Best Documentaries for Kids: 11 Documentaries by David Attenborough

David Attenborough documentaries are the landmark nature shows on TV and other web applications. There is nothing quite like a David Attenborough documentary. This legend of broadcasting has been the voice of the best series available for numerous generations. Though some have come close but nothing has beaten him in this art form.

With a vast array of series under his belt, there are plenty of David Attenborough documentaries that take you on wild adventures across planet Earth. Podium School believes David Attenborough is much more than that just some TV personality – he’s an international treasure. With so many documentaries by the man, we at Podium school have rounded up some of the best documentaries by David Attenborough that teach us some important lessons about the environment.


Life is a celebration of Charles Darwin and survival of the fittest. It was a 2009 David Attenborough documentary series which investigated extreme and fascinating behaviors concocted by animals to stay alive. Its focus was on both the hunters and the hunted. Although it doesn’t just observe the battle between predator and prey but also other fights for survival, against the elements, illness, and reproduction. 

Life (TV Mini Series 2009) - IMDb-Best Documentaries by David Attenborough


Over a series of five episodes, Dynasties offers a detailed and intimate insight into the behaviors and lifestyle of one selected animal family per episode. We explore the lives of tigers, lions, penguins, chimpanzees, and wild dogs, starting with Chimpanzees and ending with Tiger. The way this show follows generations and dives deep into very specific families offers something very different to the normal style David Attenborough documentaries are famed for.

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The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet was considered the most ambitious nature documentary ever recorded, when it was released in 2001 .  In eight mind-blowing episodes, we saw life beneath the waves in extraordinary new detail. Podium School believes the stories told in this series and the moments captured were some of the best we have seen till date. From sharks hunting seals to deadly species of the deep, The Blue Planet will go down in history as one of the best David Attenborough documentaries the man ever worked on.

Blue Planet

Blue Planet II

Best Documentaries for Kids: 11 Documentaries by David Attenborough gets Podium School’s vote as the best documentaries by David Attenborough list. It brings with it all the visual genius of Planet Earth II, but there is something extra here. The Blue Planet delighted us by giving us a window into the underwater world. Blue Planet II also did nothing but blow these revelations out of the water. From showing us tool-wielding fish and fish that change gender, to an octopus that makes its own armor and the very origins of life on our planet. It is a ground-breaking David Attenborough documentary that shows how little we really know about our world.

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Planet Earth

Planet Earth took the awe of The Blue Planet, and its world-leading visuals, and went global. Covering everything from coastal habitats to lush jungle, tiny insects to giant mammals, Planet Earth had everything. At the time, it was one of the most comprehensive nature documentary series ever put to film. It has been a great source of inspiration for many ever since, including plenty more David Attenborough documentaries.

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Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II was a treat to the tired eyes. It was like a breath of fresh air and Attenborough’s voice ever so soothing. Planet Earth II came a decade after Planet Earth I. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in terms of film technology in such a small amount of time. The difference between these shows is as dramatic as the scenes we are treated to. Beautifully shot, this stunning David Attenborough documentary series covers a range of territories and environments, in-keeping with the original Planet Earth series of following habitats for entire episodes.

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Our Planet

This is one of the most recent David Attenborough documentaries. it is clear from this series (a Netflix original) that Attenborough intends to not only leave behind a legacy as being a beloved national treasure, but also a climate and conservation activist that helped turn the tide of history. Furthermore, Our Planet explores different environments around the world, with a particular emphasis on their changing landscapes and vulnerabilities. Touching, sometimes heart-breaking, it paints a stark picture of the brutally wild world just beyond our doorsteps. 

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The Hunt

The Hunt is one of the most poignant David Attenborough documentaries to date. As with all his latest documentaries, it is beautifully shot with incredibly intimate visuals of wild animals. However, what’s interesting about this David Attenborough documentary is the portrayal of predators. Typically, in documentaries, the predator chases down a prey animal and the balance of power is always in the predator’ favor. Further we’re almost always cheering for the animal to escape the predator’s clutches. Similarly, in this David Attenborough documentary, we really get a sense of the struggles predators face. We see the hardships, the strife, the daily challenges. You feel the life-and-death nature of hunting really isn’t just about the prey surviving. The Hunt is a David Attenborough documentary that makes you cheer for the kill. 

Frozen Planet

It can’t be said that David Attenborough documentaries, have ignored polar animals. From penguins and polar bears to Narwhals and Walrus, we’ve become familiar with these species over the years. Frozen Planet, though, takes in more details. It follows animals over the seasons, allowing us to see new and rarely documented behaviors, including the dramatic moments killer whales tip over ice flows with artificial waves to hunt seals. The poles are filled with highly charismatic animals. It’s also just a great chance to revisit some favorites.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Seven World, One Planet

Very similar in style and tone to Our Planet, Seven Worlds, One Planet shares a few similar shots and stories as the David Attenborough documentary found on Netflix. Again, it pushes us towards thoughts of conservation and the vulnerabilities of our natural world, although this time each episode explores a different continent. From Europe right through to Australia, we see what life is like in every corner of our world.

Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities is Attenborough going back to his roots. For example, exploring all the weird and wonderful quirks among the most fascinating creatures on the planet. This 21-episode series revisits old hoaxes, debunks myths and delves into legends (think unicorns!). In fact, at just 30 minutes an episode, it’s the perfect bite-sized dose of Attenborough goodness!

Prime Video: David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities - Season 1

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