Mother’s Day Out Programs and Their Alternatives in India

Although macaroni necklaces, glittered construction paper cards, and burned toast in bed are all excellent Mother’s Day gifts, what mother’s actually want is a vacation from their obligations, mental burdens, and the day-to-day grind of parenting. However, for mothers of young children, getting a vacation like this can prove to be quite difficult, but not impossible. We understand that a mother constantly worries about her children and their safety. Hence, without appropriate preparations, no mother will leave their children behind just to have some “me-time”. If this is how you feel, then don’t worry, we have a solution. In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of Mother’s Day Out programs or in other words, daycare.

Have Some “Me-Time” This Mother’s Day

What are Mother’s Day Out Programs?

Mother’s Day Out Programs in the United States

Churches in the United States offer Mother’s Day Out programmes that help mothers fit some “me time” into their hectic schedules. These programs care for children for one day a week or for 4 to 5 hours every day. Mother’s Day Out programs also allows the children to socialise, have fun, and even study.

Why Do Mothers Require Mother’s Day Out Programs?

Mothers generally do not get the time to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. They are always busy taking care of the house, the needs of their children and family and their workload, which in the long run can become tiring without any breaks. This is where Mother’s Day Out programs come in. Using such programs, mothers can have some time to themselves to relax and rejuvenate, while experienced professionals take care of their children. Mother’s Day Out programs cater to both working and stay at home mothers.

However, there are taboos around childcare in many nations, particularly in India. Often, the mother is expected to stay at home until her child begins school. However, this may not be feasible in all circumstances. In fact, it might even have an impact on both the mother’s work and the family’s finances. Similar judgements surround stay-at-home mothers who may want a couple of hours to themselves. Such moms may even feel guilty thinking about taking some time off from parenting, which is quite a gruelling task.

All in all, society labels mother’s who require a day off from parenting to be bad parents. We are here to tell you that Mother’s Day Out programs or daycare does not have to be a choice between being a good parent or not. In fact, it is actually quite beneficial as a healthy and energized mother will be able to take better care of her family. So this Mother’s day, opt for a childcare program and enjoy some time off.

Alternatives to Mother’s Day Out Programs in India

Although India does not have any Mother’s Day Out programs, they do offer child care services or crèche. Here, instead of churches, other organizations or schools care for children for about 4 to 5 hours a day.

Daycare In India

The following are some of the most common features of a daycare:

  • 0–6 years old is the target age group (some extend up to 12 years)
  • Timings vary, but normally run from 4–8 hours each day, six days a week.
  • The majority of the staff is female, including the founders, ECCE trained instructors, and supporting carers.
  • Caters to 20–40 youngsters of varying ages
  • They offer models based on time (per hour, day, month, or year), child, or activity performed
  • The amenities provided include a playpen or area, a sleeping space, and a kitchen.

What are The Different Types of Daycare Facilities Available in India?

Given below are the different childcare facilities available in India.

Private daycare chains

These are often run as franchises by a firm. They are all managed by the same people and follow the same regulations and procedures. Teachers and supervisors are assigned to children, and caretakers help them with their daily activities. Kidzee, Eurokids, and Kangaroo Kids are a few well known examples.

Individual managed private or stand-alone nurseries

They are only found in one location and do not have any branches. These organisations have teachers who are aided by caretakers. The number of children they can care for is determined by staffing and available space.

Home-based daycares

This is a prevalent type of daycare in India, generally conducted by housewives. Here, care is administered by the caregiver from his or her own home. All the children are overseen by one or two people, occasionally with the assistance of another. They accept a limited number of youngsters and are less organised.

School-based daycares

Some schools may opt to establish a school-based daycare. This might result in a far more controlled environment. Usually, qualified teachers are present to care of the youngsters.


A babysitter is someone who comes in to care for a youngster for a short amount of time. This choice offers the most versatility. They are unlikely, however, to provide professional treatment and education. Babysitters may also be unreliable, with fluctuating quality.

Childcare Sharing

In some instances, parents may form groups to cycle childcare responsibilities among family members. Providing everyone some time off can work out beautifully. However, conflicts about the technique of care may develop. Timings may not be compatible for everyone, and there may be periods when no one is available.

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day Out programs or daycare is a great way for mothers to get some time for themselves while knowing that their children are safe and cared for. It is important to know that using a daycare is about sharing responsibility with professions, rather than shifting it. Thus, there is no stigma in mothers using such facilities. However, is extremely important to thoroughly analyse all choices and make an informed decision about what is best for your child.

With all this said and done, it is time for you to relax and have some fun this Mother’s Day. Refer to the videos below for some “me-time” activities that you can enjoy!

Me Time Activities for a Mom
Some More Quality Me-time Ideas

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