Children Movies: 3 Children’s Movies from India You Should Watch

The world today is ever-evolving. This quality is present in its digital version as well. But these days, the digital world of social media often features a recurring trait, a gateway to past memories. Every day, we see posts of people from different age groups talking about the nostalgia of old and cherished times.

People often share their childhood experiences with fondness. One such experience of childhood is cinema. Sometimes, adulthood makes one cynical towards children’s movies. However, these movies end up being the repository of our naivete and old times, when things were easy to comprehend. Listed below are three children’s movies from Indian cinema which your children will love to watch with you.

Taare Zameen Par (2007)

A milestone in children’s movies from India, any list about them feels incomplete without the mention of this movie.

Focusing on the life of a dyslexic boy, Ishaan Awasthi and his helpful teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the movie met universal acclaim and was responsible for changing people’s perception on mental health.

The gradual progression of Ishaan from a troubled, confused boy to a confident one occurs due to the efforts of Aamir Khan’s character in teaching the boy differently. His methods involve remedial techniques which were presented for the first time in mainstream media. Parents and teachers have been instructed to watch this movie by many institutions to understand how to help Nikumbh helps Ishaan.

Another element in the movie which helps to push the story forward is art. Often considered a subject of lesser importance, art connects the two main characters and helps Ishaan regain his happiness. The movie breaks down the concept of a narrow-minded society and embraces the different. Not only the content but also the form of the movie tugs at one’s heartstrings and also allows the viewer to rejoice as Ishaan triumphs.

The slow and steady pacing also allows the viewers to see different perspectives and reevaluate themselves as parents and teachers. This one tale is sure to leave an indelible impression on your children as well as you. Catch the film’s trailer, here!

Taare Zameen par

The Blue Umbrella (2005)

The Blue umbrella

Many book-readers admire Ruskin Bond for his vivid imagery and emotional stories often set in the mountains. to see such stories get adapted for the screen, makes for a beautiful experience. “The Blue Umbrella” is one such story, featuring a nine-year old girl from Himalaya called Biniya and the village’s shopkeeper, Nandu Khatri. Biniya comes across a blue umbrella which she buys using her bear-claw necklace and soon becomes the talk of the town. the umbrella invokes jealousy in others, especially Khatri. The story progresses as the umbrella changes peoples’ fate and shows a different side of them.
The movie, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is a visual treat from the beginning. The setup of the movie showcases the simple, rural life in the Indian mountains. The simplicity is further amplfied through the child’s character who rejoices in her prized posession. Greed also plays an important role as it is Khatri’s greed which pushes the story forward and brings turmoil in the protagnist’s lives. The songs elevate the mood of the movie and are beautifully penned by Gulzar,.

Watch the trailer!The Blue Umbrella

The story, like all children’s movies, ends on a good note and manages to show the value of selflessness and forgiveness through Biniya’s character. Beautiful and heartwarming, this movie should be a must watch for young minds.

Stanley Ka Dabba (2011)

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Another movie on this list is the 2011, Amole Gupta’s Stanley Ka Dabba.

Set in Mumbai, the movie follows the school life of Stanley, a fourth-grader who is very popular amonst his friends. Stanley is a talented and creative child in his class. His Hindi teacher also plays an important role in the movie as the gluttonous staff member who likes eating student’s tiffins .After some incidents, the teacher forbids Stanley to come to the school unless he brings his own tiffin box. the movie hence progresses in a school setup.

The world of the film features the beauty of innocence and the potential of children as shown by talented Stanley. It also shows the power an adult holds in the life of a child. One teacher stand in the way of Stanley’s education, while other adults, including one teacher, help him succeed. It also shows that appearances can be deceptive as seen by the end of the movie. Warm, heart-wrenching, and thought-provoking, this movie is a must-watch for all ages, especially children.

Stanley ka dabba

Final Thoughts

While the treasure trove of children’s movies is usually full with animated classics from reputed international studios, it’s time to diversify the watch list a little. These Indian movies would be an experience. Children will cultivate some love for these classics, which is what Podium School assures you.

We invite you to discover more articles like this on the Podium Blog on Children’s books and films to pick out the next visual treat for your children. Do check out the 10 Animated Children’s Movies compiled by us for your little darling!

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