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Have you lost your beginning phrase to say as soon as you step on the stage? Or heard the palpitating of your heart increasing with no control? Speaking in front of a mass can bother you and make you anxious or nervous. Even after a good practice, you might feel out of words and go blank as soon as you are on the stage. In this process, reading books related to public speaking can be an ideal practice.

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Books are regarded as our friends, and indeed they are one. Reading books related to public speaking can help control your speech anxiety. It will allow you to take care of the small details and let large things fall in place, automatically. Here is why reading books can be your best practice. 

Reading Books: How It Assists Your Speech Process

First thing first, reading enables your creative junction to activate and work well with the topic. Once your creative side of the brain starts working, you just don’t float on the surface of a topic, but you go deep in understanding it. You also start adding your interpretations to it and frame a unique speech on a topic. 

Reading boosts up your vocabulary. By reading books, you get to know new words or phrases. Once you know them, you can note them down and make use of them in your speech. The catch over here is that you need to understand the terms and their uses before you form your sentences for the speech. 

Reading familiarizes you with new patterns of communication or conversation. You might replace your old conversational patterns with the new phrases and sentences you learn from reading. It also helps you ideate the appropriate way of starting your speech. For instance, you may begin your speech by asking a question or by quoting a personality. 

Reading books related to public speaking helps you deal with your speech anxiety. It introduces you to the possible speech disorders which you can go through. It will also elaborate upon different factors like nervousness, stage fear, and others that can hinder your performance. Lastly, reading these books can let you know how and when to cope up with such challenges so that you can ace while speaking. 

5 Public Speaking Books You Must Read

After knowing how books can impact your way of speaking and help you in the process, you must also know which books to read first. 

Here are 5 ideal public speaking books recommended by Podium School that you must read before you set on a speaking voyage. 

The Art Of Public Speaking- Dale Carnegie

Known as the bestseller in the public speaking book domain, The Art Of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie will cover every aspect of speaking. Right from curating and choosing your topic to frame it for speaking, this book has everything. It explains to you what public speaking is in detail and clears the misconceptions related to it. The book also includes how one should go about believing in philosophies of consistency, confidence, and inner reflection. The book also reveals that the author believes in passion and preparation to be fundamentals of giving an excellent speech. 

Confessions Of Public Speaker- Scott Berkun

Taking you into depth what public speaking is, Confessions Of Public Speaker by Scott Berkun is a must-read for clarity. The book brings you a real understanding of what public speaking is rather than how to go about public speaking. The author uses the right mix of humor to tell what good communicators do as hacks for good speaking. The author also talks about furnishing speech with time and how to deal with failures and triumphs. The book has been written with 15 years of experience in public speaking and it will surely hold so many dimensions to learn about it. 

Out With It- Katherine Preston

If you are someone with speech disorders like stuttering or stammering, Katherine Preston’s Out With It is your right book. Often, those who suffer from speech disorders tend to withdraw themselves, and speaking in front of people appears like a far-fetched dream. The book is about the author’s struggle due to stuttering for 17 long years and how her journey introduced similar people like her. She went on to break down the myths about speech disorders and also included how to overcome them. The book will push you to start the public speaking journey and overcome challenges. 

Speak With No Fear- Mike Acre

This book talks about 7 public speaking strategies that will help you overcome anxiety as a speaker. These strategies will introduce you to new ways of perceiving topics, prepare the action plan and practice it well. The strategies also revolve around consideration of oneself, thinking about the present, and buckling up for any obstacles that are impeding to happen. The book will also make you properly implement these strategies and sooner or later, you will find your speech anxiety fading away. 

Do You Talk Funny?- David Nihill

Humour is an essential element for speaking, especially to catch the audience’s attention. In the book, Do You Talk Funny? David Nihill introduces you to 7 strategies to work on making your speech humorous. The book will allow you to think about what your audience wants and how you can make them laugh as well as pay attention to your speech. The book also teaches you about how humor can be dangerous and requires intelligent use. Once you read it, you will not just laugh but also learn how to make others laugh too. 

These are the 5 reading books related to public speaking which you must read at least once. 

Best Public Speaking Books

Final Words To The Speakers

Reading books related to public speaking can elucidate more about how you should speak well. It introduces you to the right and wrong forms of public speaking and can be your support to fade away the agitation or anxiousness regarding speaking. 

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Till then, don’t let the speaker in you vanish, let it only grow. Doodles!

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