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12 Amazing Physical and Mental Benefits of Solving a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube is better than any other game you play indoors. If you possess a love for puzzle solving, in that case, Rubik’s cube is your best friend. You may have heard that solving a Rubik’s cube makes you more intelligent, but no, this is just a myth. Of course, there are many benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube and cubing has several other mental as well as physical advantages, but making you more intelligent isn’t of those. People often buy cubes, solve them for a while, and then keep them untouched on their shelves.

Regardless of the satisfaction which one gets, the benefits of solving the cube are unparalleled and one must learn to solve a Rubik’s cube.

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3 Physical Benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube

Cubing is said to have short as well as long term benefits on the brain. Other than mental advantages, cubing also has several physical advantages. Let’s first talk about the physical advantages of cubing. These physical advantages of cubing include:

1. Eye-Hand Coordination

Your Eye-Hand coordination gets improved as much as you get involved in solving the cube. Good eye-hand coordination helps you directly in many activities which you perform on a regular basis.

2. Increased Finger Deftness

With continuous cubing, you would experience increased finger deftness as cubing involves continuous movement of fingers. Almost all the work which we do through our hands requires the involvement of our fingers. So, increased finger deftness will help you in major tasks that require the involvement of your hand.

3. Development of Quick Reflexes

As you keep moving on solving the cube, your reflexes are developed more. So, the more you cube, the stronger your reflexes are. People who have a habit of regular cubing generally have very strong reflexes.

9 Mental Benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube

A Rubik’s cube is a blessing for your brain as well, keeping aside the physical advantages of solving a cube. Let’s go further to learn the effects of cubing on your brain.

Brain benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube

1. Increase in Focus and Attention

Solving a cube helps you to develop a phenomenal focus on things. You require more and more focus to solve a cube and as much as you indulge with the cube. As you may already know, cubing activates brain cells which help you build a strong focus on things.

2. Improved Memory Retention

While you are solving the cube, you are practicing and dealing with algorithms. This will help you a lot to improve and make your memory, specifically muscle memory strong. Muscle memory is that part of the brain which involves activities like typing, riding a bike, and even playing a piano.

3. Higher Patience Levels

Solving a Rubik’s cube, even with the easiest algorithms, is definitely not an easy task for beginners. So as you move ahead while being patient and perseverant, you will eventually solve the cube. This not only will give you a sense of joy and satisfaction but make your level of patience rise. Once you get over with easy algorithms, you will require more complex algorithms to solve the cube further. This will require more amount of patience, and with practice, you will experience a much-risen patience level in you.

4. Improving problem-solving skills

Life is about problems and to solve them you need to be skillful in problem-solving. Once you are stuck on a move on the cube, you try to find various possible moves to apply to solve the cube. This is how cubing improves your problem-solving skills and helps you to handle your problems in a much more efficient way. 

5. Sharp and Active Mind

This is one of the biggest advantages of cubing, that it keeps your mind active and increases your attentiveness. Solving a cube maintains the shape of the cognitive (intellectual) functions of your brain, i.e making your brain sharper.

6. Improvement in Brain’s Cognitive Skills

Solving the cube on a regular basis specifically improves the brain’s cognitive mapping skills as the brain cells are kept activated. Rubik’s Cube is considered to be a configuration problem so when you use the cube on a regular basis, your mapping and configuration skills get advanced.

7. Faster Thinking and Processing speed

When you solve a Rubik’s cube regularly, the processing speed of your brain gets boosted up. When you are trying to speed-cube, you are trying your best to solve it as fast as you can, and with this approach on a regular basis, gradually your brain’s processing speed will get improved.

8. The tendency of breaking Multiple tasks into easy steps

No one wants their work to be complex but in a systematic, organized, and easy way. If you have a habit of cubing on a regular basis, you are more likely to have the tendency to break your various tasks into simplified and easy steps.

9. Stress Buster and Relaxed Mind

Rubik’s cube is also used as a stress buster. Various studies have found that solving a Rubik’s cube when you are stressed, cools your brain down and makes you feel better.

Does solving a Rubik’s cube increase your IQ?

In the above-mentioned facts, you must’ve learned that there are many benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube and spending quality time with a cube directly benefits your brain. But do you also know that solving a Rubik’s cube helps to increase IQ in kids? Well, in case you didn’t know about this, Rubik’s cube is one of the major solutions to increase IQ levels in kids.  Various studies have proven that kids who indulge more with the Rubik’s cube and solve them on a regular basis tend to possess higher IQ levels than kids who do not get too involved in cubing.

Cubing is a new challenge at every step as you move further, in search of your next moves while cubing, this directly affects your reasoning ability, and thus results in increasing a child’s IQ. Kids should have a habit to solve the cube on a regular basis.

You now know that Rubik’s cube is not just a puzzle to pass your time.

There are a lot more benefits to solving a cube. So, why not just gift your brain a Rubik’s cube when it can boost your brain in so many ways. If you haven’t learned how to solve a cube, start learning it now.

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