50 Difficult English Words and their Meanings

No matter how long you have been learning the English language, still while reading a book, magazine or while watching a movie you do come across words that might startle you and call for your prolonged look. In fact, the sole reason behind it is the vastness of the language. So, don’t you wonder how to unscramble this mystery when at the same time, there are uncountable words to know about in this language? There exist countless words which we make use of, some words more often than others.

So, this article will help you out to know a little about this plethora of words. We are going to talk about some of the hardest English words and subsequently about words that are difficult to pronounce.

50 Difficult English Words and their Meanings

Words Beginning from A

  • Ascetic – avoiding physical pleasures because of religious reasons
  • Abnegation – an action made to reject someone or something
  • Archetypal – someone having all the qualities of a particular type of lifestyle
  • Aggrandize – adding to the power or wealth of an individual or country
  • Anachronistic – placing someone or something chronologically wrong
  • Alacrity – having great willingness and eagerness for something

Words Beginning from B

  • Beguile – charm in a deceptive way
  • Blandishment – statement for gently pleasuring someone

Words Beginning from C

  • Convivial – friendly character
  • Cajole – persuading someone with your nice behaviour
  • Construe – understanding something
  • Callous – not caring about others
  • Camaraderie – the mutual feeling of trust
  • Circumlocution – expressing something in a long way
  • Clamour – demanding something
  • Cognizant – being aware

Words Beginning from D

  • Demagogue – a political leader will manipulate skills
  • Denigrate – unfair criticism
  • Didactic – teaching moral lesson
  • Disparate – people or things with different qualities together

Words Beginning from E

  • Eclectic – generating ideas
  • Egregious – bad and shocking in a huge way
  • Embezzlement – to steal
  • Enervate – feeling out of energy
  • Ephemeral – lasting for a short period
  • Equanimity – a very calm state of mind

Words Beginning from F

  • Fatuous – something pointless

Words Beginning from G

  • Gratuitous – anything that has some harmful effect

Words Beginning from I

  • Iconoclast – any statue
  • Idiosyncratic – something unusual
  • Incumbent – a person with an official position
  • Inveterate – having a habit for a long time

Words Beginning from L

  • Libertarian – a person of the state who conveys a message to people
  • Licentious – lack of standards

Words Beginning from M

  • Mendacious – lying
  • Multifarious – different kinds or variety

Words Beginning from O

  • Obdurate – not changing your mind according to others
  • Ostracism – excluding from something

Words Beginning from P

  • Pejorative – expressing criticism
  • Pertinacious – sticking to your actions or words
  • Phlegmatic – not getting angry easily
  • Promulgate – making an official announcement

Words Beginning from Q

  • Quotidian – everyday event

Words Beginning from R

  • Recalcitrant – tough to control

Words Beginning from S

  • Sanctimonious – acting superior to others
  • Solipsism – self-centred

Words Beginning from T

  • Travesty – not have qualities in a shocking way

Words Beginning from U

  • Ubiquitous – something very common

Words Beginning from V

  • Vicissitude – changes and problems of life that you have to deal with
  • Vociferous – saying what is on your mind in a confident way
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50 Difficult English Words and Their Meanings

12 Hardest Words to Pronounce and Tricks to Actually do that

Good pronunciation is a very important part of the language but there are some words with which we can struggle. Hence, we have come up with a list of some of the most difficult words to pronounce and techniques to be able to actually do that:

  • Synecdoche- made to represent whole (SE-NEK-DE-QKE)
  • Segue- smooth transition (SE-QGWA)
  • Quinoa- a crop (KEN-WA)
  • Posthumous- occurring or awarded (PAS-CHE-MES)
  • Onomatopoeia- a figure of speech that resonates with sounds (ONO-MATO-POEIA)
  • Ignominious- something shameful (IG-NE-MI-NE-ES)
  • Draught- the flow of cold air (DRAFT)
  • Conch- a type of shell (KANJK)
  • Cache- computing hardware (K’ASH)
  • Boatswain- merchant officer (‘BO-SEN)
  • Anemone- a flowering plant (E-NE-ME-NE)
  • Anathema- an idea you hate (E-NA-THE-ME)
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12 Hardest Difficult Words to Pronounce and How To Actually Do That

Moreover, audios will help you the best in understanding words. So, the video mentioned below will help you in understanding the pronunciation of some really difficult words better:

Pronounciation of some most difficult English words

Why is it Important to Have a Good Vocabulary?

Why is it Important to Have a Good Vocabulary?

There are a lot of words to convey the same meaning but each word helps in conveying the meaning in a different way. That is why it is important to have a good vocabulary. In fact, we write and read a lot of things throughout the day and if we don’t have a good knowledge of words then we will definitely face difficulties in it. Additionally, repeating the same word over and over again in a piece of content can leave a bad impression on the person reading it or listening to it.

And if you are preparing for some kind of competitive exams then you can not ignore vocabulary at any cost. They have special sections for words, their meanings, synonyms, and antonyms so you need to build up your vocabulary in order to excel in that section. So, it can be said that a good vocabulary is required for day-to-day life as well as for appearing for advanced exams.

To summarize, the video mentioned below will tell you some simple ways and tricks by which you can easily improve your vocabulary:

Simple ways to improve English vocabulary

How to Learn the Most Difficult Words in English?

It is not possible for us to learn all the difficult worlds together in one go. So here are some simple ways by which you can learn difficult English words:

  • Make reading a part of your life because while reading books you come across a lot of words that are unknown to you and will gradually become a part of your dictionary.
  • Also, maintain a separate notebook for your vocabulary. Whenever you come across a new word note it in your diary with its meaning and read it whenever you get time.
  • Further, you can also take the help of vocabulary books and videos for a little better understanding.
  • Nonetheless, You can also play games like crosswords as they will help you learn new words in a fun way.
  • Also, try to include the new words that you learn in your language so that you can remember them for a long time.
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How to Learn the Most Difficult Words in English?

Final Thoughts on Difficult English Words and Their Meanings

In conclusion, one needs to understand that keeping up with the new additions and changes taking place in the language becomes really important. Above all, with the help of this article, you would have been able to add a lot of things to your knowledge and boost your vocabulary to a whole new level. So, the next time whenever you are writing a piece of content use these new words so that you can surprise the people reading it.

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