Healthy Habits: How to Encourage Healthy Habits in Children?

As a parent, you pass on more than just your DNA to your children; they also pick up your behaviors, for better or for worse. Children learn by example; therefore, if you take care of your own health, your children will learn to do so as well.

Children learn by seeing and imitating what others do around them. When you treat yourself and others with compassion, respect, and care, they will learn to do the same. If you are harsh and judgmental of others, it is likely that they will learn to do the same.Dr. Geraldine Waldford

Therefore, Podium School brings for you some child-specific health practices to instill in your children today. Check out our other reads to cultivate a healthy schedule for your children.

Let Them Follow Your Lead

You are the first and the most important teacher for your impressionable, young child. Children learn by mimicking the behaviors of their parents and caregivers to some extent.

Are you taking steps to improve your health? If you are physically active, your children are likely to be as well. Your children will be more likely to emulate you if you practice what you preach- and that includes maintaining a good and active schedule, getting enough sleep and eating healthy.

Let Them Follow Your Lead

Try skipping on that regular work-time coffee you can’t spend your day without, or eating outside less frequently. And this will give you two advantages- one, healthy children and two, reduced expenditure.


Maintaining physical and mental activity is essential for overall health. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day for at least 4-5 days a week. Small changes, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, may help to increase physical activity.

Remember to exercise your mind as well as your Keep in mind that you should exercise both your mind and your body. Make an effort to try new things and urge your children to do the same. Give your kids a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku game to play. The most common error parents make underestimating their children’s potential to learn and flourish. Encourage your kids to push their bodies and minds to their limits and watch them thrive.

Make healthy eating cool

 If you are anything like me, you always deal with your children’s shifting likes and preferences. My children would gladly eat their pureed green veggies when they were infants. I have seen them look down their noses at green veggies as they have grown older.

I have created a few methods that work well in our homes, such as pureeing veggies and incorporating them into more appealing, enjoyable meals like spaghetti sauce or turkey meatballs. We all pretend to be Bugs Bunny (What is up, Doc?) to encourage my kids to eat carrots. Fresh Beats Band, a Nickelodeon program, is also a favorite of theirs. The youngsters in the program frequent a Smoothie Bar. Around here, we drink many smoothies.

Let’s Work Out Together

 Doing all you can to keep your children healthy is the greatest thing you can do. Understand that you need to bring your goal to be more physically active to their level, so try fun things like dancercise, Zumba, Aerobics and even the age old Eurythmics to practice with your children.

exercise with your kids> OFF-69%
Work Out

You’ll not only get some good exercise, but also some good time together.

Control Sugar

Added sugars should be reduced from kids’ diet. It is because added sugars account for 16 percent of a child’s total calories, or a staggering ten teaspoons each day!

Calcium in your child's diet | BabyCenter
Control Sugar

Great Dental Hygiene

Brushing children’s teeth twice a day from an early age can help them avoid cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Eating fewer sugary meals, particularly water over juice and soda, is another way to help your child keep their mouth healthy.

Do schedule regular visits to the dentist to check up on your child’s teeth. If your child complains of tooth ache or an oral injury like ulcers, a paticularly bad cut on tongue or sysmptoms like darkening gums- it is better to take professional advice regarding them.

Good Sleep Routine

With today’s hectic schedule, maintaining a consistent sleep pattern may be a hassle. However, children who receive the appropriate amount of sleep for their age are physically, intellectually, and emotionally better.

How to help your child get a good sleep

Therefore, it is an extremely healthy habit for children to sleep timely and get ample amount of sleep, say, 7-8 hours. Introduce these healthy habits for children in their routine to see the difference!

Children and Sleep | Sleep Foundation
Good Sleep Routine

Limit Processed Food

Many healthy foods, such as brown bread and peanut butter, are apparently “processed.”. You do not have to abstain from them completely. However, it is wise to minimize foods that are highly processed and contain artificial colors, preservatives, refined fats and flours, and added sugars. Make an effort to prepare ‘junk food’ from scratch using whole foods.

Some options can be carrot or cucumber sticks with chickpea hummus instead of fried chips. Or try this Soba noodle recipe for a quick noon-time fix for your kids!

Point or No Point: Developing a Score for Ultra-Processed Foods - American  Institute for Cancer Research %
Limit Processed Food

Hydration for Children

Drinks that are sweetened are not necessary for children! The many health maladies affecting youngsters today include childhood obesity, and diabetes. These have been linked to artificially-sweetened drinks. Such drinks replace nutritious meals that provide minerals and fiber, which is not a good thing for children’s health. PleaseIt’s better to keep it simple and stick to the good stuff: water.

Ample hydration seeks to flush out all the toxins in the body. This means a better gut, more lubrication in joints and an overall healthy physique for your child. Therefore, it is wise to encourage your child to drink water whenever they feel thirsty. Hydration is one of the premier healthy habits for children that they can follow without fuss.

Make it a habit to send in a bottle of water with them wherever they go. If children do not feel tempted enough, you can boil fruits like berries, apples, pears and herbs like mint with a dash of lemon and salt to make a good, refreshing drink from plain water.

How to Drink Water Correctly | Lipsey Water
Hydration for Children

Importance of Physical Exercise

Children should ideally spend a part of each day outdoors. Participating in physical activity has numerous benefits for children. This healthy habit for kids results in better sleep, a more muscular physique, improved mental health, and increased academic concentration.

Healthy habits for children

Moreover, the child acquires a propensity to play in natural surroundings and appreciate the beauty of fresh air, green grounds and open spaces.

50 Classic Games You Can Play Without Equipment | Stacker
Importance of Physical Exercise


It is better to implement these healthy habits by integrating them flexibly in your routine. It is a key fact to never let these habits become overly monotonous and coercive, but vibrant and playful enough to make your kids join you in this pursuit. Sensitising children towards their health early one will help them maintain this attitude in their future. Healthy habits for children will help them check up on their own health closely and take actions responsibly.

Podium School desires that health should be a fun pursuit for children. This is why we recommend our contemporary dance classes for kids, so that healthy routines are just a beat away. Moreover, check out the regular updates on such informative parenting tips and advice on the Podium Blog to stay up to date on what’s good for your kid in such rapidly changing times!

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