Tips For a Strong Public Speaking Introduction

Public speaking is one of the most effective forms of presenting yourself to a very large scale of people in one go. Public speaking is a mere skill but a very effective one. These days public speaking has gained a lot of momentum among the people. It has even found a place in the curriculum of schools and colleges. They have laid enough emphasis on skill-building. One who knows the importance of leadership and personality building very well knows the importance of a strong public speaking introduction.

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First sentence : short and precise

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It is advisable not to make your first sentence or even the first few lines very long. Long sentences very easily lose the attention of the audience. The first few sentences should be very short and precise.

The sentence should carry the precise meaning and in very few words as they say that the first impression is the last.

The way you open your speech is going to make the first impression about the rest of your speech. If your introductory sounds monotonous to the audience then it is challenging to draw their attention back. Hence, the shorter, the simple it is going to be.

Introduce the topic for a strong public speaking introduction

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Before you get started give a little glimpse of what the next few minutes are going to be about. Your motives must be to state things clear in the beginning itself i.e. your topic and what are you going to talk about, that must be extended to the audience in the beginning itself.

Be smart and don’t just disclose the entire spice of your speech by making all the vital facts in the introduction. It should be brief and informative. This is done to intrigue the audience’s attention and keep them engaged for a longer period.

Relate the introduction of your speech as the trailer of a movie which gives the viewer the context and glimpse of the movie. However, it does not give away the plot of the film resulting in which the viewers get intrigued and their attention is held.

Don’t repeat the lines

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Try not to repeat lines! When you keep on repeating lines then it seems that you are running short of words and you have nothing new left.

Even if you are trying to emphasize the importance of something, do not repeat the lines. Instead, try to emphasize the same thing with different choices of words for a strong public speaking introduction.

You may use different words for the same meaning or something like that to make it sound different.

Be interactive in your public speaking introduction

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If the speaker who is interactive and engaging in their sessions are prone to get a better response from their audience.

Talk to your audience from the very beginning, refer to the speeches with words like “YOU” and “YOURS”. It will keep them always attentive as they’ll feel themselves involved.

Keep in mind the length and breadth

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The length of the sentence should always be kept in mind along with how precise its meaning is. There should be an evenness in the speech.

The pattern should be such that the starting sentences are narrow and later on gradually broaden down the scope.

As said earlier narrow start catches the attention quickly and later on widening explains the concept wisely.

Use quotes and examples

Use some quotes to make the public understand you better

If you use some quotes and a few real-life instances in your sentences it enhances the continuity of your speech.

Adding all this brings storytelling to your speech and makes up a strong public speaking introduction.

Give reasons in the public speaking introduction

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Give your audience the reason to listen to your speech. List the key features of your speech and make the audience think that how is it going to relate to them and their interest.

They must feel emphatic from the introduction of your speech and that the remaining speech is going to be engaging for them to listen to.

After your introduction, they should have enough reasons to continue listening to you.

Confidence is the key to win people’s heart

Use Anecdote in the public speaking introduction

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Anecdote is a very brilliant device to catch the public’s attention. However, it should be very short and not another speech.

Real-life events and stories are always catching. They leave a very good impression on the public and keep them interested. 

Question during the public speaking introduction

You can always begin your speech with a question. This will not only give you immediate results but also better attention and response from your audience

For instance, if your topic is something like “Environment pollution and its consequences”. Then you may begin with the question “Do you know what is environmental pollution?” Or “What consequences one has to face when the environment is depleted?”

Good Humor

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Humor keeps the public always engaged. However, do not turn your speech into a stand-up comedy. Just add a few witty jokes as and when the context requires.

Having a sense of humor and using it effectively is an art. Not everyone knows how to use it. However, if you catch a hold of it, it can ace your game immediately.

Organise well

Even if it is just an introduction, still organize and present yourself well.

Your introduction tells a lot about how your entire speech is going to be. Be well structured at every stage.

Well-organized speeches have a whole different kind of impression on the listener.

Research properly

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It can not be overemphasized that how important this one point is. You need to do proper homework before you start.

You should research thoroughly about the topic you are speaking on. All details should be kept in mind. There must be no loopholes or inaccuracy.

This research will strengthen your speech and make it sound perfect. 

Know your audience

You should give a few minutes before you begin in analysing your audience.

Analyse which age group is in larger number, what is the ratio of men and women. How many kids are there and so on.

This analysis will help in delivering effective content.

Final words

A strong introduction marks an intriguing impression on the listeners. Add these steps to your public speaking to innovatively hold the attention of your audience. A fascinating start requires a lot of practice. It is not possible to deliver anything of brilliant quality without practicing. Practice is the key to success!

Out of these, a good introduction plays a crucial role because it unfolds to your audience how the remaining part is going to be.

We wish you great luck and hope that we were useful to you. Rest, keep following us for more such articles of your interest.

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