How to Make “History” Interesting to Kids?

Even the greatest minds have faced a lot of difficulties with this mysterious subject. If we do some research on this, then we can surely find that there are many reasons behind this. Children may find many difficulties while dealing with this subject “History”. But, is it really that boring or are we adopting the wrong technique of dealing with it? Let’s find out!

Unfortunately, we need to admit the fact that many students across the globe are not a very big fan of this subject. Many students revealed that they do face difficulty in picking up and memorizing the various factual details.

However, History is an important subject which unravels its multiple informative and interesting spectrums.  In fact, we love hearing historical stories from our grandparents which are not taken from our history textbooks. Don’t we? So, it won’t be wrong to say, that most children also love history in some way or the other in almost interestingly unknown ways.

To make “History” interesting for kids, we need to first understand why they hate them. There are many obvious reasons for doing so but, we have picked out the most common ones for you.

Reasons Why Children Hate “History”

Wishing that your child would begin to love history all of a sudden, isn’t the correct way of moving with the things. It just cannot happen overnight. Well, hoping for your kid mastering any of the subjects and not just History, in one go would be wrong. We first need to understand and know the problem and then act upon it. Doing this will help us come up with great solution to the problems.

Below are some of the most obvious reasons why many children hate “History”.

History is dull

This is the most obvious answer from any children when asked about their feelings for the subject. In fact, this has become one of the most common reasons why today’s students hate history. Students find history highly boring because of the dates and too much information.

Yes, we do have to admit that History classes are not conducted attractively. Teachers from around the world just read out from the book and explain it. But, that should not be the case for the students to feel excited and interesting.

But, only reading out from the books or giving out important dates will only make the students feel bored. In fact, there is a great solution to this where teachers could show a video or documentary. That way the children will feel excited and learn about the topic as well.

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History is not important in the future

This is another obvious reason why the students start to hate the subject. In fact, the teacher must tell the students about the importance of history. Most teachers around the world don’t do it in that manner. Teachers are only focused to complete their syllabus and nothing more than that.

Before even starting with the subject, the teacher should explain briefly why it is important in the long run. Through history, we can learn everything about the past and their ideas of living. In simple, we learn from our mistakes and that is how we learn to live our life better.

History is also quite the same thing. Teachers should teach students about all the importance of the subject that could be in their lives. This way students will have a better understanding of the subject, systems, ideologies, cultures, and many more of aspects about their ancestors.

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History is only about dead people

This is a big misconception about history as a subject. Students should be clear with it that, History is not only about dead people. But, the contribution from the dead and famous people from around the world needs to be known.

Moreover, history is far more interesting than that. There is history on so many subjects and topics that are highly interesting. In fact, what we are today is because of the history that was made thousands of years ago.

The Mesopotamian Civilization was the first to come up with the concept of wheels. It was the historian people to come up with the concept and the current generation just innovate them. So, if we go to the basics then there are many things to learn other than just dead people.

It was those unknown people who put their intelligent minds into developing good drainage systems. In fact, it is inaccurate of describing history as only about dead people.

True or False.

History is about memorizing random things

This part of the subject is certainly true that the students need to memorize dates, places, and events. History as a whole subject involves memorizing a lot of important information. However, the concept of it has been put in the wrong way in the children’s minds.

Students who will find the subject interesting will not need to mug-up dates or events. The student has to learn the subject with a big picture in mind. Doing so will not only help the students but, the teachers as well.

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Only about book reading

Students with less attention will surely tell that History is all about reading books. They believe that history is nothing but everything from the book. But, it is not what they think, in fact, history can be learned in various ways.

To make the subject slightly more interesting, teachers could arrange a small walk tour around the city. In fact, the teacher could take their students to some historical places that are in nearby locations.

This could be one of the most interesting ways to teach history to small children. There are many other ways where teachers could make the subject highly interesting.

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How to Make “History” Interesting

Above we have discussed what students feel about the subject. We have even given some small solutions of how to make the subject interesting. But, now we will be talking about how to effectively make the subject interesting to the kids.

Teachers from around the world have tried using many ways to make the subject interesting. But, did those tricks really work on the students most probably NO! So, don’t worry we have some very simple and great solutions for the problem above.

Use Storytelling Method

As we have discussed above that students often think History is just reading books. Yes, it is just reading books but, the techniques to consume historical events can change that and make it interesting. The teachers could start explaining historical events by making up stories to the children.

We all know that History is a collection of a lot of interesting stories. In fact, there are no children who will refuse to listen to stories. Teachers could make a small circle in the class, forget about the book and tell them stories.

This will build a good and exciting class environment which will keep the children attracted. To make it more interesting, teachers could bring props as per the story that they are going to relate. This will make the class environment even lively.

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Visit Historical Places

This might not happen for all the students around the world but, could be possible for many. It is a good way for the children to become interested in the subject. Planning a tour of other cities or countries would be slightly difficult but, local areas would work great.

Teachers or the parents should try visiting any nearby historical places with the children. To make the trip even more interesting teachers could give the students a small activity. They can ask the children to make a scrapbook or click photographs of what they learn.

Doing so will help the children look at the subject differently. As a result, this will encourage the children to start having an interest in the subject. Frequent historical tours would not be possible but, at least once a month would do great.

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Teamwork on Historical Projects

Projects or assignments are not fun if they are done individually. Projects should be done in a friend’s circle to make everything interesting and excited. The same should be followed when it comes to history projects.

We have seen projects on other subjects where teamwork is given but, not in historical projects. Conducting such kinds of projects should be done in every school. The teachers must ensure that each child must take active parts in the event.

Teachers should think of interesting historical ideas and exhibitions for the students. When the children are engaged in such activities, they tend to remember things better. This will be one of the most effective ways to make history interesting to kids.

Children at a museum. Children at the In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France, in 2011.

Organize Historical films and Documentaries

Parents and teachers should introduce their children to various educational documentaries and movies. In a research, it was found out that people including children tend to put more focus when a video is played.

Showing documentaries or movies on history will help the child increase their knowledge on the field. In fact, they might remember all the important dates and events that ever happened in history.

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Parting Words from Podium

Try making use of these simple tricks and tricks by Podium that can help your child increase his/her interest in History. Well, let’s face it, kids love doing things in an interesting manner. Do let us know what worked for your kids.

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