Amazing Facts about Uranus

We know that there are eight planets in the solar system, each having its own characteristics and being completely different from the other. There are undoubtedly numerous facts about these planets that we, as humans, are often eager to explore. In this article, we are going to talk about the first-ever planet which was discovered by the scientists i.e. Uranus.

Facts about Uranus

This article focuses on telling you about all its characteristics and things that make it unique from others but before that let’s know a little about the solar system of which, Uranus is a part.

What is Solar System?

The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it. It is the system that keeps all the planets and their working in place. Earth along with all the other planets is a part of it. All the other stars, asteroids, comets, moons and Sun are also a part of it. The Sun is at the centre and all the other planets revolve around it leading to the change of day and night and weight on all the planets. Change of year also depends on it.

Illustration of the solar system, showing the paths of the eight major planets as they orbit the Sun, plus the asteroids and comets. The four inner planets are, from inner to outer, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The four outer planets are, inner to outer, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus – The Seventh Planet of the Solar System

It is the seventh planet of the solar system and has a beautiful light blue color. It is the third-largest planet according to its diameter. And what makes it the most interesting planet is that it was the first planet to be discovered even after being so far. Most of us only know that Saturn has rings around it but the fact is that Uranus also has thin rings around it. It has a total of 13 rings, out of which the inner ones are lighter and outer ones are brightly colored.

The temperature on this planet is super low and it has no conditions that can support life due to which this planet is completely lifeless. Even after being so far this planet has been visited once by humans. The size of this planet is around 25,362 km which makes it four times bigger than the earth.

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Uranus has 13 thin rings around it

To know more about this beautiful yet mysterious planet you can have a look at this video. It will also show you a very clear photo of how this planet actually looks.

More about Uranus

History of Uranus and its Element Journey

As we all know that it was the first planet to be discovered. But do you know who discovered it? William Herschel, an astronomer, discovered it in 1781. Interestingly, its discovery put scientists in a dilemma as initially it was thought to be either a star or a comet. Then a lot more research was put into it and after two long years, it was universally accepted as a planet. The planet is named after the ancient Greek God of the heavens, the earliest known supreme god. 

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History of Uranus and Its Element Journey

Top 10 Surprising Facts About Uranus

Mentioned below are some surprising facts about Uranus that you might have no idea about:

  • It is four times bigger than the Earth. And if we compare their sizes then the Earth would look like an apple and Uranus as a basketball.
  • Uranus orbits our Sun, a star, and is the seventh planet from the Sun at a distance of about 1.8 billion miles.
  • The atmosphere of this planet comprises of molecular hydrogen, atomic helium, and a small amount of methane.
  • Uranus has 13 known rings. The inner rings are narrow and dark and the outer rings are brightly coloured.
  • Earth has only one moon to it but do you have any idea about how many moons does Uranus have? It has a total of 27 moons.

Did You Know?

  • Uranus is an ice giant. Most of its mass is a hot, dense fluid of “icy” materials – water, methane and ammonia – above a small rocky core. It is the coldest planet in the whole universe.
  • Density of a planet matters a lot. Saturn is the least dense planet and Uranus is the second in the row.
  • You might be surprised to know that you can see Uranus without a telescope and it is all because of its brightness scale.
  • Another catch about this planet is that length of a day there is 17 hours and 42 earth years make a year there.
  • Like Venus, Uranus rotates from east to west.
  • This planet cannot support life in any way.

We have already discussed some of the regular facts about this planet. But the video mentioned below will tell you about some of the most bizarre characteristics of Uranus that will simply blow your mind:

Some bizarre facts and characteristics of Uranus

Final Thoughts on the Planet Uranus

Each planet is beautiful in its own way and comes with its own set of features and characteristics. But our eagerness forces us to know more and more about different planets. There are some planets about which we know a lot but when it comes to Uranus we know hardly anything about it. Continuous studies and researches keep on taking place about outer space and elements present in it. If you are also someone who is fascinated by space and its working then you must have enjoyed reading this article.

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