The Ultimate Shades: 8 Lessons Of PPT Creation Skills


Have you felt overwhelmed after seeing piles of information, rubbed on PPT slides? Or wondered what should be the beginning and end of your PowerPoint presentation? Creating an ideal presentation might sound easy but it involves herculean steps to be followed. Today, in the contemporary atmosphere, PowerPoint presentations, abbreviated as PPTs, have become a pivotal part of our lives. Right from the educational sphere to business meetings, PPTs are required everywhere. However, you must be knowledgeable about essential PPT creation skills for an ideal presentation.  

I cannot process what is on the slides

Believe it or not, PowerPoint presentations are not only about knowing the various animations and insertions in slides. It reflects upon how your thought process is and how you structurally decide your presentation. Let’s know why we need to learn some presentation skills before we proceed to them individually.

PPT Creation Skills- Why Do You Need Them

First things first, PPT creation skills help you keep your presentation to the point. This implies that you will be able to stick to the topic or the issue you have been entitled to. Keeping these skills also motivated you to have your PPTs minimalistic but catchy. 

These PPT creation skills allow you to engage with the audience too. If you keep your PPTs in blended mode with personal and public slides, it will allow the people to connect with it. This can also aid you in setting a perfect theme. So that your presentation reaches people without turning into haywire. 

Your PPTs can be your greatest tool of persuasion. If you follow all the necessary PPT creation skills, it is going to turn your mere slides into an influence. Whether it is your business idea or a new theory about the plants, it will make the audience ponder and maybe accept what you are presenting. 

Implying on these skills also conveys how organized you are. If your PPT has no proper beginning or end, there are high chances for the audience to lose interest in it. And the only reason could be, how well- disorganized you are.  

Lastly, good PPT creation skills let your voice be transparent to your colleagues and fellow mates. If you are in an organization or your education place, your classmates or colleagues must connect to what you present. Otherwise, you might be the odd one out and incomprehensible too. 

8 PPT Creation Skills You Need To Have

Now that you know why you must have the basic PPT creation skills, let’s dive into knowing them and creating mastered PPTs. 

Here are some PPT creation skills suggested by Podium School that you must follow before you proceed. 

Simplicity Is the Best Policy

To create an appropriate PPT, make sure that you have your slides simple. Don’t burden the audience as well as your PPTs with loads of images, facts, and texts. You might feel that it would be insufficient if your slides are simple, but that is where you are going wrong. The slides in your PPT are only to guide you in presenting effectively. This is why simple is sufficient regarding ideal PPTs. 

Fewer Words Create Power

Always ensure that your slides in a PPT are minimal. Adding a jargon of words or paragraphs will only consume you and those who are viewing your presentation. Also, adding a lot of words will make it difficult for the others to read it and understand later. The audience is present to listen to you rather than read what it is in the PPT. Also, make sure that words in your PPT impact the audience at the right time. 

Add an Objective Slide 

For every PPT of yours, you must have your first slide for the title and the second for the objectives. Most of the time, we skip the objective slide and directly begin with our presentation. However, it is only going to create confusion or ruckus for those who are listening to you. The objectives slide offers clarity of what you will be presenting and how you will carry forward the presentation. 

Use Images And Graphics When Needed

Do not hamper your PPTs with images and graphics. The images and graphics are only needed to stimulate the visual involvement of the audience. Over-adding them will only cause a crash between your presentation. There might also be a chance that the audience would lose focus on what you are saying due to too many images or graphics. The images or graphics should also be relevant to what you want to convey. 

Accuracy As Good PPT Creation Skill

Make sure that your PPT inclines with what you want to say. For this you must also be cautious about what you are adding and whether it holds the same relevancy. The information you add should be crisp, clear and should not contradict or deviate from your presentation. You can also add audio-visuals that coincide with your presentation. However, as advised before, keep them minimal but accurate too. 

Select the Right Font Size

You must opt for the right font size for your PPT texts to be visible. If you choose a font size that is not apt, the audience will yet again lose track of what you are presenting. Also, fonts make an impression if you are in a professional setting. It conveys about your venture or company. Make sure that you choose a visible font, the latest one but also professional. 

Have Subtle Background Color

Always choose light shades for your PPT backgrounds. Choosing a stark shade will only add to your difficulty in making the PPT. It will also appear gaudy as well as disturbing to the viewers. Also, know what shades are being used for PPT presentations as the latest trend. This will save you from appearing outdated regarding the use of PowerPoint. 

Format Your Slides Intelligently

The major criteria for your PPTs to be successful are proper formatting requirements. Make sure that all your words and sentences are aligned equally. Highlight the points you want to emphasize to the audience. Add the necessary punctuation marks but do not over brim the slides with them. Always run a review check before you are ready to present your PPT.

These are the 8 PPT creation skills that you must inculcate for acing your presentation amongst the masses. 

Basic Tutorial of Microsoft Powerpoint

Final Thoughts

Making PPT requires you to be calm and attend to every step. We at Podium School believe that apart from creating good PPTs, you also need the courage to present. For this, we have introduced our well-designed Public Speaking classes. With these productive sessions, you can learn A to Z about how to ace your presentation with the necessary speaking skills. 

We also believe in keeping up with the trends and changes. On our Blog Site, you find numerous new topics to read and think about it further. We are open to your valuable suggestions and aim to branch out well with them. Read them and tell us how you feel. 

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Till then, keep mastering new skills. Kudos to you!

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