Protagonists Animals In Some Of The Best Classical Literatures

Children love animals when it is presented in a story form. Besides, using an animal as protagonists in stories and movies have changed the way of looking at things and made it more fun and interesting. Imagining animals as a protagonist for a story is quite fascinating.

Several literatures have used animals as the protagonist of the story. The pieces of literature are something that should not be missed. Given below is a list of protagonist animals in children’s literature.

Black Beauty By Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is one of the most heart-touching stories that one will ever come across. The story is about a horse going through different stages of ownership in his life. The horse which is black is born in a loving and caring home and lives a fine life.

There are times when Black Beauty has to live with wicked people where he learns about the hardships of life. Additionally, Black Beauty tells the readers a message about the relationship between humans and animals that exists in modern life.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland By  Lewis Carroll

One of the most fascinating animal literature stories that you will ever come across is this one. The story is about strange yet wonderful animal creatures after Alice falls in Wonderland through a rabbit hole.

The book is an excellent choice children and for adults too because of its joyous story. In the story, there is a white rabbit always running late; the grinning Cheshire Cat; the March Hare; and many more.

Many people found the story bizarre and meaningless but children looked at it differently. One of the greatest pieces of literature that parents can gift to their children is Alice’s Adventures.

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Watership Down By Richard Adams

Written by English novelist Richard Adams, ‘Watership Down’ portrays the character of a young rabbit. This book is considered as one of the fine works of Adams and the story is appropriate for kids as well.

The story of ‘Watership Down’ revolves around a young rabbit named Fiver. Fiver has got this magical ability that helps him see the future. If he finds any danger then he warns the rest about leaving their homeland. In fact, the protagonist plays a crucial role in the story.

Adventure and danger-filled story is what brings this literature to children. Children would be fascinated reading the literature. Furthermore, there is also an animated series that was released back in the year 2018 with the same name.

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Paws and Whiskers By Jacqueline Wilson

Paws and Whiskers were published only a few years back in 2014 as a fundraising anthology. This book features some of the best animal protagonist characters in different stories. So, cats and dogs become the protagonists here. This book will give your kid an adventure that they have never experienced reading before.

The book has been rated well by most critics and has been highly recommended for kids. So, if you are looking for an animal protagonist story book then you might have a look at this one. The book contains about 387 pages.

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The Golden Goose By Dick King-Smith

As the name suggests the story is all about a goose hatching golden eggs. One of the most famous stories that one will ever come across is this one. The story of Golden Goose is considered to be a legendary one.

The story takes place on a farm named Woebegone Farm where a goose lays golden eggs. From the golden eggs hatches Joy the Golden Goose. Then onwards the fortune of the farm owner changes after golden eggs are hatched. The setting of the story is a magical farmyard ideal for young animals.

Many stories have been written by different writers. Stories like these come with a moral and a lesson that teaches children some values.

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The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum

Toto, the four-legged animal is the protagonist in this literature. Even though Dorothy had a huge role in the story but without Toto, she could have never made it to Kansas. In fact, the story too teaches us some kind of lesson and is considered to be a legendary one. There are many protagonists in the story but Toto is the crucial one. The story has been revolving all around the planet and has been famous for children. Children will find the literature fascinating and interesting to read.

If you are finding the best book for your child then you might consider this one as well. In fact, the book has been made available in different online stores.

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Greyfriars Bobby By Eleanor Atkinson

The classic tale is based on a true story of a four-legged dog (Skye Terrier). Most of you might know about this story about a dog guarding its master’s grave for 14 years. There is also a movie made with the same name that was released back in 1961, two years before Atkinson died.

The movie gained huge recognition primarily because of the storyline. The book has been narrated from Bobby the dog’s point of view. He then becomes friends with Auld Jock who is a shepherd and becomes inseparable friends. Other than the dog there are no other protagonists character.

 When Jock passes away, Bobby is devastated and spends every night sleeping by his master’s grave. The local people notice this behavior of his and this changes their lives as well. People then start to notice his loyalty towards his owner and thus this story spreads worldwide.

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The story might be interesting, fun, and exciting but it is the moral that adds value to it. True stories are emotional and give great learning to children as well. In fact, not only kids but adults can also learn something by reading these kinds of books.

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Protagonists play a crucial role in every story. Thus, it is only because of the protagonists a story comes to life and become quite significant.

Nowadays, animal protagonist books are being converted into animated movies and series. Children are starting to watch movies instead of reading books. In fact, parents should understand the good and bad influences of these things.  

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