thinking. It allows you to think innovatively and hence, furnishes your imaginations. There are many pieces of scientific papers that prove the fact that learning creative writing skills are essential for kids. Because it makes them think creatively.

3. Persistence-

Every great achievement needs an investment of your time. Patience along with persistency is the key to success. Being persistent helps a lot in achieving goals and milestones. Improving creative writing with the creative writing curse develops persistence.

podium school creative writing course

Final thoughts- Podium school

The creative writing course on how to improve creative writing by Podium school is the best choice for enhancing creative writing skills. Creative writing experts at Podium school have developed a high-yield course with proven tips and techniques on improving creative writing skills.

Some salient features of the creative writing course by Podium school are as follows-

  1. Basic introduction to the creative writing
  2. Importance of observation power for a creative writer
  3. Visualising stories to enhance imaginative thinking
  4. Character development
  5. Integration between storyline, character and theme
  6. Developing resilience and persistence


1. What is the fastest way to improve creative writing skills?

The fastest way to improve creative writing skills is to get enrolled in an online creative writing course. The creative writing course by Podium school is one of the best options as it provides you with proven techniques to improve your creative writing skills. You can learn more by clicking here.

2. How can I make my creative writing better?

Being persistent, resilient, consistent and devoted are some of the key techniques to make your creative writing better. There are several useful techniques for improving your creative writing skills. For instance, reading books and previous works, rewriting famous stories, observing surroundings.

3. What are the techniques to improve creative writing?

Some proven tips and techniques to improve creative writing are-

  • Dedication and devotion
  • Getting inspiration from surroundings in daily life
  • Reading books of different themes and genre
  • Rewriting some of the famous novels and stories
  • Self-analysis of your writings

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