Black Chickens

Every one of us is aware of chicken. Chicken is a really common part of the diet in the current era. Moreover, it has been and will be consumed in tons and gallons in the coming centuries. Chickens are not only used for complete meals but also as fast food. It is used for various purposes from baking to barbeque.

If we go with the figures billions of chickens are consumed by humans in the present world. The world is diverse with diverse human as well as chicken varieties. Not only the variety is diverse but also the breeding methods of the chicken are diverse in the different parts of the world.

About black chicken

But did you hear about the black chicken? I heard, are you aware of its benefits?

The white chicken is so commercialized that many of us are not even aware of the black chicken. Also, we are deprived of this magic potion. This chicken is black. Moreover, its beak and legs are also black.

Also, the eyes, jaw, and tongue are extremely black. Many of them originate from Indonesia. This has high health benefits. It is famous for its great health benefits. There are various varieties of this black chicken present across the world.

Black Chicken Type – Ayam Cemani

The mentioned black chicken breed has its origin in Indonesia. This chicken is one of the very high pigmented chickens known to us in the world. Moreover, it has a black heart. Furthermore, it is also said to have not only magical powers but also said that can communicate to the unknown spirit world.

In its native land, it is also known to be a good luck charm. It is both amazing and shocking to know that this creature not only has its feathers and skin black but also all the internal organs of this creature are none other than jet black.


This creature has several facts that will shock you one after the other. The blood of this amazing creature is also said to be darker red as compared to the other ones. It was in the late 1990s that these were taken to Europe. Moreover, in recent years these are becoming popular in the United States of America.

The eggs of this chicken are cream or dark off-white. Also, the eggs are medium in size. This creature has a unique cycle of laying eggs. They are known to lay approximately 20 to 30 eggs. After this, they don’t lay for a while and then lay the eggs again.

The creature is known to lay approximately eighty eggs in a year. They are said to have extreme health benefits.

Black Chicken Type – Silkie

After our discussion about the Ayam Cemani, let’s move to another popular breed of black chickens. The present breed for discussion will be none other than Silkie.

The mentioned breed is not as black as the breed discussed above paragraph (Ayam Cemani). But the similarity lies in that even this breed has not only black flesh but also black bones. Another beauty of this breed is that this breed is so furry and cuddly that they seem like soft toys.


Their resemblance to the soft toys is what makes them cute and attractive. This makes everyone love and admires them. These creatures are mostly known and kept for their brooding abilities. These creatures are known for their good motherhood qualities.

The eggs of these hens are in a shade of cream color. Moreover, they can lay approximately a hundred eggs in a year. Also, they are extremely loving and caring to their offspring.

Kids love these hens a lot due to their soft and cute appearance. Moreover, they even are very fond of cuddling them. Children around them are safe. Also, they are known for their friendly nature.

Black Chicken Type – Pekin

The mentioned creatures are also known as Cochin. This breed was present for ages. But, it came into the picture to the English society much later. If we go by the figures, it will be mainly approximately in the mid-eighteenth century. Once it was presented in the court of Queen Victoria. And it was extremely adored and admired by her.

Although these creatures were the cause of severe disease in UK and US in the late eighteenth century. The disease was known to be hen fever. Like Silkie, these are also attractive for cuddling. Since they are completely covered with enough feathers, they are cuddly.


These creatures are not very famous for laying eggs, but they do produce a decent amount of eggs. They can produce approximately three to four eggs in a week. The color of their eggs is a shade of brown. Moreover, the size of their eggs is medium.

This breed is known not only for its calmness but also for its friendly nature with human beings. Furthermore, when humans pamper them, they seem to enjoy the same. They are extremely delightful and cheerful creatures.

Black Chicken Type – Australorp

The mentioned breed is found to originate from Australia. These creatures are known to have sweet personalities and friendly characters. These creatures are highly productive. Due to their nature and character, they are being loved across the world.


The eggs of these creatures are brown. Moreover, the size of the eggs is large. Another benefit that people find to keep them is that taking care of them is quite easy. Also, they are known to have really low maintenance. These creatures are also known to get attached to humans very easily.

Another important fact about them is both their meat and eggs can be used. But their meat is rarely consumed. They lay approximately five eggs in a weak.

Black Chicken Type – Orpington

The mentioned creature was originally a shade of black. The mentioned breed was purposely created and bred in Victorian times. Both now and at that time this breed was used both for meat as well as eggs. The egg of this breed is ready to be served on the plate in approximately twenty to twenty-two weeks.


These creatures lay approximately four to five eggs. Their eggs are in a shade of brown. Moreover, the size of the eggs is large. The nature of these creatures is not at all aggressive. Another good thing about them is that they can even be kept and nurtured in small spaces.

The other benefit of them is that they are human friendly. Moreover, they are very fluffy. This is why they seem good not only for cuddling but also for lap time. They are also highly calm and gentle in character.

Black Chicken Type – Jersey Giant

As the name suggests, the mentioned breed is known to be one of the largest breeds among them. These creatures grow large. Also, like others, they are raised not only for eggs but also for meat. These breeds are known to sometimes go broody.


Usually, they are known to lay approximately three eggs in a week. The size of these eggs is extra-large. The eggs laid by these creatures are a shade of brown. But one problem with these breeds is that they take enough amount of time to get mature.

The mentioned creature needs approximately six months to grow to its maximum limit. The good thing about them is that they have a very gentle character. Moreover, they do cope with the winters but they cannot bear the heat. They seem happy to live in shade. Moreover, they find it pleasant if they are given cold water to consume.

Black Chicken Type – Minorca

The mentioned breed originates from an island in Spain. To be precise from Minorca island. That is present in the Mediterranean Sea. One important fact to know about these creatures is that they are in danger of extinction in none other than their homeland.

It is primarily used for the eggs. This creature lays approximately four eggs in a week. The size of the eggs is large. The eggs of this breed are in a shade of white. The mentioned breed is known to enjoy human company though they are also known to be flighty.

These creatures are considered to be quite large breeds. But, they are seen to be on the smaller side of the scale. The mentioned creatures survive different weather conditions but extreme winters are tough for them.

Black Chicken Type – Breda

The mentioned breed originates in the country, Holland. This creature has been known to exist for quite a few centuries. The appearance of this creature is quite unusual. Moreover, one surprising fact is that their feet also have feathers.

Another important fact is that whatever their appearance is, it benefits in cold climates. The size of the bird is known to be quite large. These creatures are also known to have very strong legs. Also, they have a decent amount of weight, in general.


These creatures lay approximately four eggs in a week. Moreover, the color of the eggs is also a shade of white. But, the drawback lies in the fact that they take a large amount of time to grow to their full size. The time that it takes to grow to its full size is approximately two years.

Also, the creature is critically in danger all across the world. Although they have few breeders not only in the United States of America but also in the Netherlands. Also, another fact about these creatures is that they are quite shy till the time they know us.

Black Chicken Type – Svart Hona

The mentioned breed originates from the country of Sweden. The color of these creatures is jet black. Although from Sweden, they are known to earlier have their origin from Indonesia. It is said that it was brought to Sweden in the seventeenth century.


The creatures are known to lay approximately two hundred and fifty eggs in a year. That is, it lays approximately two to three eggs in a week. Also, the color of the eggs is in the shade of white or light cream. Moreover, the size of the eggs is small.

The character of the bird is friendly and the birds are known to be in small size. They are also known to make great and caring mothers. They are also known to lay enough amount of eggs. Moreover, these are known to lay enough amount of eggs.

Black Chicken Type – La Flèche

The mentioned creature shows its presence from ancient times. This breed shows its presence from the fifteenth century. It originally shows its footprints revolving around La Fleche. This is the area in the country of Paris. Moreover, it is known to be a rare species.


The comb of the mentioned breed has a bit of resemblance with two horns. The creature is in danger of extinction. The meat of this creature is great in taste and texture. The mentioned species is known to grow with a lot slower speed as compared to the other fast-growing ones.

The mentioned breed takes approximately ten months long to grow completely. This breed is also seen and taken as an ornamental creature. Moreover, this creature can easily tolerate heat but cannot bear cold weather conditions.

Black Chicken Type – Langshan

The mentioned breed is known to originate from China. Moreover, they were later imported to the country of England. Based on the breeding practices the mentioned breed is divided into several categories. That is four different types. That is, Australian, German, Modern, and Croad.


The mentioned creature found generally in the United Kingdom is known to be Croad. Also, the category generally found in the United States of America is known to be Modern. These creatures have a very beautiful black color. Also, they have a feather on the legs which is of light intensity.

These creatures are known to lay approximately three eggs in a week. Moreover, the color of the eggs is dark brown. Also, the size of the eggs is large. The eggs of the category Croad are pink or light mauve tinges on the shell. These creatures are good in winters but find it difficult to bear not only heat but also humidity.

Black Chicken Type – Crevecoeur

The mentioned breed which comes under the division of black chicken is critically endangered. They are on the verge of getting extinct. The shape of the comb of these creatures is V shape.


Also, this breed is not known for laying a large number of eggs. The mentioned creature is known and bred for the consumption of their meat. Moreover, their meat is known to be tender.

These creatures have a peaceful character and are easy to breed and deal with. The mentioned breeds can be kept and bred in confined spaces.

Black Chicken Type – Java

The mentioned breed is known to originate from the Far East. They are known to be bred by the Americans. Irrespective of what their name is, these breeds don’t originate from the place Java. These creatures are known to be one of the second oldest American breeds of chicken.

These creatures are slow in growth. This is one of the major reasons for them becoming unpopular. These creatures are known to be quite broody. Moreover, they are known to lay approximately three eggs in a week. These creatures are overall black but the fact is their feathers may be black or white.


Also, in the presence of sunlight, the feathers of these mentioned creatures look green in color making them look yet more attractive.

These creatures find it pleasant to get the freedom to roam. But a great fact about them is that they can bear living in a confined area. This makes it quite easy and hustle-free to breed and grow them for various purposes.

Black Chicken Type – Sumatra

The above-mentioned breed is known to originate from the Island of Indonesia. That is, they are basically from Sumatra, Borneo, etc.

They can also be found in the United States of America, though not that common and usual. Another important fact about them that you must know is that they are not very famous for producing eggs.


These creatures are mainly bred not only for ornamental reasons but also for exhibitions. Moreover, they are not known to be very human-friendly. That is, basically they are more of a gaming creature.

In this breed, the male creature is known to be larger as compared to the females. Also, they have not only long but also flowing tails. Moreover, these creatures are also not docile.

How can we Choose From the Various Black Chicken Breeds?

Now the question that comes to our mind is that which breed of black chicken is better or best? Another question is that if we want to raise any one of them what should be our choice or preference? To answer this question I would like to start with the fact that none of them is best or worst.

There are a lot of factors that should be considered before making the right choice. Moreover, depending upon the needs and situations of any individual, the choices may differ. The different factors that must be taken into consideration before making the choice are as follows.

The first factor that should be taken into consideration is availability. Because from the above paragraphs we must have understood that many of the breeds we have discussed are rare or location-specific. So, as a result, you may have a problem in getting one of them but raising and breeding them will ultimately contribute to the environment.

Also, another important factor to be considered is what are your actual needs. Either you want a good supply of eggs or good quality and tender meat, or both. As per your specific requirements, you must widely and carefully choose the breed that can readily fulfill your needs.

Also, if your needs are ornamental or game-related then you must choose respectively. Moreover, do consider if the breed is human friendly or not, what weather conditions they can tolerate, and what are the weather conditions in which you can keep them.

Further, you must consider if they can be kept confined or not and what kind of space you can provide-confined or roaming. As per your specific requirements, you must widely and carefully choose the breed that can readily fulfill your needs.

Summary of Black Chicken Types

We have discussed approximately fourteen breeds of black chicken and understood their needs and characters. Also, we have known various facts about them.

Some are used and bred for eggs, some are bred for meat or both. Moreover, some are bred for games and some for ornamental purposes.

Also, some are rare, some are in specific places. Some are human-friendly while some are not. Some can be confined while some cannot. There are pros and cons of each of them discussed above. Make your choices as per your needs, requirements, and situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the breed of a Black Chicken?

The breed of the black chicken can be determined by looking at its features. You may find the breed from any of the breeds we have discussed above. There are various varieties of this black chicken present across the world.

Do Black Chicken Breeds Lay Black Eggs?

As we have discussed above, many of the black chicken breeds are known to lay eggs. But it is not necessary that all of them will. Some may and some may not. Moreover, the color, size, and quantity of the eggs may vary from one breed to another.

Why Are Black Chickens So Expensive?

The reason behind the black chicken being expensive is that they are less in quantity. Moreover, many of them are not known to lay eggs. This becomes another reason for fewer of them and more white chickens.

How did the name Black chicken come?

The name black chicken comes from the genes. That is, they may have black flesh and bones or feathers or both or completely jet black.

The basic details about the fourteen breed are as follows in the table below.

1.Ayam Cemanieggs and meat
2.Silkieeggs and meat
4.Australorpeggs and meat
5.Orpingtoneggs and meat
6.Jersey Gianteggs and meat
8.Bredaeggs and meat
9.Svart Honaeggs and meat
10.La Flecheornamental
11.Langshaneggs and meat
13.Javaeggs and meat
14.Sumatragame bird

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