111 Funny Questions to Ask to Initiate a Hilarious Conversation

Everyone appreciates a good laugh and a nice chat every now and then. Thus, we have compiled this list of funny questions to ask. Of course, everyone’s sense of humour differs, but we are confident you will be able to discover a subject that everyone enjoys debating and riffing on.

Remember, this is only the beginning. It’s up to you to bring up these questions to engage in heartfelt conversations or lighten up the mood in the room. Without further ado, let’s begin

Funny questions to ask your friends

Do you want to have a good time with your friends? Perhaps a pyjama party or a weekend of relaxation, but are you stumped as to how to make it more interesting and personal? Funny questions to ask your friends are handy in many situations! Here are some excellent questions for you to consider:

What would you call a television program about your closest friend’s life?
  • What would you call a television program about your closest friend’s life?
  • For how many days can you go without showering? What about going without cleaning your teeth?
  • Think about the most fanciful yet factual story you’ve ever heard?
  • What was the stupidest response you ever gave in a school oral exam?
  • Can you describe the strangest person you’ve ever met in enough detail for us to guess?
  • Among your pals, who is most likely to be a psychopath?
  • Can you provide five grounds to support your claim that you are stupid?
  • Can you survive if you only consume foods you dislike?
Have you ever eaten a cookie that has fallen on the ground?
  • Have you ever eaten a cookie that has fallen on the ground?
  • What is your favourite slang expression?
  • What would you do if you discovered your best buddy has a secret crush on you?
  • If you could spend the rest of your life in either a bikini or an over-the-top outfit, which would you choose?
  • Which television program plot do you think is utterly illogical?
  • Assuming you are the monarch of a country, what is its national emblem going to be?
  • Which animal would you select if you had to add an animal’s face to your body while keeping everything else the same?
Funny questions to ask your friend

Funny questions to ask a girl

Do you ever feel completely clueless when it comes to talking to a girl? If this is you, then we have got you covered. Given below are some humorous questions to strike up an interesting conversation with a girl.

  • If you had to choose between brows and eyelashes, which one would you go for?
Asking funny questions to girls about making a choice between their lashes and brows.
  • Which colour would you choose if you could change the colour of your eyes to something that doesn’t look natural at all?
  • What is the lowest grade you have ever received on an exam?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world but had to be naked for the rest of your life, where would you go?
  • Have you ever gotten so drunk that you couldn’t recall your name?
  • What was the oddest outfit you’ve ever worn?
  • If smells could be coloured, what colour would yours be?
  • Have you ever gone somewhere dressed completely inappropriately?
  • Would you prefer to be reborn as a human or an amoeba?
  • If you had to pick one, would you rather be called a tomato or a potato?
How about asking someone about their first love letter
  • Have you ever written a love letter to someone?
  • What is the one tip that always works when it comes to making a girl laugh?
  • How would you react if people suddenly had the ability to read your mind but not theirs?
  • Who are the dumbest main lead characters you have ever seen?
  • Have you ever revealed a secret to someone?

A list of funny questions to ask a guy

Unsure of what questions to ask to pique his interest? Don’t worry, we have just the right thing. These amusing questions will surely draw his attention to the discussion.

  • If you could have the ability to hear what someone is thinking, whose thoughts would you like to hear?
  • Do you have the ability to touch your nose with your tongue? 
  • What if your crush turns out to be a vampire
  • Would you get butterflies or be afraid if she approached you?
  • Which fairy tales do you think are the most ridiculous or nonsense?
Ask about their resemblance of face to a particular vegetable
  • Using vegetables as examples, how would you describe your face?
  • What are the most unusual pizza toppings you have ever tried?
  • Can you think of a song that would be completely inappropriate for proposing to someone on a date?
  • Talk about one normal thing that becomes strange when done multiple times in a row?
  • What would you create if you could invent a new fashion accessory that would make people look insane?
  • What strange sounds can you make?
  • Do you think having the ability to sleep whenever and wherever you want is a good superpower?
  • What is the most bizarre food combination you can think of?
  • Hair or teeth – which is more important for appearance?
  • What is your ultimate definition of annoyance in one song or piece of music?
  • How many different animal sounds can you make? 

Funny questions to ask when you don’t know what to say

When you’re completely lost and off track, these hilarious questions will help you guide the conversation. 

  • Who, in your opinion, is the dumbest celebrity? And, why do you believe that?
  • Can you share a hidden talent of yours that makes others envious of you?
  • If you had to choose a crazy name for your child to make them embarrassed for life, what would it be?
  • What was the dumbest way you ever hurt yourself? 
  • How would you design an unconventionally dumb and weak protagonist for a video game?
  • What is the most bizarre face you can make? Do it right now!
  • If you could change one aspect of human anatomy, what would it be?
  • Ask about the strangest hobby you’ve ever heard of?
What would you change about one of your favourite sports to make it more amusing?
  • How would you make your favourite sports more amusing?
  • Is it possible to offend someone without doing anything offensive? If yes, how?
  • When was the last time you didn’t take a shower? 
  • How frequently do you wear a t-shirt before washing it?
  • Have you ever tried something too boldly and failed miserably?
  • Which seems more exciting to be true: zombies or superheroes?
  • What is one thing that movies never seem to get right?
  • Describe the worst food you’ve ever eaten. 
  • Would you have it every day for the rest of your life for a million dollars?

Some funny questions to ask kids

Children enjoy being silly, and occasionally, asking a funny question can brighten their day. Furthermore, laughter is an excellent way to engage children and get them to open up. Here are some chucklesome questions to use in conversation with children.

  • What would you do if you could be invisible for just one day?
  • Would you prefer to be as tall as a giraffe or as small as an ant?
  • If you could only visit one planet in the universe, where would you go?
Ask if they think unicorns poop rainbows
  • Do unicorns poop rainbows?
  • What is the most ridiculous name you’ve ever heard someone call their dog?
  • What age do you believe mommy/daddy is?
  • Would you prefer boogers or spaghetti for dinner?
  • What is the most ridiculous fact you can remember?
  • If you were a book, what would your title be?
  • If you discovered a genie, what would your three wishes be?
  • What holiday would you celebrate if you could only celebrate one for the next ten years?
  • What would you want if you could have anything in the world?
  • How many stars exploded today in the galaxy?
Who has the stinkiest fart?
  • Who has the stinkiest farts?
  • What does a fox say?
  • Who would you be if you could be any cartoon character for a day?
  • Where would you keep your secret hideout if you had one, and what would you keep inside?
  • What is the most amusing sound you’ve ever heard?

Funny questions to ask in a gathering or party

Bringing together large groups of people can be intimidating. So, why not employ humour to break the ice. Try one of these witty ‘get to know you’ questions.

  • If you could create a new dish, what ingredients would it contain?
  • If you could eliminate one month from the year, which month would you choose and why?
  • Where is the most amusing place you’ve ever fallen asleep?
  • Did your parents consider alternative name options when naming you? What exactly were they?
  • What food would your hometown be if it were food?
  • Tell a story about a time when you felt embarrassed?
Ask about their favourite dance moves
  • What is your favourite dance move?
  • What is the silliest feature of your ideal home?
  • Ask them to talk about the most amusing thing they’ve ever heard a child say?
  • Identify your worst fashion or hair decision.

Funny questions to ask high school clubs

School clubs are an enjoyable opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children, teach them new, practical skills, and maybe even help them discover their passion. However, it can be difficult to form a bond among the members of the club. Try these questions as enjoyable discussion starters as your group gets to know one another.

  • The most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you.
  • Do you have a silly skill ?
  • If you could start a club for something ridiculous, what would it be about?
  • What one superpower would you bestow on everyone on the planet?  What would happen to the world if you do give them the power?
  • In real life, which fictional character would you be best friends with?
  • Ask about the strangest snack they enjoy eating.
  • If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be its title?
  • What would be the first law enacted by one of your parents if they were elected president?
  • What is a common saying that you find strange or funny?
Funny illustrations depicting strange instances

A list of funny questions to break the ice at a volunteer meeting

Meetings are improved by using icebreaker questions to loosen everyone up and get them into a “meeting mood.” Despite recurrent cliches, adult icebreakers do not have to follow any particular pattern, and they do not have to be lame. Asking the following hilarious questions is one such warm-up exercise that is not only entertaining but also increases the energy levels of the participants.

  • If you could alter the climax of any popular movie, which one would you choose? 
  • What would your new ending be like?
  • Which song’s lyrics will you never forget?
  • Which word do you consistently mispronounce?
  • Identify the popular trend that irritates you?
  • What were your family’s traditions when you were growing up?
  • If you can only wear one colour for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?
  • What was the most awkward or embarrassing thing you ever did for someone you cared about?
  • Have you ever met a real person who had a bad name?  What exactly was it?
  • What nicknames have you been given throughout your life? 


1. What’s the dumbest question out there, on the internet?

Because of the quick responses of many community members, social question and answer sites are popular. Furthermore, some people just want to have fun on these sites rather than ask sensible questions. Thus, there are a lot of silly questions out there. We have listed a few and the witty replies to them for your enjoyment.

Is it true that eating hot dogs alters your voice?Yes. I ate one hot dog and found myself undergoing gender transition surgery by mistake.
.No, it just causes you to raise your leg as you pass a fire hydrant or a tree. It may also alter your sexual behaviours, particularly with dogs.
How do you feel about Ocean as a name for a boy?Choose a river, stream, or lake.
Are southern Californian girls made of plastic?If they are, it better be recycled plastic.
I’m looking for a creative retort to my grandson’s “peepee head” slur.Children under the age of 13 should not ask or answer Yahoo Answers questions for safety concerns.
Is my smartphone, smart TV, or computer spying on me?Smartphones can, in fact, spy on you. It’s called hacking, and another person may turn your camera on without your knowledge. A few years ago Apple had hackers who could spy on you via your smartphone.
Is it possible to see rainbows in North Korea?No, since they were outlawed by the tyrant.

2. What are some fun questions students can ask to make friends in class?

Having friends in school offers several advantages. Children who have friends may adapt to school better and are less vulnerable to peer pressure. Furthermore, friendships formed in early adolescence are associated with greater health and well-being in adulthood, making it crucial to a child’s development.

A great way to facilitate communication among students is to ask funny questions. Encourage your students to identify another youngster, possibly of a different race or ethnicity, with whom he or she is unfamiliar and would be willing to make friends. 

As a teacher, you might even want to schedule a time during class or lunch for the entire class to conduct this practice, especially at the start of the school year, so that students who might not normally connect can get to know each other better.

Use the list of questions given below as potential conversation starters.

Questions children can ask 

  • What is your favourite dessert or ice cream flavour?
  • What animal would you get as a pet and why?
  • What is your favourite thing to do during the summer?
  • What is your favourite television show or film?
  • Do you prefer to wake up early or sleep in on weekends?
  • Which foreign country would you like to visit the most and why?
Which superpower would you want to have?
  • What would your superpower be if you could have one?
  • Tell us about your worst haircut ever.
  • Describe your best friend (without mentioning his or her name).
  • What would you miss the most if you had to leave your school?
  • If your house was on fire and you had time to grab one thing safely before fleeing, what would it be?
  • What would you become famous for if you could?
  • Describe one quality that you wish you possessed.
  • What would a perfect school day look like?
  • If you could alter something in your life, what would it be?
  • Identify one thing that would make your parents/family proud of you and one thing that would disappoint them in you.
  • Describe one thing you and I seem to have in common.

It is beneficial to inquire about your child’s school life and to be open to various responses. You can find out if they enjoy school, what their favourite subjects are, if they’re struggling with a subject, or if they’re feeling intimidated in some way.

Here are some starter questions for you to consider

  • Who or what made you laugh today?
  • What is the most hilarious book you have read?
  • What did you enjoy the most about your school day?
  • What is the funniest thing someone in your class has gotten into trouble for?
  • Which is your best new experience?
  • If you could change one thing about today, what would it be?
What would you prefer- sweet or savoury?
  • Do you prefer eating sweet or savoury foods?
  • If you had to name a new planet, what would you call it?

4. What are some funny questions to ask Siri?

If you are unfamiliar with Siri, it is a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, which is included in Apple Inc.’s operating systems. Asking Siri simple questions can be quite entertaining at times.

  • Do you know who made you?
  • What is zero divided by zero, Siri? 
  • Do you consider yourself intelligent?
  • Hey Siri, do you know the three robotics laws?
  • Why would a chicken cross the street?
  • Do you believe in ghosts? 
  • What exactly is life?
  • Do you believe in God or do you believe in atheism?
  • Hello, Siri. Do you know who Alexa is?
  • Tell me a Chuck Norris joke.
  • Are aliens real?
  • Siri, do you like me?
  • What do you want to eat?

5. What crazy things you can ask Alexa?

When it comes to odd responses, Amazon’s AI voice assistant Alexa will counter with comical responses that will make anyone burst into a laugh.

Try it out for yourself by posing these fantastic questions

  • Alexa, please roll the dice.
  • Tell me what the magic words are?
  • Tell me a yo mama joke, Alexa.
  • What does Alexa stand for?
  • Which voice assistant is the best?
  • Can you tell me how old I am?
  • How do cats communicate?
  • Which is the better option, blue pill or red pill?
  • Can you tell a strange story?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • How is Cortana?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a secret?
  • What did you dream about?
  • How does it feel if you step on a lego?
Asking Alexa weird Questions?

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