6 Thriller Movies To Watch And Keep Yourself Hooked!

Did you find yourself glued to the screen and unable to move? Or turned both deaf or dumb while watching? Probably, that is the effect of interesting and thriller movies. To keep ourselves entertained and learn, most of us resort to watching films or movies. But, there are always some movies which either grapple your heart, astonish you or keep you standing still till the end. These are the movies to watch. 

psychological thrillers

When we select the movies to watch, we get peculiar or choosy. We also come across some, where what we expect is changed as we watch the end. 

What Are Good Movies 

While you might pick any movies to watch, you must always refine your choices and identify a movie how good it is. 

A good movie must always have a good storyline or script. A movie should not just run for two to three hours, but it should also have an impactful storyline. The characters, backgrounds, and settings must always be connected. If at all, there are transitions, then they should be aligned understandably and avoid being a loop in the story. 

What you choose as movies to watch, must have characters with the best portrayals of the role. This is very important to connect the viewers to the characters in the movie. If the role assigned to the actor or actress fails in prompt execution, then the message to decode will fade and get lost in ambiguity.

 Right from the lights to audio and visuals, everything must be perfect in your movies to watch. The sound should complement the visuals and the same must be done by the visuals. There should be enough lighting for the viewers to see the background and the characters. This will also facilitate the audience to connect with the movies.

 6 Movies That Will Keep You All Hooked

 Now that you know how to make out a good movie, here is a list of some movies that you must watch. These movies will surely keep you glued to the screen and away from the world.

 Here are 6 movies recommended by Podium School that will keep your eyes only on the screen. 

Psycho ﴾1960﴿


 A classic and evergreen movie, Psycho will give you a perfect blast and tingle your horrific, psychological side of the brain. One of the magnum opus of director Alfred Hitchcock, the movie revolves around a woman who is on a run and gets engaged with a man she meets in a motel. However, no roses grow after that, rather an entire investigation is done to locate the lady and find the cause of her sudden disappearance. 

13B: Fear Has a New Address ﴾2009﴿ 

An Indian‐Tamil movie, translated into Hindi later, 13B: Fear Has a New Address will boggle your mind and keep you thinking till the very end. Directed by Vikram Kumar, this psychological thriller is about a family who shifted to their new home and gets engrossed in Tv serial. Mysteriously, whatever events take place in the serial, starts to happen in reality too. However, as the plot unveils, the protagonist Manohar realizes that the house was a witness to mass murder that took place in the year 1977. The serial that they watched was different in real, and figments of the dead family. 

Flightplan ﴾2005﴿ 


Can your psyche let you lose your mind? Directed by Robert Schwentke, Flightplan will play with your head till the very end. A young mother, Kyle Pratt, boards an international plane with her dead husband’s body and their only daughter. The change in plot when her daughter goes absent mid‐air creates a situation of ruckus and agitation. However, what shocks the viewers at the end is Kyle’s hallucination as there was no entry of her daughter in the flight plan. Did she bring her or had imagined her all the time, that is an answer all of us are still finding as viewers.

Before I Go To Sleep ﴾2004﴿ 

Directed by Rowan Joffe, Before I Go To Sleep will keep your eyes stark open and would dwindle you between sleep and dream. This movie centrally revolves around Christine Lucas, who dwindles and fights between recalling her memories and living the new ones. The movie keeps you on hold when you see Christine waking up with no memories each day, and has to remeet people all over again. The plot of the movie keeps you hooked as you see Christine trying to recall and question her past activities. 

Ugly ﴾2014﴿ 

Bringing you the world of corruption and violence, Ugly is a movie to watch. It is apt showcase of how conflicted motives change the movie at the last minute and shock every vision. The movie revolves around an actor’s ten years old daughter, who goes missing. With a family burnt down due depression and vengeance, the movie will sink you at the depth of the movie narrative. You will find yourself rooting for the truth till the end, and once it is out, you cannot but widen your eyes at the amount of astonishment. 

Drishyam ﴾2015﴿

Revolving around a middle‐class family, Drishyam is the changing perspective of a man, once with values. To protect his family, he has to bury all his beliefs and make use of the wrong directions. The movie will keep you hooked as the search for the culprit continues. However, the ending of the movie will surprise you because the least you will expect, turns out to be the culprit. But in the light of his family, he remained the sole safeguard for them. 

These are 6 movies that will surely keep you seated and rooted on the sofas or couches. 

Final Thoughts On Movies

Deciding on the arrays of movies to watch requires you to be open, critical and choose the one which will boggle your creative side. So that, you do not just watch them on the screens but also pen down one of your own movie scripts that is interesting and worth watching.

In this journey of being creative, Podium School wants to be your friend too. With our classes well- designed in various fields to curate skills and growth, you can learn to step ahead creatively and align your skills effectively. 

We also want you all to connect with us through our Blog Site. We foster for you all the information about the newest tips, hacks, and suggestions. Read our blogs. We hope you learn some and tell us how you perceive them in practical life. 

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Till then, hold onto your hearts and wait for the movies to end. Adios!

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