Benefits of Spending Time With Your Child

‘Why is spending time with your kids important’? You are at the right place to know the answer to this!

What is Dr. Jack Wilson’s take on benefits of spending time with children

We realize that life is hectic, and we acknowledge that this is especially true for parents and families. Our to-do lists get longer, and other obligations take precedence over valuable family time. We are so engaged in tending to our children’s needs on some days that we barely have time to take a break. We have a lot on our plates: cooking, dishwashing, laundry, disciplining naughty behaviors, and so much more. When your days seem to revolve around your children, it seems absurd to consider the question, “What else am I doing if not spending time with kids?”

In this article, we’re discussing how much productive time you spend with your children. Giving them your undivided attention while doing what they enjoy is what quality time entails. It might be as simple as setting aside a few minutes each day with no other diversions. This will help to maintain your children cognitively and emotionally robust by demonstrating your love and care for them. We’ll look at many ways to spend time with your children and the perks of doing so.

Ways to Splurge quality time with your Kids

Parenting as a form of friendship

When your kid approaches adolescence, they require you as a companion. As the relationship’s mechanics become more complicated, you must grasp them from their perspective and what they are going through. You must now treat your child as a friend in order to acquire their trust, no matter how difficult it may appear. Knowing when to act as a parent and when to act as a friend is the best approach to bond with them.


You must speak with them and share your experiences regarding the issues and difficulties you experienced as a child, as well as the mistakes you made and how you attempted to correct them. This will encourage your teenager to respect you and be truthful, which will aid the bonding process.

Potential temptations at bay

When you’re having fun with your youngster, steer clear from all technology, switch off your phones, and avoid doing any housework or office work. Avoid sending or receiving texts or phone calls during this time, and don’t listen to TV commercial music unless it’s part of what you’re doing.

Make a timetable for your youngster

Take out time to spend time with your kids, be it before sleeping or while having meals. This can also be a family fun time where you and your partner can spend time together with the child, or you and your partner can take turns with the child based on your free schedules.

Showcase compassion

Every day, remind your child that you cherish them. This will help them understand that you love and value them and that they are essential to you.

“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” — David Ogden Stiers

Significance of Sharing Quality Time With Your Family

Promotes interaction

You establish an environment for openness and honesty when you spend time with your children. For your children to feel comfortable talking to you about anything, good communication is essential. Merely asking your child how their day went can have a significant impact.

Improves the self-esteem of children

Teenagers who spend time with their parents doing activities together develop a high consciousness. When children believe that their respondents perceived them, they have a more positive attitude toward themselves. To be meaningful, family activities do not have to be expensive outings; the key aspect is simply being together. You may go for a motorcycle ride together or play a game.

Fosters healthy behaviors

Spending more time with parents reduces the likelihood of children and adolescents engaging in destructive behavior. Teens who have occasional family meals are twice as likely to use cigarettes, nearly twice as likely to use alcohol, and one and a half times more likely to be using other toxicities. When compared to those who do not eat with their families as often, children who eat with them regularly have better food intake.

Reinforces familial ties

Families who participate in the same activities build deep emotional bonds. According to studies, families who participate in group activities together have a deeper emotional bond and are better able to adjust to situations as a family. Share your experiences with your kids to bond better.

Assists your youngsters towards becoming great pals

Children watch and learn from their elders. If you give in time, you act to be an ideal for kids, and inculcate what they see. Small gestures such as playing games with them will help them learn more about connecting with people and will teach them important lessons such as cooperation and compassion.

By spending time with your family, you simply get to have fun and enjoy one other’s company! You still have some time until the kids return to school, so take advantage of it this weekend and do something fun with them.

Improves child’s learning and development

It has the potential to improve your child’s learning and development. Investing time with your children, especially in their early years, assisting them with schooling or reading together will promote an academic environment. If your child feels at ease approaching you with schoolwork, he or she is more likely to excel cognitively.

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” — Barbara Bush
Benefits of spending quality time with children

It’s easy to overlook in today’s hyper family life that simply investing time with kids is critical in assuring them that we care about them and will always be there for them. Among the most valuable things we can educate our kids is our time. As parents, we must create and cultivate numerous opportunities for our children to spend time together. So, no matter how busy you are, remember to hug and tell your children that you love them; you’ll be astonished at how much of a difference these sentiments make in the long run.

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