Find Out Some of The Best Tactile Books For Your Children

 We often confuse ourselves with tactile books and picture books. Both types of books are quite similar but, they fall into a different category. In fact, normal people might put a picture and tactile books under the same category but, that would not be the same for “bookworms”.

Tactile books are highly important for kids because they have a high purpose in their life. In fact, tactile books are touch and feel books. These can be best used for kids who have significant disabilities. It is a kind of picture book that is read with fingers. The pictures are highly important in tactile books because it is the only way the kid will understand.

Best Tactile Books for Kids

We believe tactile books are not only important for kids who have a significant disability but, they are significant for others as well. Scrolling down the reader of this article will find some of the best tactile books for their kids.

Tactile books can be of any type and that is why we have gathered the best out of them and put them here.

Never Touch a Polar Bear

This is quite an interesting tactile book for young children even for children with special disabilities. The touch-and-feel book has been written by Greening Rosie and was first published in October 2019. In fact, the book has received 4.2 out of 5 from Goodreads, 5 out of 5 from Target, and 5 out of 5 from

This is an incredible book with funny rhymes that warns the kids of touching the winter animals. The animal touches have been portrayed throughout the book. Additionally, it is one of the best silicone touch-and-feel books that are filled with winter animals.

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ABC Touch and See

ABC Touch and see is a tactile picture book that is written by Shobha Viswanath. She is the creator of the famous “Karadi Tales Series”. This book has been written and manufactured in a very special way for young children.

The pictures are exquisitely handcrafted using various materials and textures. In fact, the printed texts in the book are accompanied by Braille Letters. This book brings the picture back in life and helps children with visual problem gain their sense of touch.

In fact, this is a very interactive alphabet book for kids and parents to share. This book will surely keep the toddlers engaged and learn new things every day.

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Disney Frozen 2: Forest Book

Every generation starting from kids to elders has loved the movie Frozen. Finally, Disney has come up with its tactile book for young children. This exciting book has been illustrated by Lorelay Bove and was first published in October 2019. In fact, Disney has given a great opportunity to explore the unreal world of Disney’s Frozen characters.

This forest book is a delightful touch-and-feel board book. Kids can enjoy touching their favorite “Frozen” characters throughout the book. This tactile book has tried to portray all the characters from the movie. Likewise, we are sure that preschoolers will love this book.

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Fun Fall Day (A Tactile Board Book)

Fun Fall Day is a sensory tactile board book that has been written by Tara Knudson. In fact, this book was very recently published and received 4.3 out of 5 from Barnes & Noble. There are varieties of natures’ textures throughout the book for young children.

This book depicts bright illustrations and enjoying rhymes that are paired with the tactile elements throughout. There are leaves, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, a petting zoo, and a lot of fun elements. In fact, there is no way that this fun unlimited book will not catch the attention of your kids.

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Tails: 6 Copy Display

Tails 6-Copy Display is one of the best uncommon tactile books for toddlers. The book is written by Matthew Van Fleet and was first published in October 2003. This touch-and-feel book primarily focuses on various tails of animals.

The book has various colorful tails for the toddlers to feel and describe which animal it is. In fact, this book is specially created for those young children who are eager to tug, pat, and scratch, and sniff. It portrays small and tails of a various size such as spiny tails, shiny tails, furry tails, normal tails, and many more.

Pat the Bunny

Pat the Bunny

Pat the Bunny is a book by Dorothy Kunhardt that is especially for small kids and babies. Interestingly, this book has been a perennial best-seller in the United States of America during its first publication in 1940. The touch-and-feel book has received 4 out of 5 from Goodreads, 3 out of 5 from Flipkart, and 4.3 out of5 from Barnes & Noble.

This book contains textures on different pages for your kids. Each page present in the book offers a playful and very engaging experience for the babies and kids. The kid will have to pat the fake fur of the rabbit on one page, feel the sandpaper on another, and look in a mirror on another.

This is how exciting the touch-and-feel book is. Undoubtedly, babies and kids instead of putting their fingers in their mouths will engage themselves in this interesting book.

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7. Peter Rabbit Tactile Book

The updated version of Peter Rabbit’s book comes with various exciting and playful textures. In fact, the book has received five out of five from Barnes & Noble.

This charming book comes with 11 different textures starting from duck feathers to tortoiseshell. It gives those little hands to explore various animals that live in the jungle. The young children can also experience crinkly leaves to the fluffy feathers of a duck’s chicks.

8. What are Unicorns made of?

“What are Unicorns made of?” is a great touch-and-feel book written by Amelia Hepworth. This incredible book is just recently published and is already being appreciated by many critics. The tactile book has been illustrated by Louise Anglicas.

Just like its name, the book features various unicorns which are depicted quite well. Moreover, this incredible tactile book is filled with magic, adventure, and silliness. In fact, this book is just perfect for the tiniest unicorn lovers.

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