All that Glitters is Not Gold!

Hasn’t it ever happened with you, when you might have wanted to convey a very important point in a discussion and someone else stole your spotlight? The game is all about playing with words and choosing the most exquisite manner of putting them forth. The same implies to books as well. Two books can revolve around the same plot and have a very similar storyline but the way they are narrated is what that creates the real difference of turning only one out of the two into a bestseller.

In this article we are going to talk about one such phrase that can help you convey your idea in a much refined manner. The article talks about the phrase ‘All that glitters is not gold’. It will tell you about what does it mean, all the examples of situations that we see throughout the day, where this phrase can effectively fit into and how you can write a beautiful paragraph on it.

What Does All That Glitters is Not Gold Mean?

The phrase ‘All That Glitters is not Gold’ in simple words means that the attractive outside appearance of a thing cannot show one the truth about what’s actually inside it. It also does emphasize on the fact that all the things that appear precious are not actually valuable. Moreover, it can be used as a reference to both materialistic things and people in our lives. It is a metaphor that tells us about how things can be deceptive at first.

What Does All That Glitters is Not Gold Mean?

All That Glitters is Not Gold Essay

Mentioned below is a paragraph about All that glitters is not gold:

‘All that glitter is not gold is a strong phrase against falsehood. As we all know that glitter is very shiny, beautiful, and valuable at the same time. That is why in this phrase it is said that they are many shiny things in this world but they all are not gold and not valuable like it. A thing can appear very shiny and valuable at the first instance or from far but when given some time to observe them and look closely, one may realize that they are not of much value. It is a strong remark towards things/people that are fake in reality but appear to be valuable.

And the best thing about this phrase is that it is not only talking about materialistic things in our life but also people. A lot of times it happens that we value some people a lot in our lives and they are not even worthy of it. It tells us that the value of a thing does not depend on its appearance. Like a thing can be very dull and ugly in appearance and can still be very valuable. Because appearance has no role in determining the value of that thing. And that is why we should never judge anything based on its looks. A very shiny and beautiful thing can be invaluable and a very dull and ugly thing can be of huge value.

In today’s world, beauty personifies the parameters of external appearances such as facial features, body fitness, beauty products, and shimmery clothes. Hence, that is how we decide on a person’s beauty without even knowing about how they’re from inside. And how their actual personality is.

All That Glitters is Not Gold Essay

What Teachings does it give us

You can see a lot of examples related to it in your day-to-day life. To begin with, we can talk about fake things as all valuable things have their knockout these days. For example, there could be a ring that is beautiful as an original one. However, its value can nowhere be nearer to it.

We meet a lot of people in our lives and a lot of times it happens that we like the way they look and present themselves. But when we get to know them they are nowhere near to what we thought they would be. It is because one can easily try and create a fake personality from the outside only and not from the inside.

A very important life lesson that it gives us is before getting influenced by the glittery outer appearances, one should ensure the inner qualities of a person or thing. To sum up everything it can be said that things and people can look really precious at first but it is not necessary that they actually are. And we should never get deceived by looks.

Have a look at this video mentioned below it is about an essay on the same topic in simpler words that is perfect for kids to understand.

All that glitters is not a gold essay for kids

Who Quoted This Very Famous Phrase?

We all have been using this phrase in our verbal and written form for a very long time. But do you know who tossed this deep and meaningful phrase? It was given by William Shakespeare in the second act of his very famous piece of writing The Merchant of Venice.

Later in 1901, a song on the same was also made by George A. Norton and music by James W. Casey.

Use of this phrase in the second act of The Merchant of Venice.

Here is a fun short story about all that glitters is not gold that will also tell you a lot of other things.

Short story related to all that glitters is not gold

Final Thoughts on All That Glitters is Not Gold

It is a very short and crisp phrase but has a deep meaning to it. And one can relate to it in different walks of life and it turns out to be true in reference to all the things. Be it in reference to fake people, fake things, fake emotions, and many other things. It also tells us about how we should be careful while determining the value of things because they can deceive us. Needless to mention, it also tells us that we should be very specific while determining the value of things.

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