Awesome Popsicle Stick Crafts that you must try


Getting bored in your house or want to utilize your free time? Popsicle stick craft is one of the most interesting forms of art for kids and adults who want to utilize their free time. There are various methods and ways to use popsicle sticks and create something new every time with your innovative ideas. 

Therefore, Popsicle sticks are a craft supply that deserves to be full stock. But now, you don’t need to throw them away. Rather than that, you can make its optimum use. Also, You might have popsicle sticks piling up in summers. Do you throw them away? Well now, you don’t need to throw them away. The numerous advantages are:-
-Inexpensive and durable
-Super Easy to Create Amazing Crafts
-Fun-Filled Manner
-They are fantastic for helping strengthen fine motor skills for kids.

Instead of scrolling your phone, there can be a better way to manage precious time. It helps your kids to develop and strengthen motor skills. It helps you to increase your concentration level.

If your toddler has not tried popsicle stick art. Introduce them to this interesting art form. Nowadays, when children want digital games and other digital accessories. For example – Sheet of coloured papers, popsicles sticks, scissors. Let them have fun using these things.
A bunch of ideas for kids from which they cannot get bored for months. Even if they get bored, we have other amazing tasks. So here are great ideas for your kids to try at home.

Yellow Popsicle stick chicks

Yellow popsicle stick chicks

Yellow Popsicle Stick Chicks

These chickens are really cute and easy to make. The materials needed for these chicks are fevicol/glue, googly eyes, yellow and orange scrapbook paper, yellow watercolor, cardboard, and scissors. You just need to attach 5 popsicle sticks using a cardboard sheet. 

Then you have to colour the popsicles yellow with watercolours. Then, cut the feet, nose, and wings of the chick as shown in the picture from scrapbook papers. Now stick the googly eyes and your popsicle stick chick is ready. 

You can try making different animals from the same steps just by changing the color and body parts. 

Ice Cream

popsicle stick ice cream

Popsicle stick ice cream is fun and super duper easy to make. Material? required for making these cute ice creams are different color papers, fevicol, popsicle sticks, and scissors. 

First, you have to cut the shape of your ice cream and stick it partially to the popsicle stick as shown in the picture. Now cut different colorful shapes from paper and stick them to your ice cream to make it more beautiful and tasty. 

Also, you can try different shapes and colours according to your choice and preferences. Let your toddler use their creativity and innovativeness in this amazing and easy popsicle stick art.


popsicle stick rockets

Popsicle stick rockets are another amazing and fun activity for kids. The stuff needed for the popsicle stick rocket is 3 popsicle sticks, cardboard, blue and yellow colored paper, fevicol, and scissors. 

Stick the 3 popsicle sticks with each other using cardboard according to the picture. Then cut two small rectangles and one circle from the blue-colored paper. Stick these shapes on the popsicles as shown in the picture.

Now take the orange-colored paper and cut the fire-like shape like the one in the ppicture. And stick it to one end of popsicles and your rocket is ready. Now you can play with your hand-made popsicle stick rocket at your home. 

You can use different colored papers and paint your popsicles to make you’re rocket more attractive. 

Popsicle stick Craft for Adults

painting on popsicle sticks

Paintings on Popsicle Sticks

Paintings on popsicles sticks are a soothing and fun task to do when you’re stressed. You can do it in your way. You can use your imagination, creativity, and thoughts. As it is for your satisfaction and stress-busting. 

For the popsicle stick painting, You just need some popsicle sticks, fevicol, cardboard, and watercolors, acrylic colors. First 7-8 stick the popsicle sticks with each other using cardboard and glue as shown in the picture.  Now use your imagination or a reference for your painting. 

Pen Holder

pen holder

A popsicle stick pen holder is a creative and useful way to pass your time. Using your own handmade popsicle stick pen holder is a fascinating and wonderful experience. 

The materials you needed to make a popsicle stick pen holder are popsicle sticks, glue, cardboard, punch sheets, and colors.

First, make the base of the pen holder using a punch sheet, fevicol, cardboard, and scissors as shown in the picture. You just have to stick the popsicle sticks with each other with help of a punch sheet and then rotate it and join the ends to make a cylindrical structure. 

Then stick this cylinder with your base which is made up of cardboard and popsicle sticks. Now you can decorate it however you want. Lastly, You can paint it decorates it with stars and ribbons. 


These cute popsicle stick bookmarks are easy to make and super joyful. Making these bookmarks are easy. You just need one popsicle stick and acrylic colors and you enough to go. 

Take one popsicle stick and paint it on it using a reference. Try it to make it decent and soothing as you are going to use it as a bookmark. Use calming and comforting colors for your eyes. You can take references for your painting from google or you can just use your imagination.

For example, you can paint a starry night using black, yellow, and white colors. Or you can just paint it with a simple blue color and can write a small quote on it like, “Be happy”, or “live a little”.

DIY popsicle sticks home decoration crafts

Also, if you love crafting DIY things for your home decoration then we are here going to provide you with the best ideas with popsicle sticks. Using popsicle sticks, you can create some wonderful crafts.

DIY Wall Decor

These popsicle stick wall decor will look pretty on your bedroom wall. You can write motivating quotes and can use different colors and patterns on your board.

For this wall decor your need popsicle sticks, colors, and jute/thin rope. Make the board with popsicle sticks using a square punch sheet. Now you write your favorite quote on the board using colored paper or acrylic colors.

After you’re done, you can attach it with a coconut/jute thin rope using a hot glue gun as shown in the picture. Now you can hang it above your study table or in your bedroom. 

DIY popsicle stick Door Hangers

DIY door hanger

DIY Door Hangers

These door hangers made up of popsicle sticks are adorable and effortless. Items required – popsicle sticks, fevicol,  scissors, colored sheets, googly eyes, and ribbon or jute thin rope. 

You can make different shapes, patterns, cartoon characters, or animals according to your choice. You just have to stick the popsicle sticks with each other with help of fevicol and punch sheet. Now you can make the face of your door hanger.

You just need to add the googly eyes, nose, lips using colored sheets and hairs or hats. It depends on you how you want to make it. Now you just have to attach it with ribbon or string it is ready. You can hang it at your door. 

Hexagonal Stick Shelf

hexagonal stick shelf

These DIY octagon-shaped popsicle stick shelves are famous nowadays and a lot of people are trying them at home. These are easy to make and are pleasant. You can easily make it just by using popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun or fevicol, and paint.  

The basic steps are written below. 

First, Set out the prime stick, and then angle one stick diagonally outwards from the edge on the left. Continue this procedure until you have 6 sticks forming a hexagon.

Now continue this process till you make the whole shelf using this method. Now paint your shelf using acrylic colours or any paint you want. The last Step, let it dry and you can use it anywhere you want.

Photo Frame using Popsicle Sticks

photo frame

Popsicle stick photo frames are another amazing DIY project for your home decoration. These are really pretty and you can put your family pictures in the frame. 

Materials needed for the DIY photo frames are popsicle sticks, watercolors/acrylic colors, fevicol, ribbons, cardboard, and other decorative items according to your choice.

First, you have to cut the cardboard in a square shape using a scissor and scale. Then stick the popsicle sticks in the edges of the square fully rather than at one edge, just apply fevicol at the ends of the popsicle stick. This is because you have to insert the photo inside from one side. 

You can decorate it with acrylic colors and other decorative items like stars, diamonds, etc. 

What are the most common uses of popsicle sticks?

Popsicle sticks have numerous uses. They are most commonly used for popsicles and kids’ crafts. However, they can also be used as a kid-friendly food skewer, DIY bookmark, fire starter, hem weight, and gardening label you can stick into the dirt.

Popsicle stick crafts

Best glue to use for popsicle stick crafts.

There are numerous types of glues in the market for use. However, one needs to be very selective while picking the right glue for popsicle stick crafts. Not every glue has the perfect amount of stickiness to hold the popsicle sticks together. Hence, you need to pick one smartly. One good example is a non- toxic white craft glue. The advantage of this glue is that dries up really fast and holds the popsickle sticks together strongly. This type of glue is best for young crafters. Another option can be the hot glue gun. It also gives a strong hold to the popsicle sticks and is easier to use. However, this may need an adult to assist the young kids while using the hot glue gun. You can also go for Elmer’s glue which has an advantage that it dries really fast.

STEM activities and projects with popsicle sticks.

Sciencetechnology, engineering, and mathematics is a broad term which is basically used to group together all these academic disciplines. There are tons of benefits for kids to learn the STEM discipline. But not every time they find it interesting. Actually it is a tough task to indulge kids in the STEM learning. Now, you can make them learn these activities in a fun-filled manner. Every kid loves art and craft and that is what you can take advantage of. You can literally make your kid learn the STEM discipline by indulging him into STEM crafts and projects with popsicle sticks. Given below is a guide to how can you do that.

Popsicle stick launchers

Ever though these tiny popsicle sticks can be used as the best engineering projects for your kids? This holiday, try them! These popsicle stick launchers can help your kid learn physics and also help to improve his/her motor skills.

A musical lesson to learn!

How interesting it is to learn in a musically way. Well, now you can try that too. It is a very brilliant method to teach your kids about sound waves and science behind them. Make your own DIY Harmonica by using popsicle sticks.

Lemon Volcano Eruption

This is an experiment which smells amazing. This experiment will shower your nostrils with the lemon’s sweet and sour smell. In this experiment, the craft sticks are used to trigger the reaction by bringing the acids and bases together in our Lemon Volcano.

Single Popsicle Stick Crafts

Crafting things with just one popsicle stick is a great challenge and entertaining thing to do. We have a bunch a amazing ideas to craft things by a single popsicle sticks.

Fairy Butterfly

You can make beautiful butterflies using a single popsicle stick. The materials needed for this gorgeous fairy butterfly are a popsicle stick, feathers, a hot glue gun/ fevicol, googly eyes, pink acrylic colour, and a small thread of wool. First, take the popsicle stick and paint it with baby pink acrylic colour. Now let it dry. Take the feathers and stick them to the sticks as the wings of the butterfly using the hot glue gun. Lastly, Stick the googly eyes of the butterfly.

And make the smile on the butterfly using black paint. Finally, take the small thread of the wool, cut it into two parts and make the antenna using it.

fairy butterfly

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Easy ideas with icecream sticks

Making popsicle stick puppets using a single popsicle stick is very much similar to the making of a popsicle stick fairy butterfly. The materials needed for making popsicle stick puppets are acrylic colours, google eyes, popsicle sticks, fevicol and coloured sheets. You just have to make different puppets like animals etc., using acrylic colours and coloured sheets. Like if you want to make a cow puppet using a single popsicle stick, first paint the popsicle stick with white colour. Now make black spots on the stick using black acrylic colours.
Stick the googly eyes, make the nose and ears using coloured sheets and you’re done. You can make different animals and other puppets like this. Try to make puppets by yourself and create different things.

Learning Activities by making Use of Popsicle Sticks.

Educating your kids using games and fun activities is a better way to teach them as well as spend time with them. There are various fun ways to make your child learn things like shapes, numbers, etc. Here we are going to provide you with some ways and games using popsicle sticks to teach your child basic things with a lot of fun.

Learning Counting Numbers using Popsicle Sticks

To teach your child numbers using popsicle sticks you have to prepare some material first. Like, collect some popsicle sticks first. Now color all of the different bright colors to make them look attractive. Now write numbers from one to ten on the top of each stick using colors. You can use stickers or sketches also.
After drying them put all of them into a jar. Ask your child to pick one stick from the jar. Now tell them that each of you will take sticks out of the jar 5 times and the one who has more sum of numbers will win and get the same amount of toffees.
Each time they take out the sticks, ask them to count them and teach them how to count them using fingers. The prize will make them more interested in the game.

Colors through Popsicle Sticks

To make your toddlers learn colors easily and effectively, we have better ideas to learn in a good way. You have to do some basic steps before the game. First of all, collect some popsicle sticks and color them with the basic colors red, yellow, brown, blue, green, black, and orange.
You have to color at least 8-9 sticks of the same color. Now take seven jars and write all the color names in each one of them. Place all of them in a row and the sticks in front of it.
Ask your child to pick one stick one by one and identify the color. Ask him to put it in the matching jar in which the name of the color is written. Give them rewards and praise them for every correct answer. It will make them more interested in the game.

Popsicle Sticks easy Jewellery Crafts.

How cool is it to wear your designer Jewellary isn’t it? Well now, you have the freedom to make the best necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and a lot more with your choice of materials. You can pick from common colourful strings, sparkling chains, or different colour ribbons. Whatever you have on hand at home will suit your jewellery perfectly. You don’t need to spend anything extra on this creative task. Get creative right now and have unending fun! You’ll be surprised by how easy it was to make the coolest accessories of your entire life.

You can use a vessel to bend the popsicle sticks and paint it to get your perfect bracelet. Not only this, you can also try making two holes on either sides of the popsicle stick and then tie a colorful string on each side to get a beautiful pendant.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of wood is crafts sticks?

Ans – Generally, birch wood is used for making craft sticks.

What can crafts sticks be used for?

Ans – Craft sticks can be used for several types of creative activities.

How can a beginner learn popsicle stick crafts.

Ans – There are numerous sources for a beginner to learn about popsicle crafts such as beginner-friendly craft books, youtube, google etc.

Parting Words

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