5 Public Speaking Games to Enhance Your Communication Skills

If you want to become a leader then public speaking is a must skill you would want to ace at. Everyone in this world becomes keen to build a career into fields where one gets a chance to practice as a leader, entrepreneur, businessman, businesswoman, doctor, lawyer, and many more. The secret of becoming successful is to speak well and with confidence. Rather it is a matter of fact that the practice of speaking games have improved the confidence level of the speaker to a different tangent.

Many people around the world fear public speaking due to a lack of confidence. There can be many reasons for an individual to not try out public speaking. However there shouldn’t be particularly one single reason that should hold you back from giving a shot at turning the tables by improving and making yourself better.

Public Speaking Games

In a study, it has been found that around 75% of people fear public speaking. The reason behind public speaking fear is very simple it is either the following:-

  • Fear of stuffing up
  • Being judged
  • Low morale
  • Low self-confidence

Even if the reader is among the 75% don’t worry we have some fun games to enhance your public speaking skills. Additionally, we need to keep in mind that these games can be played by any aged individual and with anyone. Below we have shortlisted some of the simple yet highly beneficial games to enhance your overall public speaking skills.

1. Tongue Twister Game

This is one of the famous speaking games that one can play anywhere and at any time. The game is very easy to play and does not need any extra materials to start. This interesting game can be enjoyed by all ages.

Players in this game are given a phrase to say. The phrase given should be repeated maximum times without making a single mistake. A Player who can say the phrase for the longest amount of time without any mistake will be the winner.

Doing this will help the speaker spread their tongue muscles that are highly important for a speech. Using the technique of the game will help the speaker develop clear pronunciation and the speech patterns.

Read more about it at https://www.quillsandquotes.ca/post/12-fun-games-to-get-students-public-speaking

Tongue Twisters | Improve Pronunciation and Accents
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2. Speak Anything

“Speak Anything” is mostly played in the school or University premises. It is a critical part of the student’s vocal education and improvement.

What to do:-

  • Choose any student to participate.
  • Give them a random or study-related topic. The topic could be anything but, the things that they are learning would be great.
  • The chosen student must talk about the topic straight for two minutes or more. In fact, the student will not be allowed to use any “Ums”, “Hmm”, or any such thing.
  • While making the speech the student must make eye contact with his or her audience. They must do it from the start to the end of the game.
  • Students who have used fewer filler words will be the winner of the game.
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3. I Went to the Market (Memory Game)

Public speaking not only means reading everything out of the paper, the speaker must remember important points. Practicing this game can brush the memory power of the speaker. It is best to play this game in a group.

The motive of this game is to remember as many items in the shopping basket or list. Playing the game with that motive is quite easy but, remembering them could be difficult.

The first player will start by saying “I went to the market and bought a pack of onions”. Now, the second player in the line will continue saying “I went to the market and bought a (putting the grocer name of the first player’s item) and a (new item that is purchased). Then the third player will add all the shopping items said by all the players and put his new list.

Similarly, all the players in the game will continue to take their turns and keep on adding new items to the list. Any player who will make a mistake will be eliminated and only one player will be the winner.

Read more about it at https://childhood101.com/learning-games-for-speaking-listening-thinking/

I went to the market and bought - ESL worksheet by mrs_teach
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4. Whisper Message or Secret Message

This is quite a famous public speaking game, especially for kindergartners. In fact, this game is best played with a group of youngsters or kids. This public speaking game is quite simple and easy to play but, have each player will have to remember the phrases.

How to Play:-

All the players will sit in a line or could sit in a circle. The first person starting will whisper a short message or secret to the next person in the line or circle. In fact, the same message or secret should be passed to the next person and this will go from person to person.

Now, the last person in the line or in the group will announce the message out loud. The message should be the same as the first person. But, it is sure that in the end the message will change from the original one as it has been passed along.

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5. Straight 30-second Filler-Free

We tend to make many mistakes while delivering a speech and one of them is using filler words. Using filler words while making a speech or writing on paper does not sound well. The person making a speech or writing on a paper should be more professional. They should instead use professional or attractive words to make the speaking attractive.

This public speaking game is to clear that part out from the speaker. This is a great exercise to take out the filler words from the speaker. The speaker while playing this game must record themselves while giving a talk on any random topic.

The speaker should talk on that topic for at least 30 seconds or more but, without using filler words. Whenever the speaker is using any kind of filler words they must start over. This speaking game or exercise should be practiced ten times a day for better public speaking.

Read more about it at https://ethos3.com/2018/03/10-public-speaking-games-activities-try/

How to play 30 Seconds | Official Game Rules | UltraBoardGames
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Examples of Filler Words

Here are some of the examples of filler words:-

  • “Um”
  • “Hmm”
  • “Er”
  • “Ah”
  • “Like” and many more.
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There are thousands of exercises to improve your public speaking skills. In fact, we do have an exercise for “proper breathing in public” for good delivery of the speech. But, conducting or practicing these simple public speaking games you can really improve your speaking skills.

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