7 Amazing Books For Children Less than 12 Years Old

 The purpose of books for children goes beyond the realms of entertainment or simply as a means to pass the time. 

While, introducing children to reading early on in their life will help them achieve academic success, accelerated cognitive and logical thinking skills, and versatility, the benefits of reading do not cease here. Moreover, they are also able to set their foundations for later independent thinking. 

Many books have offered a perfect mix of mystery and fairy tales with morals and prosocial messages. Some books for children that they should read before they turn 12 are: 

Books for Children Aged 12 and Below

Charlotte’s Web (above the age of 4)

Kids Book Club - Upcountry History Museum

E. B. White’s book narrates the life of a livestock pig, Wilbur, and his spider friend, Charlotte. This poignant yet humorous tale takes its readers on Wilbur’s dangerous journey of being butchered by the farmer. It shows how his spider friend weaves a web with a message that praises Wilbur to sway the farmer of his decision. 

The book teaches children the importance of friendship and compassion. Furthermore, that sometimes it’s okay to walk alone because you never know what magic you might find along the way. Since it has hit the world of children’s literature, Charlotte’s Web happens to be one of the most cited books when it comes to animal protagonists in books for children.

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A Really Short History of Nearly Everything (above the age of 4)

This book by Bill Bryson helps children discover the mysteries of space and time followed by life on earth. The book takes children on a remarkable journey beginning from the center of the planet and traces it to the dawn of dinosaurs. Everything that lies in between and beyond. 

‘A Really Short History of Nearly Everything’ has the power of turning an oblivious child into a curious scientist. It answers every question the mind of a child could raise. From nothing to something, a single cell to a whole civilization, the if’s and the when’s, the how’s and why’s this book is a compilation of nearly everything. 

The Unadoptables (above the age of 4)

This exceptional story by Hana Tooke and Ayesha L. Rubio traces back to the autumn of 1880. It is when five babies turn up at the Little Tulip Orphanage in the most unusual situation. These five babies are referred to as ‘the unadoptables’ by the mean matron.

Still, this group of best friends is determined to stay together. After all, they believe that their individuality is what makes them unique. Until one day, a frightening man tries to get these special children for his selfish needs. Join Lotta, Egbert, Fenna, Sem, and Milou in their story of escape, adventure, pirate ships, and puppets. 

An extraordinary story about friendship and the true meaning of family. 

Caddie Woodlawn (above the age of 4)

This historical fiction recites the story of an 11-year-old tomboy named Caroline Augusta or ‘Caddie.’ The book shares the story of a young, free-spirited soul who likes to run wild and string in several adventures. Inspired by the memories of Brink’s grandmother, the book takes its young readers on timeless trips to forests, tribal homes, and ice-skating adventures. 

The book is filled with practical jokes and moments that touch the heart of readers. Not only does it offer insight into how life was actually like during the Civil War, but the book can also teach children the importance of bravery and courage. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (10-12 Years)

The classic Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has been one of the most sold books for children across the globe. The series highlights a boy’s life who, on his eleventh birthday, learns that he is the orphaned boy of two very powerful wizards and possesses magical powers. He is summoned to Hogwarts, an English boarding school for wizards, where he experiences friendship, mysteries, and odd creatures.

The book respects the intelligence of a child and encourages them to solve logical puzzles. It motivates them to play imaginative games and tackle complex problems that help them build on their cognitive skills. 

I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (10-12 Years)

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb - Tangled Tourista

I am Malala is a memoir written by the Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. Yousafzai’s tragic tryst with the notorious Taliban is well known. However, Malala’s zeal for spreading the clarion call for education and awareness has not diminished. Therefore, Malala’s memoir will serve as a lesson of power and determination to your young ones.

This book follows the journey of Malala as she fights against all odds and becomes the symbol for the right of education for girls. ‘I am Malala’ teaches children to stand up for what is right and also inspires them to surround themselves with good role models. 

Brown Girl Dreaming (10-12 Years)

Jacqueline Woodson’s book ‘Brown Girl Dreaming’ is emotional poetry that shares the feeling of never truly being home. This vivid tale recites the protagonist’s journey to its young readers between the two cities, New York and South Carolina. The book is a must-read. It motivates the readers to find their voice, identity, and place in this ever-changing world.

Highlighting the themes of racism and civil rights movements, Brown Girl Dreaming sparks questions about practical problems and the importance of justice. 

How to Help Your Child Develop an Interest in Reading?

Connecting reading and real-life

Assisting children in applying what he or she is learning to real-life situations is one-way parents can develop a reading interest in a child. Making links between books and a child’s own life experiences can help them develop a love of reading.

Keeping reading materials in the house

At home, provide youngsters with easy access to books and other reading materials. This teaches him or her that reading does not have to take place in a classroom—it may take place anywhere.

Make it a daily habit

It’s easy for schedules to become overburdened with school and other activities, but setting aside time each day for reading is critical. Encouraging children to read every night before bed is one easy yet effective way. Reading an entertaining story, for example, will draw kids in and make them want to read for longer.

Parting Words from Podium

From classic novels to graphic illustrations; mind-blowing adventures to trips down magical places, books will entertain your child and impart some life lessons and morals. Therefore, as parents, you need to make sure that you nurture your child healthfully. 
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