Keyboard classes online: step-by-step courses and tutorials

Keyboards constitute a large group of musical instruments including Piano. Playing a keyboard or a piano is among the musical instruments that are easiest to learn. In addition, with the online keyboard classes covering basic keyboard lessons and step-by-step courses, learning the keyboard is now a hassle-free task. Learning how to play a keyboard becomes more important in today’s musical world. Because playing the keyboard and piano are among the most in-demand musical skills. Several online keyboard courses are available that provide online keyboard classes for beginners as well as advanced musical learners.

Learning how to play the keyboard is not so difficult. All it takes is the selection of perfect keyboard courses and getting a suitable keyboard for practice. Learning how to play the keyboard also has some other vital benefits. For instance, it develops Preservance, concentration, enhances multi-tasking skills, triggers neuroplasticity, and improves emotional and mental conscience. Online keyboard classes help beginners learn about basic concepts of keyboards and enhance their musical skills.

A brief understanding on the basics of the keyboard

White and Black notes-

White and black notes are basically the musical notes produced upon pressing the white and black keys respectively. Black notes are usually not so important to learn for beginners. Because black notes are more useful in playing complex musical compositions. A set of 12 notes on a keyboard contains 7 white keys and 5 black keys.

A set of 12 notes on a keyboard contains 7 white keys and 5 black keys.

Musical notations-

There is a standard hierarchy that is to be followed while writing a musical composition for a keyboard play. The hierarchy involves staff, measures and beats in order of largest to the smallest part. There are three basic parts in musical notation that are as follows-

  1. Rhythum
  2. Melody
  3. Sharps and Flats

The Tempo-

Tempo stands for the speed of playing musical notations over a keyboard. Tempo adjustment is a crucial step in playing the keyboard fluently. Therefore, it is important for beginners to learn about tempo and its adjustments. Beats per minute (bpm) is the unit for Tempo.

Silent notes-

Rests or Silent notes are the time periods when no notes are played on the keyboard. These are periods of rest in a musical notation. Silent notes are crucial in the melodious play of the musical composition.

Step-by-step course on playing piano: beginners to advanced

Although, several online keyboard courses are available for beginners so as to learn to play a keyboard. However, a step-by-step course on learning how to play the piano by Podium school is the best among all of them. It provides the learners with vital tips and techniques for learning the keyboard online.

Benefits of learning piano for children

A brief overview of the online Keyboard course by Podium school is given below-

Lesson 1- Basic introduction to the instrument

The course starts with a brief and basic introduction to the music and the instrument of choice, that is a keyboard in this case. It explains the basic layout and parts of the instrument. In addition, it also provides a brief history of the instrument in the context of musical evolution.

Lesson 2- Introduction to staff, pitch reading and octaves

After learning the basics of the keyboard, the next step is to learn about basic musical entities. For instance, the staff, pitch, octaves etc.

Lesson 3- Time signatures, Tempo and major chord

It is important for beginners as well as advanced keyboard players to learn about the concepts of chords and time signatures. Time signatures are crucial in recognizing intervals on the musical notation.

Lesson 4- How to read music

Reading the musical notations that are written in form of staffs, measures, and beats is another crucial step in learning the basics of the keyboard. One has to identify the musical notes for playing the musical composition.

Further lessons for advanced keyboard learners include-

  • Chromatic and Diatonic scales
  • Building Triads
  • Diatonic chord progression in minor key
  • Minor keys and Circle of fifths
  • Scale degree
  • Compound meters

Live and private class with the faculty

The most breathtaking feature that distinguishes Podium school from others providing online keyboard classes is the facility of Live and private one-to-one classes with the experts. Students that get themselves enrolled in a keyboard course by Podium school can opt for a live and private class with keyboard expert tutors. This helps in the solution of all the queries directly by the expert tutor. A live and private class is important in learning the basics of a keyboard, especially for beginners. Because beginners need more attention and personal guidance.

Keyboard classes by Podium School

Final thoughts- Podium school

Podium school offers a complete step-by-step guide to learn to play a keyboard in its online keyboard classes. The course is structured to maximize the yield and making learning interactive. Keyboard experts at Podium school provide personal live classes to beginners as a result of which, keyboard learning for beginners becomes an easy task.

Some eye-catching features of Keyboard course by Podium school are as follows-

  • Live and private one-to-one class facility by experts
  • Use of technological advancements to make online learning effective
  • Excellent back end support
  • prompt query resolution by faculty
  • Complete step-by-step course on learning to play a keyboard
  • A complete guide on tips for playing piano for beginners
Piano buying guide for beginners


What is the best way to learn keyboard online?

The best way to learn to play a keyboard online and the most effective way is to enroll in a suitable online keyboard course. Online keyboard classes by Podium school are the best course to go for.

How can I learn keyboard by myself?

Learning a keyboard is no more a difficult task. It has now become an easy and quick topic to learn with the help of online keyboard courses. Podium school provides step-by-step complete keyboard courses for beginners and advanced learners.

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