Relatable Speech: How To Form Relatable Speech?

Have you ever wondered about the aftermath of your speech? Or found the audience looking at you bewildered while you spoke? Giving a speech is not just about speaking on a specific topic. No matter how soulful or moving your voice could be, if it does not reach the listeners, it is going to be futile. Your speech should not just be a storehouse of modulation and data. It should be a relatable speech too. 

What is the speaker saying?

Having a relatable speech might be a handy task. Along with building a connection with the listeners, it also includes other aspects. You also have to be clear and crisp regarding what you are delivering as a speech. Everything involved in making a relatable speech should begin with the speech-making process. 

Relatable Speech- In Depth

Before we dive further into knowing what should be the criteria for a relatable speech, let us understand relatable speech. 

A speech is a formal talk or vocal presentation in front of the masses. A speech includes you to provide facts, opinions that are structured accurately. It involves a concrete introduction, body, and conclusion. It requires you to speak on a topic with either one or multiple perceptions. 

A relatable speech is your step to connect your audience with what you say. It is not just about speaking facts or opinions but also letting the audience draw in an understanding. For instance, if you are speaking on the topic ‘Time Management’, you can connect with the audience by asking them ‘What is time for you?’ or ‘How do you juggle time in everyday life. 

Apart from making the audience relate to what you say, relatable speech is also required to avoid your main points from vanishing away. If your points mix up with an air of confusion, your overall speech might fail to create an impressive impact. It also benefits you in explaining abstract ideas like democracy, emotions, freedom, and many others. 

How To Create a Relatable Speech

Now that we know the significance of relatable speech, we should proceed in knowing how to make one. 

Here is a list of suggestions by Podium School, on how to create a relatable speech.

Catch Onto Emotional Aspects

People might forget what you speak, but they will always remember how your speech made them feel. Always try to include genuine elements in your speech that are vulnerable and first-hand experiences. Sharing your related incident will evoke a related emotion amongst the listeners. It will also weave in the idea that you had gone through the same emotions as the audience. 

Emotionally Connect with audience

Humour Be Your Armour

The best thing an audience can connect to is humorous speech. It gives an informal touch and at the same time connects the audience about what you want to say. Humour is suggested to be added at the beginning of the speech. It can also be occasionally used in between your speech. However, be cautioned on the humorous road. Adding too much humor or insensitive humor can trigger a negative impact on the audience. 

Use humor to open a presentation or speech

Honesty For a Relatable Speech

Maintain your truest personality while presenting a speech. Your honest views must be present in what you are speaking. This will connect the audience to you because you will be an honest speaker to them. Exaggerating unnecessary or trying to prove your worth all the time may make you appear aloof. Another disadvantage is that your audience will identify your dishonesty. This will happen once you speak utterly illogical and have less knowledge about a subject.

Honesty is the best policy

Include A Two- Way Road

Make your speech conversational rather than rhetoric. If you include conversational phrases or questions, it will keep the audience active and engaged. Make your conversational sentences in an active voice. Adding them in passive voice will only hinder your purpose and make it complex for the listeners to comprehend. Conversation in speech will give more power and impact to what you want to tell the audience. 

Audience Engaged

Storytelling Attributes

Let your speech be a story rather than a formal speech. If you continue to just monotonously speak about your topic, you will have no one listening to you. Even if they listen to you, they would fail to connect to your words. For this, you can equip different storytelling methods, including monomyth, the nested loops. sparklines, and others. 

Unique Storytelling methods

Focus On One

Try keeping your speech focused on one goal or message to convey. Including too many aims might only withdraw the audience from your speech. If you convey a single idea but with all the needful precision, it will make the audience take away a lot from that singular perspective. It will also ensure long-term precision and make sure that no stone is left unturned for relatability.  

Focus on one topic at one time

Use a Comprehending Language

Your relatable speech must have words or sentences which are easy to comprehend. Using a complex worded speech for the sake of appearing knowledgeable would do you no good. You must also have prior knowledge of your audience before you go about speaking in front of them. For instance, if you use the term technological advancement in a speech to a group of elementary school students, they would not understand. This would also lead them not to connect with your saying. 


These are the elements you can use to make a relatable speech. Using them will help you to build a connection with the mass. 

Final Thoughts

Making a relatable speech requires you to be patient and consider all the aspects concerning your audience. You must understand that speech is to educate, more than speak. It is how you persuade and influence the listeners in thinking your way. For this, Podium School brings you the Public Speaking sessions, to build your speaking skills and master them. 

We also believe in growth and being creative at every phase. For this, our Blog Site leaves no pages unturned to branch out well. We appreciate your feedback and can’t wait for more guidance. Read them and tell us your views. 

Till then, embark on a seamless journey of knowledge. Adios!

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