The Best Pinterest Home Decor Tips You Were Searching For!


Best Pinterest Home Decor Tips

Was that an audible sigh when you put your phone down after scrolling on Pinterest for a good two hours? We’ve been there too. Aspiring your home to look straight out of Pinterest is every millennial and Gen-Zer’s dream. How many times have we drooled over the academia-styled rooms, cottagecore themed desks, and sophisticated but minimal furniture?

Though Pinterest home decor has been on our mind for a while now, somehow, these goals seem unattainable. Either, we do not find the identical goods online or whenever we do, the whopping costs beat us a hasty retreat. But worry no more, your Pinterest home is right here! With these tips from Podium School, amp up the interior decoration quo and make your home Pinterest- worthy!

Pinterest Home Decor Tips That Would Make Your Home Interiors Shine!

Indoor Planters

Today, every Instagram Home Decor feed and Pinterest is full of indoor planters which look sophisticated and give a natural touch to your interiors.

Indoor plants add the much-required amount of freshness to the room. However, planters that are in somber and pastel shades amp up the quotient.

Choose your pick- metallic, marbles, stones, and even the much popular indigenous ceramics from Khurja, India. You can also check out these amazingly inexpensive Khurja pots. Planters look extremely striking when placed perfectly. Hanging planters are also in vogue currently. Therefore, we recommend you include them in your home interiors.

Best home decor ideas

Indoor Plants require minimum maintenance and can change the overall appeal of your apartment. You can easily find a planter matching your taste. Opt for small and medium planters, in case you are concerned about space. And if you are thinking that you can not take care of a real plant you have an option fake plants as well. Terrariums are also a great idea to make your space look like it belonged on that Pinterest feed! Check out how to make a terrarium here.

You can club plants with abstract art in the background to bring out the beauty in them!

Invest in Good Curtains

Curtains are an important part of the room and are usually the first thing one notices in a room. That is why it is important to select the curtains that suit the room the best.

They can add a new dimension to your room by the way you arrange them. If you want to create a vibrant atmosphere in the room then add contrasting curtains and if you want the same vibe all over the room then go for the same colored curtains. Their arrangement plays a huge role in setting the mood of the room. Using a thick stuffed curtain adds class to the room. And a quick trick to make curtains look even better if you place them at the very top of the wall so that they look elongated and make the wall look the same.

Curtain Placement Inspo

Stack Your Books

Books can add an all-new look to your room and are a very classy room decor. It is not always possible to have a bookshelf in the room so now designers have come up with a new way to keep books and that is book stacking. Keeping a book over a book in a particular way on a side table is one of the latest ways of decorating your room. Choosing a unique table for it and placing a good showpiece with it can do wonders. And it gives you a lot of scope for timely change as well as you can play with color, the way to stack them, and what showpiece you keep with it. Adding a candle to it can work like magic because books and candles are a match made in heaven. You can change them according to the seasons also.

Book Stacking Inspo

Rugs for the Win

Warmth in a room is really important and rugs are the best way to get that. A very large variety of rugs are available in the market according to your taste you can go for whatever you like. They add a rustic and vintage vibe to the room and are must-haves for the winter season.

If your room is looking boring then add a colorful rug and if it is cluttered with too many colors then opt. for something neutral. Rugs come in many shapes and sizes and you can choose the one that goes with your room the best. And if you are not willing to go for a large rug then place a small rug under your side table or side chair and it will do wonders as well. It is a really good home decor idea.

Rugs Inspo

Use The Magic of Mirrors

Nowadays mirrors are not only used to see reflection but to decorate rooms. A unique or antique mirror can become the center of attraction in the room. And it is not important to place one huge mirror for that you can put a lot of small mirrors together to get a look. Putting home decor lights around the mirror is great in terms of decor and usability.

Wall Mirror Design Ideas

And if antique is not the look of your room then go for modern cut mirrors as they are the latest talk in the market. Mirrors on the gallery wall are a great way for room decor. And if you are an influencer so what better way to click an OOTD! But one must keep in mind that choosing a mirror can be a real sport.

Mirror Inspo

Final Words

Therefore, with these super affordable tips, you can make your home Pinterest-worthy. Easy to attain and afford, these creative hacks can help you achieve the home decor aesthetic of your dreams.

For more tips on home decor, art and craft, tune into our Art archives at the Podium Blog. You can also check out our recent update on the easiest and minimalist flower pot decoration ideas!

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