Pen Down Your Imagination by Making Abstract Doodles

Doodle is a type of art form which involves making a free-hand image out of your imagination aimlessly. Making a doodle is one of the best ways to create a whole masterpiece out of imagination. There are no specific criteria that regulates as to how a doodle must look like because of which the horizon of creativity increases. You don’t have to stick to any set of rules. So, draw whatever you want to. Doodles can be funny, abstract, meaningful, and so on. In fact, funny political doodles have been part of print media for a long time. You can see doodles on walls, book covers, mugs, and even clothes. And it is super easy to start making doodles as all you need is a pen and an art book.

Doodles are not only just random drawings but they also have representational meaning to them. It is all about making lines, patterns, and random objects. When a doodle is made without lifting a pen it is usually referred to as a scribble. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can easily start making doodles and why you should make them.

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Making Abstract Doodles

Use The Magic of Black Pen

A doodle can be made using any color but a black pen make it look many times better. They are not some typical painting like you need to draw the sun yellow, plants green, water blue or whatsoever. Additionally, it makes the final outcome look even more aesthetic. Holding your pen in different ways and making different strokes with it can do wonders to it. To give more emphasis draw a thick impression at some places. This art is mostly about playing with lines only. One can easily make a masterpiece by just using a black point pen only. You can even give 3D effects to your work by making lines.

Beautiful Black Doodle

Make a Journal

Journaling is a newer concept in which people maintain a journal. That journal can have quotations, doodles, paintings, sketches, and whatever a person wants. It looks super aesthetic and vintage. Maintaining a journal is a huge trend these days. People who are habitual of making a diary sometimes make a doodle inspired by their thoughts or activities they did in a day. Making doodle in a journal can inspire you to draw on a regular basis and improve your skills even more. It has become a whole trend to flex journal and creative as one can see a lot of Instagram pages and YouTube channels that are solely about showing doodles. Teenagers these days are crazy about making a journal filled with doodles. And it also makes you look cool so why not!!

Doodle Journal

Doodling is Therapeutic

It would not be wrong to say that making a doodle is very therapeutic and calming. Because it helps a person to vent out all the emotions and thoughts going on in their mind on a piece of paper. You can scribble on a paper draw random things and empty your mind. A lot of time doctors also suggest drawing and coloring to people who face anxiety. Sitting on a desk in your free time with a diary and pen in hand, music playing in the back, and making doodles is definitely therapeutic. In fact not only making doodles is therapeutic but also watching someone make doodles is very calming as well. People love watching videos of people making doodles and decorating their journals on the internet because of their aesthetic and calming vibes. So, if you are an overthinker then you must definitely start making doodles.

Therapeutic Doodle Making

Explore Your Creative Side

Painting and Drawing is a great way to enhance creativity. Indulging in art and making doodles can help you in exploring your unexplored creative side. Not being very complex or specified it gives you more ways to put your own imagination into a piece of art. You can explore the beauty of colors, craft material, tapes, sketch pens, and all the other things used to make different pieces of art. And the best part is you necessarily need not draw it in a notebook you can grab anything of your choice like bottles, book covers, wooden boards, and even walls. So, you can decorate all the things you want and implement your creativity anywhere you want.

Creative Doodles

Try Making Digital Doodles

Well, with the digitization of everything our traditional paper and pen doodles have also modernized. Now you can make them digitally as well. With improvement in technology now a lot of devices offer you facilities to make drawings on the screen itself. In this, your pen will be changed with an electronic pen and your sheet will be changed with a screen else everything will remain the same. And this is the reason why digital doodles are a whole new trend now. With increasing digitalization e-newspapers and e-magazines are in trend these days and doodles are an important part of it. So, if you are not very interested in making doodles in a traditional way then must try your hands on making E-doodles.

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Digital Doodles

Final Thoughts on Making Doodles

If you are interested in making art or paintings even a little bit then you should definitely try making doodles. It is not for hardcore artists only because they do not require a lot of precision. And now making doodles has become a full-fledged profession and artists are getting paid to make doddles. You can use your thoughts in any way just by making lines and patterns and drawing a whole masterpiece out of it. And the best part is making them is therapeutic as well. Digital doodles have bordered the path of doodling even more. So grab your pen and notebook now and start making doodles.

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