7 Amazing Benefits of Reading Daily to Children

Have you ever wondered why do we read? Why have humans since ages sought refuge in the inanimate enlightening leaflets? Why do we put so much emphasis on reading? We have our own reasons to read. Some read to expand their horizons, while some simply like to engage in reading for pleasure. No matter what the reasons are, reading is crucial for everyone. Similarly, children benefit from reading as much as adults do if not more. Read on to find the amazing benefits of reading to children.

Learn A-Z Alphabets with help of Visuals

Did you know that children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time? As caregivers, we must provide them with the right environment, nutrition, and habits to make them responsible and happy individuals and citizens of tomorrow. Good books are food to their unquenching thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Consequently, it is undeniable that a child’s reading skills play a vital role in their success in academics, work, and life. Therefore, here we are exemplifying the amazing benefits of reading to children.

Benefits of Reading to Children

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the growth of a child’s ability to think and reason. It is a field in neuroscience that focuses on a child’s development in terms of perceptual skills, information processing, resources, and other aspects of development. Reading to young children has proven to support and increase cognitive development.

Reading out loud to children makes them use their senses of seeing, hearing, and reading. Research suggests that it promotes decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities.

A child’s thought process changes rapidly while growing up, therefore introducing them to good books at an early age is the key to a healthy mindset. Thousands of cells in their growing minds respond to and strengthen the connection among the brain cells. It also boosts the formation of new brain cells.

Cognitive Health

One of the remarkable benefits of reading to young children is an expansion of their worldview. Toddlers every day learn something new from their environment and the people around them.

You can promote their learning and understanding by introducing them to new worlds. Consequently, this will enrich their vocabulary and help them develop language skills from an early age. Books enrich vocabulary more than any other media. Initially, it might seem weary to read to your kid but believe us, it will be worth it!

Fostering Social and Emotional Skills

Let’s admit it, teaching social-emotional skills to children is not an easy task! As a caretaker or parents, we must know that these skills do not come with only counseling or talks. Rather, it is a process that is inculcated consistently and patiently.

Show them visuals so that they can connect

Emotional and social skills in children provide them with benefits for ages to come. It strengthens their character and is an essential element for kids’ development. Reading bridges gaps and fosters emotional and social skills in children. Having said that, let’s explore some must-reads for preschoolers:

  1. Kindness starts with you by Jacquelyn Stagg
  2. Train your Angry Dragon by Steve Herman
  3. Seeds and Trees by Brandon Walden
  4. Jake the Growling Dog by Samantha Shannon
  5. The World Needs More Purple People by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart
  6. Have you filled a bucket today? By Carol McCloud

Psychological Benefits

Ever since reading has been introduced it has played an instrumental role in human development. Early reading ignites curiosity, imbibes knowledge, and sparks imagination. There are several amazing benefits of reading to young children. Psychological benefits are one of them.

When we read we put ourselves in others’ shoes. We view life situations from others’ perspectives. This helps us understand why people act the way they do. Altogether, this practice instills empathy in young minds. Research suggests people who read show a heightened ability to understand others’ feelings and beliefs. Furnishing your kids with the tool of empathy helps them and those around them in more ways than we can think of. Similarly, reading stimulates self-confidence in children. Inculcating self-confidence and an independent mindset is probably the most significant benefit of reading to children.

4. Stimulates Imagination

Stimulation Imagination

Nourish and stimulate your little human’s imagination and creativity. Children are naturally imaginative, creative, and curious. Introduce them to the world of art and literature through picture books and expand their universe beyond time and space. Books demand critical thinking and therefore, inspire original thoughts. The absence of music background and laugh tracks does not manipulate our feelings. Hence, letting our kids alone decide what they think of the content. Books stimulate kids’ sensory awareness and vicariously prepare them from the outside world.

Inculcating Discipline and Concentration

Discipline and Concentration

When reading is introduced as a habit, it cultivates discipline and concentration. Kids are like wet clay, it is up to us how we mold them. They learn quickly and therefore, a consistent approach is a key to building discipline. It is common for kids to squirm, get distracted or run away initially from story hours. But over time, kids tend to listen and pay attention. This not only increases their attention span but also enhances their budding retaining power.

6. Strengthen the Bond with Your Child

Activity with your child

You are not alone if you wish to forge a beautiful, stronger bond with your little human! When it comes to developing a stronger bond with your child, all you can do is spend more time with them. Kids love attention, especially when it comes from their prime caregivers. Reading together creates a regular shared event your child can look forward to. It instills trust between parents and children along with imparting knowledge.

7. Instill an Eternal Love for Reading

Lifelong learning is critical to our success. If we can instill the habit of learning in children at a young age then we provide them with a tool to succeed. Exposing young minds to reading has numerous benefits. Books inspire questions. Books satiate curiosity. Thus, it can be concluded that books are undisputed “man’s best friend.”

Benefits of Reading Books

Final Thoughts

Introduce your child to the wonders of reading and equip them with tools that will help them for ages to come. Be sure that your child will never feel alone after befriending books. With all the amazing benefits of reading to children we have provided, we are sure you will explore the arena!

Whether you plan to read a classic or a fairytale it is up to you! By reading to your children, you are building a foundation and giving your child a head start. Check out these best books to read this vacation!

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