The Greatest Female Characters in Children’s Movies


Saoirse Ronan as Jo March [ Little Women ]

Children’s books with strong female characters are important for all genders to learn. The exploits of fictional heroines are likely to boost a young girl’s sense of confidence and identity. Both are incredibly important in life. Although, it appears that fewer women are fully self-assuring as time goes on.

We should encourage authors to write female characters who represent these girls in novels, just as we urge girls to become strong young women. Many authors have already done so and will continue to do so as they write on. But those who haven’t will benefit from the extra push. It’s crucial to give female leads more agency in the plot as well as that of themselves.

While well-written female leads serve as an inspiration to other women, they play a greater role to break gender stereotypes prevalent in society. Moreover, they serve to make literature an equal playing field for everyone invested in it.

The Best Female Leads in Children’s Fiction

Ella from Ella Enchanted

Ella is mistakenly cursed at birth by Lucinda, an impetuous young fairy who bestows on her the “gift” of obedience. She must do everything that is asked of her.

This affliction would have frightened another girl, but not Ella: “Lucinda’s curse turned me into a rebel instead of making me tame. Or perhaps I was born that way.” says our heroine, who refuses to be the passive woman destiny wants her to be.

Ella enchanted

Ella’s life and well-being appear to be in significant danger when her beloved mother dies, leaving her in the care of a mostly absent and avaricious father, and later, a vile stepmother and two deceitful stepsisters.

Her brilliance and cheeky attitude, however, serve her well as she embarks on a quest for freedom and self-discovery in search of Lucinda, fending off ogres, befriending elves, and falling in love with a prince along the way.

Yes, there’s a pumpkin carriage, a glass slipper, and a happily ever after, but this is the most astonishing, hilarious, and meaningful Cinderella story you’ll read. Thus, Ella Enchanted gives us one of the most spirited and strong female leads in children’s fiction along with a memorable story.

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Violet Baudelaire from ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Violet is brilliant, charming, courteous, kind-hearted, and resourceful, just like her brothers. However, this young lady is an extraordinarily talented inventor. Although, Violet is highly unfortunate, which in this context indicates “having a continual string of poor luck.”

Violet Baudelaire from ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

The fundamental concept is that everyone, no matter how unfortunate, may achieve greatness. Because Klaus, Violet, and Sunny are all unfortunate, they eventually band together to prevent Count Olaf from taking their money. Check out the eponymous film based on the book and its trailer here.

Gilly from The Great Gilly Hopkins

Paterson never chose the easy way out, and there isn’t a typical ‘happy ending.’ In the end, there are reasons to rejoice: Gilly has matured and learned to accept some emotional bonds. An intelligent and assertive young woman, Gilly is a fighter in the truest sense of the term. Though she has been lonely, furious, and heartbroken, Gilly knows one thing- to never give up.

Gilly from The Great Gilly Hopkins

Watch for her finest shark smile, something she saves for well-intentioned social workers. Keep an eye out for her most terrifying expression, a cross between Dracula and Godzilla, which she uses to terrify her foster brothers.

Don’t be deceived by her innocent, caught unawares face, since it is sure to fool anybody standing in her way. It’s Gilly Hopkins versus the rest of the world! So far, Gilly appears to be the victor.

Emma from Greystone Secrets

Emma Greystone is a natural mathematician. A rationally driven young woman, this strong female lead takes the center stage in the book. Emma is the first one to decode and analyze the strange changes which surround the protagonists.

When the news of three stolen children reaches the Greystone youngsters, they’re taken aback by the surprising similarities they notice between themselves and these perfect strangers. The other children have the same first and middle names as they do. They’re both in their early twenties.

Emma from Greystone Secrets

However, a trail of perplexing clues leads to intricate codes, hidden rooms, and a frightening truth will flip their life upside down. But leave it up to Emma to solve them like the whiz she is.

Usagi from The Twelve

This novel is jam-packed with action and adventure, new family bonds, and a lot of heart. Throughout this epic children’s fiction fantasy duology, the Zodiac Legacy meets Spirit Animals. In its course, it offers us one of the strongest female leads in children’s literature.

Usagi from The Twelve

As fresh mysteries emerge, Usagi must determine who she can trust and who she can stand with as she battles terrible opponents on her way to the mythical Dragonlord itself.

Usagi can detect the heartbeat of a squirrel from a mile away and leap over treetops in one huge leap. She was born in the year of the wood rabbit, which has bestowed upon her exceptional zodiac abilities. Usagi, on the other hand, has been very cautious to keep hers—and those of her lively little sister, Uma—a secret since the mysterious, ruthless Dragonlord hunted down her parents and all those with zodiac powers.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, we believe that these strong female leads in children’s fiction will inspire all readers, young and old alike. You may check out our update on well-known female authors like Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson who have churned out some beautiful tales along with strong female leads.

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