The Amazing Movie Soundtracks for Kids (updated 2023)

Composing music for a movie is an important job. Music can change the entire tone of the film and composers have to select the right music for each scene. Sometimes, the music composed for a movie is unique as well as memorable and goes down in history as one of the best movie soundtracks. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of music in a movie as well as list 6 children’s movies with the best soundtrack.

Importance Of A Movie Soundtrack

A movie’s soundtrack is an extremely important aspect. It can turn a simple film into a blockbuster. Therefore, the soundtrack is also referred to as the soul of the movie. 

Best movie soundtracks express the tone of the story

Music can explain the plot of the story to the viewers. In addition, the right music can help set the tone and mood of the film. Therefore, filmmakers have to carefully select the movie’s soundtrack.

Best movie soundtracks help the audience connect with the character

Music can artfully express the emotions of a character. The accompanying songs or background score lets the audience feel the same emotions, thus, allowing them to empathise with the character. 

Soundtracks emphasise movement in a movie

Remember old cartoons? The sound effects heard when a character moves is what we are referring to. The xylophone ping when a character raises an eyebrow is a great example of this. This type of background music adds to the humour of the scene. 

Best movie soundtracks help the audience learn about the heritage of the characters

Music can portray the heritage of a character or the geographic setting of the movie efficiently. Therefore, filmmakers use sounds that feels like a certain location to foreign ears, instead of the actual music that is heard at that location. 

The best movie soundtracks contain an immersive background score

Background music communicates the theme and setting of the scene with the audience. Furthermore, in action sequences, these background scores take a center stage. This is essential to completely transport the audience to that scene in the movie.  

Soundtracks help establish a certain period in history

Music from each country sounds different. Therefore, using the right kind of sounds, filmmakers can make the setting of the movie more authentic.

Six Of The Best Movie Soundtracks 

The Lion King 

Watch Trailer of Lion King

Release date: 1994

The Lion King contains an excellent soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. The songs were written by Elton John as well as Tim Rice and performed by famous personalities like Whoopi Goldberg and Rowan Atkinson. 

The album begins with the movie’s most popular song, “Circle of Life”. This amazing song is followed by several others including “Elephant Graveyard” and “I Was Just Trying to be Brave”. Each song in the movie beautifully depicts the theme of each scene. Furthermore, the songs and background score perfectly display the emotions of the characters. 

How to Train Your Dragon

Release date: 2010

The soundtrack of How to Train Your Dragon was written by John Powell who went on to win an Oscar for it. 

The soundtrack depicts several themes, which is clear from the first song, “This is Berk”. However, the highlight of the movie is its main theme, which has a free-spirited feel to it. The soundtrack has elements of the Golden Age of Music while retaining a very modern identity in the recording and performance. Another beautiful piece is the theme that plays when Hiccup test drives Toothless’s new tail. 

Beauty and the Beast

Release date: 1991

Beauty and the Beast show how magical an excellent soundtrack can be. Packed with crisp and emotional performances by the cast and the orchestra, the music completely transports the user to a fairytale-like land where a dangerous Beast lives. Songs like “Be Our Guest”, “Belle”, and “Beauty and the Beast” convincingly depict the tone as well as emotions of the character. 

Spirited Away 

Release date: 2001 

Joe Hisaishi’s soundtrack features memorable pieces that pair with the film’s themes of friendship and courage. An example of this is the opening theme “One Summer’s Day,” which shows a ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino as she clutches a bouquet on the drive to her new home. The tempo changes once parents take a wrong turn, making brass and percussion feel like bumps in the road. Furthermore, each subsequent melody highlights how Chihiro overcomes obstacles with the support and kindness of others. 

Toy story 

Release date: 1995

The soundtrack that Randy Newman created is a work of genius. It set the tone for not only Toy Storybut all the following Pixar films. His unique sound captured the magic of friendship between Woody and Buzz beautifully. 


Release date: 2013

This movie probably has the most well-known soundtrack. It is packed with catchy and memorable songs like “In Summer” and “Let it Go”. Both the first song “Frozen Heart” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, showcase Disney’s ability to create magic through song. 

On the other hand, “For the First Time in Forever” contain cliched tunes. However, it makes up for this with catchy lyrics that perfectly depict Anna’s quirky personality and ambition. The highlight of the movie is the popular song “Let it Go”, which portrays Elsa’s mindset clearly. It is through the song that we find out how frustrated Elsa is with hiding her powers. We also see her throw away her fear and embrace herself for who she is. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Movie Soundtracks

The soundtrack of a film can mesmerise and transport the audience into the film. It helps the audience understand the setting, theme as well as emotions of the characters. Furthermore, kids will surely like to sing along to their favourite song, thus creating an enjoyable moment for them. Hence, remember to pay close attention to the background score the next time you watch a movie with your child. 

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