5 Remarkable and Interactive Books for Toddlers

Sometimes, a traditional book isn’t enough to grasp a toddler’s attention; they might get bored of complex storylines, get distracted, and start to zone out. This is when interactive books come into the picture. Interactive toddlers’ storybook has multiple benefits- it works as a goodnight story for toddlers, teaches them something new, and makes way for the overall development of the toddler. Interactive books for toddlers are a must-buy!

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The many benefits of buying an interactive reading book for toddlers

Why should you buy interactive books for toddlers?

Interactive books can be read out, as well as shown to the toddler. The toddler gets to see a variety of objects, shapes, and colors, which they might have missed the first time. Due to their short attention span, interactive books with vibrant illustrations would be perfect to help retain their attention. Toddlers are curious, and some books ask toddlers to guess, ask them specific questions, encourage them to imagine and think out of the box. They also teach them about various topics as well as help them learn to read. Interactive books help toddlers learn to differentiate animals, colors, and shapes from one another, and help them pay attention to their surroundings. These books benefit the toddler and are a perfect platform for toddlers to start learning and reading.

Why should parents buy interactive books for toddlers?

Interactive books for toddlers help toddlers reduce their dependency on their parents. Unlike traditional books, toddlers can read simple lines by themselves. Since the pages of interactive books are thicker than normal books, they can withstand wear and tear to a certain level. Parents can also read the book with the child, teach them how to care for the book, and help the toddler develop a reading habit. In addition, reading helps the child develop emotional and social skills, helps diversify their imagination and thinking skills, as well as help them with concentration and attention.

When browsing through the web for interactive books, some interactive books may not suffice the child’s requirements. Here are some of the best interactive books for toddlers that might be perfect for your child.

Peek-A who? by Nina Laden

Interactive book series- Peek A who? by Nina Laden
Source-Google Images

Peek-A who? by Nina Laden is the perfect book to grab your toddler’s attention. The format of the book is simple, the words “Peak a” are repeated on one side and the other has a tiny hole, behind which something lurks! The child peaks through the hole and tries to guess. When they turn to the next page, they find the answer. This is perfect for children who are curious, and also helps them use their imagination to guess. This is a good choice to help foster the child’s imagination, as well as foster their creativity. The Peek A who? series is worth buying for your toddler

The Jungle Book Illustrated by Miriam Bos

Interactive reading book for Toddlers- The Jungle book
Source- Google Images

The adventures of Mowgli in Rudyard Kipling’s book has been illustrated for toddlers by Miriam Bos. Though it doesn’t cover the storyline of the original text, this is a good interactive book to help introduce toddlers to animals, as well as help introduce them to stories as they grow older. There are multiple pushing and pulling tabs, sliding and lifting flaps, perfect to entertain the toddler for a long period.

Lift the Flap Busy Zoo by Ladybird

Interactive reading book for Toddlers- Lift the flap busy zoo
Source- Google Images

Lift the Flap Busy Zoo takes your child on a journey while following Katie the Zookeeper, as she completes her errands at the zoo. The book contains simple rhyming text, along with flaps, and well-labeled images, which is enough to keep your toddler entertained. Some flaps have flaps underneath them, which is perfect for curious toddlers. In addition, it helps develop the child’s knowledge about animals.

Hello, World! Solar system by Jill McDonald

Interactive reading book for Toddlers- Hello, World! Solar System
Source- Google Images

Interactive books featuring animals have had their fair share in the market. If you are looking to introduce your child to something new, this is the perfect book. With the help of bright, colorful, and eye-catching illustrations, Hello, World! Solar System is a good book to introduce the solar system fun to children. This book helps make your child curious about nature and space. In addition to this, simple facts about each planet is mentioned, which allows the child to distinguish planets not only visually, but logically.

Hello, World! My body by Jill McDonald

Interactive reading book for Toddlers- Hello, World! My body
Source- Google Images

As children grow up, they start to pay attention to themselves. This book is perfect to introduce toddlers to the various body parts. The book states simple facts about each part and is interactive. When they teach you about each body part, they ask simple questions for the toddler to answer, like “what color are your eyes?” to help the child pay attention to themselves, and the people around them. It is easy to understand, colorful, and a good way to help children heighten their senses. The Hello, World! book series is a great book to add to your child’s library, as it helps set a foundation for the child’s knowledge!

Parting Words from Podium

Parents need to be conscious about the books they pick up for their toddler based on their interest, curiosity, attention span of the toddler, and budget; this is the best time to foster imagination and skills in the toddler!

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These are a few of the best Interactive Books for Toddlers available, don’t forget to grab a book or two to entertain and foster your child’s imagination!

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