6 Classic Jane Austen Books that No One Should Miss


Jane Austen was a 1775 born English novelist. She has written a lot of books and is best known for her 6 novels. All of these books are critiques towards the gender differences and gentry in Britain towards the end of the 18th century. These books explore and interpret the dependence of women on marriage. In order to get a better standing and reputation in society. All of her books are women-centric and women empowering. The work of a lot of authors revolves around the same theme. But the thing that makes Austen different and stand-alone is the comedy, self-awareness, and realistic elements in them. She portrayed the character by giving each and every detail about them. And shows relationships in a very proper way. A few of the elements of Jane’s writing style are parody, burlesque, irony, free indirect speech, a degree of realism, and sometimes fairy elements.

Here are some of the best books written by Jane Austen that you must read. If you haven’t read them till now.

circa 1790: English author Jane Austen (1775 – 1817). (Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images)

6 Must Read Books by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice (1813)

There could have been no better book than Pride and Prejudice, to begin with. It is the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters. They are in an and when according to the society all they should focus is on Marrying a rich man. For this, they all are pressured to meet eligible men by their families. Male protagonist Dracy initially was not even ready to dance with Elizabeth. But later he finds her and her eyes very attractive. Towards the end, they all get their eligible matches. And Elizabeth marries Dracy. It talks a lot about how women are expected to behave and prioritize only marriage. It is usually considered a romantic novel but it is also a satire. And it is a perfect book of manners.

Pride and Prejudice


Set in the fictional village of Highbury and other surrounding estates like Hartfield, Randalls, and Donwell Abbey. It is a novel about youthful hubris and romantic misunderstandings. It involves and talks about the relationships of common people from a small number of families. This book also takes a dig at criticizing the dark sides and aspects of the society she lives in. And other societies in general. The theme of the book revolves around. The book ends with Emma marrying Mr. Knightley. The theme of the book revolves around attachment, love, and marriage, and thwarted love.


Sense and Sensability(1811)

It is the story of three Dashwood sisters Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret who are betrayed by the father. As their father dies he leaves all his wealth to his first wife and his son. Without leaning anything to his second wife and daughters. Due to which they have no place to live and go. They go to live with their distant relatives. Its theme revolves around the dangers of over-sensitivity. And talks about the emotional and sentimental nature of people as before rational thinking. It also hives emphasis the wealth, differentiation of class, and greed.

Sense and Sensibility


Persuasion: authoritative text, backgrounds, and contexts criticism is the last book written by Jane Austen. It is the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth and their awakening work. They were in love eight years earlier but could not marry as she broke off the engagement. Then he goes to war and returns with good wealth and status in society. The theme of the book is giving a second chance to love. And it also talks about ‘needing to wait until it is the right time to be with someone you love. It is one of the saddest books written by the author and can make readers sad.


Mansfield Park (1814)

The next book by Jane Austen on our list is Mansfield Park. It is the story of Fanny Price and her overburdened family. Because of lack of money she is sent to live with her wealthy uncle and aunt at the age of ten. It also follows her development from childhood to early adulthood. It also throws light on slavery that used to exist back in the time. Mansfield Par is a little controversial because it has a brief description of slavery and the slave trade by the British. It has a lot of personalized touch to it and a sparkling touch of intelligent humor to it as well.

Northanger Abbey(1817)

Northanger Abbey is the story of a young woman Catherine Morland. The book begins when Allens who are family friends of Morland asks to take Catherine with them. To Bath a resort, their wealthier members of the British family used to live. It has a lot of interesting characters namely  Henry Tilney, Catherine Morland, John Thorpe, James Morland, and Isabella Thorpe. The irony of this book is that it was the first book written by the author but last one to be published. Genres of the book are novel, gothic fiction, romance novel, satire, and bildungsroman.

Final Thoughts on Books by Jane Austen

All the books written by Jane Austen are incredible. Her work was way ahead of her time and will be relatable even after 100 years. Other than that she used to write in such a way that readers are forced to turn one page after another. Most of her books are adapted into movies because of their great storyline. If you have not read any book written by her till now then you are definitely missing something. But the point is her books are not for everyone as they are abstract and not very usual. But they are great and one of the top tiers of literature. Apart from Jane Austen Podium keeps suggesting best books for kids to read.

Because of their insane popularity now all of her books are made available in a form of book sets with incredibly beautiful covers. They will look very beautiful when placed on the bookshelf. So if you have not read her books then you must grab one of these books ASAP!!

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