Interesting Facts About Famous Disney Movies That You Didn’t Know


Ever since Disney released their first graphic movie they have captured the interest of all ages. But, little did we know that how hard it was to make it to the final position. In all the movies that Disney has produced and released there have been many secrets behind them.

In the same way, we have shortlisted some of the best yet unique facts about all the famous movies. Yes, some of them might be known but, we are quite sure that many will be unknown.

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Famous Disney Movies and their Interesting Facts

When it comes to graphics and animations then Disney is just on another level. But, not everything during the shoot happens at once. There are always ups and downs while making the movie and taking the perfect shot.

Here we will be taking some famous Disney movies and revealing some interesting facts about them.


If you are a fan of the movie then probably you have watched the movie numerous times. Also, by now, many of you might have found some loopholes in the movie. In fact, many of you have no idea of some of its hidden or making facts.

  • Frozen was the very first movie under Disney that was directed by a woman.
  • Unbelievably, a live reindeer was brought to Disney’s “Frozen” studio.
  • The villain character “Hans” is the youngest villain in the Disney world. He is just 23-year-old as depicted in the film.
  • The famous song “Let it Go” was written in a day. In fact, it is Disney’s first song to hit the top 10 in Billboard Hot 100 since 1995.
  • Around 50 people worked on the technology where “Elsa” builds her ice palace. In fact, the artists had to take additional learning of how to make them perfect.

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Yes, many young children were highly motivated by this beautifully-crafted movie. We have played “How Far I’ll Go” on repeat. The film is filled with emotions, happiness, grief, and many more.

But, we have very little idea of its hidden facts and secrets from the makers. Let’s find it out below:-

  • One of the main characters of the movie “Maui” is based on the real demi-god Maui. Additionally, the same character was almost portrayed as bald.
  • The hooks that “Maui” used were actually inspired by Maui’s fishhook also known as Scorpio.
  • Interestingly to make this film, real astronomers were used to make research. The research was given that how Pacific Island Night would look like 2,000 years ago.
  • Outfits used in the movie had an interesting fact too. All the outfits worn in the movie are made from materials that would have been available 2,000 years ago.
  • Red is the Royalty color. When we see Moana wearing the red feathers, it meant that she is symbolizing royalty.

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Disney movies have always provided us with great musical adventures. The best example of it is the movie “Tangled”. Many of us know that this Disney movie is based on “Rapunzel” the fairy-tale by the Brothers Grimm.

Yes, there are many facts behind the making of the movie and we have gathered some of the best.

  • “Tangled” is the first movie from Disney that is a full-length fully computer-animated fairytale adventure. This had to be because the movie is based on the fairy tale “Rapunzel”. In fact, Tangled was Disney’s 50th animated feature film.
  • The designers or the artists of the movie were inspired by actual objects and buildings from the real world. In fact, the kingdom that we see was inspired by Mont-Saint-Michel. Additionally, the hidden valley in the movie was inspired by Rocamadour.
  • There were some other animations too during the movie-making. The animators brought their inspirations from Cinderella and Pinocchio. In fact, much of the inspiration comes from “shape language,” which is quite subtle.
  • Fireworks used in the background were not floating lanterns. The animators of the movie considered using fireworks instead of floating lanterns.

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The Incredibles

This is surely one of the best and unique movies ever made by Disney. The movie might have been released nearly two decades back but, we still love watching it to date. As compared to the second part, the first part received a lot of praise and appreciation.

The Parr family has entertained the fans and us a lot and won two Academy Awards. Here are some of the unknown yet, unique facts about the beautifully-crafted Disney movie.

  • The first part of the movie is based on true events. It might not seem like it but, the story behind took inspiration from real-life incidents.
  • The movie would have come with a different title. Before putting the current movie title, the original title was “The Invincibles”. In fact, the movie was nearly called by the previous movie title.
  • The character “Frozen” can be useless when he is dehydrated. We have seen many villains and heroes taking power from various sources. The same goes with “Frozen” he needs water to make everything turn into ice or freeze them.
  • The director playing the role of ‘Edna Mode”. In fact, Lily Tomlin was the first choice for the character in the movie, but the director ended up playing for it.
  • Interestingly, the villain of the movie was based on the director of the movie itself. 
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Zootopia (Zootropolis)

The movie is called ‘Zootropolis’ in many countries. This is one of the best Disney movies that anyone could watch. The movie is filled with fun, excitement, and most important animals. It is a heart-warming movie that was made with a budget of 15 crores USD and earned double than that.

In the same way we have revealed some secrets and facts from the movie and they are:-

  • Nick Wilde, the fox in the movie looks very similar to Robin Hood. The 1973’s Robin Hood and Zootopia’s Nick Wilde is seen dressed in similar attire.
  • Gazelle, the pop star in the movie was played by the Columbian singer Shakira. She liked the character’s (Gazelle’s) strong opinions and the sense of responsibility.
  • Very few of us would believe that around 550 people were involved in the making of the movie. It is like gathering a small town together and making an interesting animated team.  
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Secret Facts on Disney Movies

Final Thoughts

Disney Movies open up a whole realm of possibilities for your kids. Understanding the multifold personalities of these characters and decoding their moralities will surely help your kids to imbibe a lot new things that can end up becoming the positive traits of your kids.

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