5 Poets Of Poetic Transition You Need to Know About

Nothing thrives permanently in this world. Just like how the day changes, we do the same. But in this process, we do not live the roots. Instead, we add a new one to those who are already there. The crust of poetry has changed in multitudes. We name them all as poetic transition. With every new mind that bloomed words, the art of poetry has changed. 

From holding onto ancestral values to dwelling in love with nature, every aspect has poems for it. All those changes in the poetic realm went through a critical lens. But, in the end, they are regarded as breakthroughs. They add a new wave to the poetic world.  

What Is Poetic Transition?

In English literature, transition is the shift from traditional patterns. This traditional pattern refers to penning stories and poems in a predetermined framework. This framework sufficed the works. With different eras of literature, there were changes in perceptions, ideas, beliefs, and writing patterns. For instance, the Augustan or Neoclassical age held onto the rigid structure in writing. However, as the literature progressed to the Modern English era, the rigidity has turned into flexibility. 

Similarly, the Victorian era held onto human values, and genders were classified into certain domains. However, the Romantic era was more into exploring nature and its attributes. 

What Is Poetic Transition?

Poetic transition is the shift initiated by some poets. This shift was to think beyond what was being followed. It was to introduce a new way of thinking and initiate a new way to write. However, the challenges for the poets who sought to diversify were many. Either their pieces were astray from norms. Or they were termed to be very liberal. 

But, in the end, these poets and writers were appreciated for their breakthroughs. They succeeded in providing literature with not just a few but many transitions. 

5 Poets Who Contributed To Poetic Transition

After knowing what a poetic transition is, we should know the faces too. Here are 5 poets who contributed to the poetic transition, by Podium School.

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia’s work contradicted the traditional norm of perceiving life

Sylvia Plath is a poet to remember. This figure ended tragically. Her poems reflected on oneself more than other things. All the poems were derived from her own experiences. Her collections of poetry are usually sad but they also shed light on mental health issues. Sylvia’s work contradicted the traditional norm of perceiving life. Life is not only about optimism. Poems are also an expression to bring out the sad part of living. Eventually, we have to know them. We also have to appreciate the dark side as our pieces of living. 

Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Who cannot remember the line, “And I have miles to go before I sleep”?  Robert Frost is a poet to read. His works are filled with varied imagination and abstract thoughts. Most of his works are based on human life and experiences. His poem, “The Road Not Taken”, will open the human dilemma of choosing right but being different too. His poem “Birches” showcases nostalgia of being a child. However, there is also a wish to grow. His magnum opus “Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening”, will bring out the main essence of being human. We have to continue seeing life before we are destined to sleep forever. Robert Frost is a poet who composed poems of life. He also connected them to nature. 

https://www.youtube.com/embed/vrBHd41YqTc?feature=oembedThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

Allen Ginsberg

He laid importance on issues such as corruption, materialism, and others

Allen Ginsberg has contributed magnificently to poetic transition. His works are prior works to free-verse poetry. He introduced poems soaked in reality.  He laid importance on issues such as corruption, materialism, and others. His work “Howl” is an ideal example. This collection of poems creates awareness on capitalism. It talks about the unhappy sides of capitalist nations. All the poems are liberally written. This further amplifies the raw emotions and expressions. Allen Ginsberg is one of the earliest poets to include politics in poetry. 

William Blake

William Blake

Belonging to the Romantic era, William Blake’s poems had inclusion of mixed aspects. He intermingled qualities of metaphysical world and of romantic age. A perfect example is his work. “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. This particular poem will reveal to you the connection between opposites. The vision will play before you as you read the verses. William Blake’s works have been appreciated. They shut the distance between romanticism and metaphysics. 

https://www.youtube.com/embed/DHaoszdHkwE?feature=oembedBiography of William Blake

Paul Verlaine

His poetic works bring in symbolism. His works had more lucid information than precise verses.

Paul Verlaine is a poet to appreciate. He is one of the pioneers for symbolic poems. He contributed to a new dimension to poetic transition. His poetic works bring in symbolism. His works had more lucid information than precise verses. The themes for his poetry were usually deep and dark. There was an elaboration of the dark side of living as a human. Symbolism was used to convey about the issues. There were no direct verse upon the issues. An ideal work for this by Verlaine is “Art Poetique”, which extends poetry with symbolic style. 

Final Thoughts

Bringing a new and effective wave in literature is hard. The poets and writers have to build the courage to withstand criticism. However, they must also be in touch with their individuality. They should also know the purpose of writing. 

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