7 Amazing Self-Love Books Everyone Must Read

Are you sulking after looking at the so-called ‘imperfections’ in the mirror? Or are you feeling burnt out and lonely without being a part of your school’s ‘cool group? Living in a world thriving with diversity can be hard. Every action and appearance get noticed. We get suffused under categories and even if we do not like it, we tend to live that way. When your surrounding accepts you the least, self-love gets hard. 

Awww No, You are perfect

We love our family, friends and even try to be good to the strangers we meet unexpectedly. But amidst all these, we forget the basic need. Self-love is equally important for us. It is about telling yourself that at the end of the day, you have yourself regardless of how many have left. 

You are lovely, so love yourself

Self-Love: Know It Close

In a general understanding, self-love is comprehending and appreciating one’s flaws and perfections. It is to give priority to yourself before others. This quality also initiates you to polish yourself but at your own pace. It is all about appreciating your body and soul, without doubt.  

Often, we start living our lives the way our close ones want. We start putting their expectations above our choices. However, after a point in time, we realize that swallowing our aspirations does no good. In the process of maintaining a relationship, we give up on our individuality, and ultimately on our journey of self-love. 

You are enough

You should not confuse the terms self-love and narcissism. Often you might be termed as a narcissist for loving yourself, but that is a complete lie. A narcissist is someone who loves only themselves and has less affection for others’ emotions. They are full of arrogance and vanity. 

But, self-love is about taking care of yourself and others’ feelings too. You, as a person, are thankful for what you have and who you are. 

Self-loving yourself is essential to building an optimistic perspective towards life. It helps you to perceive things in a positive light and deal with your emotions maturely. Instills attributes of gratefulness and humility towards oneself and others. It is also required to live a tranquil life and to create good memories during the entire life journey. 

Top 7 Books That Radiate Self-Love

Now that you know how important self-love is for you, let us know it through books, which are exclusively soaked in self-loving flavors. 

Here are the top 7 books by Podium School which will teach you more about your self-loving journey. 

Untamed- Glennon Doyle


One amongst the New York bestsellers, Untamed is about a woman’s journey in loving herself and letting go of worldly expectations. The book is filled with so many life lessons of loving oneself first and truly. Each sentence in the book will make sure to touch you most profoundly. The book has so many instances where the readers could connect with the author. It also shows the spirit of a woman who is allowed to break a disturbing relationship and let her children find their ways. Once you start reading Doyle’s tale, you will surely love and respect yourself, regardless of who you are and what you have become. 

What a Time To Be Alone- Chidera Eggerue

You wanna be alone? Then read what a time to be alone

Are you lonely to be alone? If yes, What a Time To Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue is a must-read for you. The book explores how being alone can be your actual oust to discover new and garnish your mind with lots of creativity. It will also inspire you to give importance to self-worth and be alone rather than indulging in toxic relationships. You will learn to set your priorities and be proud of them too, as Chidera asks people to do so. Lastly, the book teaches that being alone is not a crappy thing, but the best thing that could have happened to you. 

Don’t Overthink It- Anne Bogel

Overthinking problems? Read Don’t overthink it and apply in daily life.

Sometimes we start overthinking about others’ perceptions and our role in a relationship or group. We start questioning our worth and often have thoughts of deserving and not deserving. Once you start reading Don’t Overthink It, you will learn to let go of the overthinking process. The book in its optimistic turn will teach you that perfection is different to all of us. We should live the way we want and learn to handle big or small things on our own. 

Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

Have you heard of self-loving through creativity? If you haven’t, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is what you need to read. Filled with various lessons of self-love drenched in creativity, the book will teach you to acknowledge what you have. The tale in the book inspires you to let go of your fears and do things, just the way you like. The book also appears therapeutic, as it lets you settle your sufferings and insecurities with self-appreciation and creative thoughts. 

The Self-Love Experiment- Shannon Kaiser

Experiment of Self Love

Just like its name, The Self-Love Experiment is all about reaching beyond the boundaries to appreciate oneself. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you do, you must maintain your individuality and love yourself through every hardship. The book contains different life lessons that will lead you to love yourself and ultimately reach your desired goal. It also leaves you with a powerful message that it is okay to accept yourself and be hopeful about the way you are. 

The Gifts Of Imperfection- Brene Brown

Imperfections are good because no one is perfect.

Time and now, we have this thought of what we could be, passing through our minds. But once you read Brene Brown’s The Gifts Of Imperfection, it will change your perception. The book teaches you to accept who you are rather than what you could be. The author also teaches you to generate self-worth with all the so-called ‘flaws’ you have been told to have. It teaches you that what you consider to be your loopholes, is a gift of improving oneself and being the best version of who we are. 

Radical Self-Love- Gala Darling

Darling – Radical Self-Love

Throughout our life journey, we come across various setbacks. They can be in our professional or personal life. Through Radical Self-Love, Gala Darling connects to us in a very personal manner. She talks about her setbacks and how she went about to move on and do her best. The book has instances where readers could connect and understand patterns to rise back after a downfall. Lastly, the book reminds you that you are unique to this planet. 

These are some books you must read to know and learn more about self-loving oneself. 

Final Words To Self-Lovers

Self-loving oneself can be hard at times. You might feel yourself to be selfish. However, being kind and acknowledging oneself is a priority too. All you need to take care of is, you do not hurt others’ sentiments too. Self-love teaches you to understand your abilities and talents and do what is best for you. 

In this process, we at Podium School want to be your friend too. With our curated sessions in Public Speaking, Creative Writing, we foster accepting one’s uniqueness. Additionally, we also want to keep you updated through our blogs. 

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Read these books tooo.

Read these books tooo.

Till then, know that you are only in this world. Adios!

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