Oscar Winning Animated Movies That Your Child Needs To Watch Now!

Animations always remind one of their childhood. What is a better way to reminisce than to watch some really great animated movies to have a relaxing evening. Something even better? Here we have a list of the best of the best! These animated kid’s movies are not just Oscar nominated but they have each won one or more. Whether you are an adult who just wants something light to watch or a child who is looking for the top picks, this list is for you. We are going to dive down into some of the most celebrated and acclaimed animated movies for children. So get ready with your cold drinks and your popcorn!

Shrek (2001)

The Official Poster Of The Movie, ‘Shrek’

This is a movie that has stayed close to our hearts. Many people have watched it on repeat for two decades. It has not only won the Oscar award for best animated feature but has also been nominated for other categories. For instance, nomination for the best writing or screenplay. The movie is available on Netflix and has three sequels. It remains so popular because it has broken the stereotypes of the fairytale romance story that the audience was used to. The prince is not handsome but instead he is a disagreeable, green ogre. He is, through the circumstances he finds himself in, forced to save the princess along with his donkey. An absolutely hilarious watch and a movie that will teach children about the beauty that lies inside every individual. 


The Official Poster Of The Movie. ‘Finding Nemo’

This is a movie that is a kids’ favorite! It is regularly telecaster on the television and it is also available easily online. The movie can be credited with winning the Oscar award for the best animated feature. It was also with being nominated for the best writing or screenplay. It emphasises upon the close bond which is shared between parents and their children. This is depicted when a young fish called Nemo is captured and taken away from his father. His father, then, swims around the entire ocean to find him. The movie traces the journey of both Nemo and his father overcoming various obstacles in order to reach each other. It is a wonderful story filled with love, adventure, comedy and of course, a happy ending.

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The Official Poster Of The Movie, ‘The Incredibles’

We can guarantee that this movie is truly incredible and it is the perfect watch for a family night! This movie is a two time Oscar winner. It has achieved the Oscar award for the best animated feature film of the year and the Oscar award for the best achievement in sound editing while being nominated for the award for best writing or original screenplay. It is available on Amazon Prime and also has a sequel which has been added in the year 2018.

The movie is about the family of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl who, along with their children, display super-heroic powers. The government has ordered them to not use these powers anymore but they miss bringing peace back to the world. They don’t have to wait for long because soon their help is required once again. The movie takes the audience through a whirlwind of fun and is recommended for those who love superheroes. 


A Still From The Movie, ‘ Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

We promised to bring you the best of the best and this movie is what embodies the phrase ‘old is gold’. The movie won the Oscar for the best animated feature film of the year and is easily available on Amazon prime for a relaxed evening. The story centers around a man called Wallace and his dog, Gromit, who together own a pest control company. They are the saviors of the town as the annual giant vegetable competition is coming up and the people need help to keep the hungry rabbits away.

Wallace is able to capture a rabbit and after unsuccessfully trying to make it dislike vegetables, he tries a science experiment in it,  which needless to say, goes very wrong. The rabbit becomes gigantic and the town people are tormented by it. This movie will tickle your funny bone and will also teach one the life lesson of taking care of animals and not doing any experiments on them, otherwise things can go seriously wrong! 

WALL-E (2008)

A Still From The Movie, ‘Wall-E’

Wall-e is an immensely impactful children’s movie which traces the story of a trash compacting robot who has been abandoned on a destructed Earth. The movie has won an Oscar award for the best animated feature film of the year and has been nominated for the best writing or original screenplay along with being nominated for best original score, best original song, best achievement in sound mixing and best achievement in sound editing. The movie’s central focus is around our planet, earth which is not habitable anymore.

The movie does highlight advancement in technology through the human beings who survive and live in spaceships, however they are portrayed as overly dependent on this technology and are rendered so lazy that they have lost the ability to walk and properly communicate with each other. While the movie is beautifully made and emotional, it is also essential and educational as it is very important for children to learn about Nature and how to protect mother earth so that we never arrive at the consequences drawn out in the movie!

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A Still From The Movie, ‘Spirited Away’

This movie delves into the world of fantasy and it also sets a world record by being the first and only non-English but Japanese hand-drawn animated film to be credited with an Oscar in this particular category. The movie is about a sweet, little girl whose family moves to the outskirts. She’s young and adventurous and one of her ventures she stumbles on to a magical world. Here, Gods, witches and spirits all exist and human beings are changed into beasts! Watch this thrilling, one of a kind movie on Netflix. 


The Official Poster Of The Movie, ‘Happy Feet’

Happy Feet is another fun and exciting movie that one can easily find on Netflix. It received the Oscar award for the best animated feature film of the year. The story centers around the Empire penguin colony and is essential in helping kids learn about penguins and their habitat. On the other hand, the movie is very light hearted and entertainment. It is about pursuing what we love even if that makes us feel that we might be alone.

Mumble, the penguin loves to tap dance but, the rest of his community expect him to be singing. His first attempt to sing does not go too well and can only be described as a wreck. His colony considers him to be cursed and when their food sources become scarce, Mumble is blamed and isolated from the rest of the penguins. However, the story does take a positive turn from the time that Mumble meets a group of Adelie penguins and is able to find his place in life. 

BRAVE (2012)

The Official Poster Of The Movie, ‘Brave’

The name of the movie says it all! It’s the tale of a truly beautiful princess but not like the conventional fairytales that we are used to. It is the winner of the Oscar award ford the best animated feature of the year and it really does not get any better than this. This is a movie that is a must watch for kids as it teaches them about life values along with highlighting the empowerment of girls and women. In a traditional society, Merida finds herself fighting to not be married off and so she decides to take some assistance from a witch to help her with her problem.

Alas! The witch’s potion was not perfect and it turns Merida’s mother into a scary bear. She has limited time to bring back everything to normal otherwise her mother will remain a bear forever. Watch the movie to find out how Merida overcomes all the obstacles thrown in her path and how she able to change age old rules. This movie will remain a kids favorite owing to its powerful and stunning protagonist!

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FROZEN (2013)

The Official Poster Of The Movie, ‘Frozen’

We do not think that there is anyone out there who has not heard about Frozen. A tale completely emerging from fantasy however, it has nothing to do with the love between princes and princesses. Rather, it is about the unbreakable bond between two sisters. This movie is a two time Oscar winner and it has gained the award for the best animated feature film along with best achievement in music written for motion pictures. This movie has also been followed by a sequel called frozen 2 but this one will always be a part of the classics.

The movie imparts teachings for little kids who understand the importance of love and are able to appreciate their siblings. It has the best elements for a good movie- a curse, a beautiful town, a little talking and moving snowman and most importantly, the magical relationship of two sisters that is greater than any other power. If you have not watched it, there is no reason to delay it any longer and get ready with your mic too because you won’t be able to help yourself when “Let it Go” begins to blast on your television screen. Grab your snacks and head to the couch for one of the most enchanting experiences!


A Still From The Movie, ‘Ratatouille’

This movie is here to give you a good laugh and to get your emotions working. Ratatouille was critically acclaimed and has won the award for the best animated feature film. It was also nominated for several others like original screenplay, original score, best achievement in sound mixing and sound editing. It is the story about a great chef, Remy. So, what’s unusual? Well, Remy is actually a rat and this rat is one of the best books you will ever see.

To fulfill his dreams of being able to cook for his country, Remy helps out a young boy who himself was not very talented when it came to cooking. Remy would control him by sitting on top of his head, hidden by the chef’s hat and indicate everything to him by tugging on his hair. The main problem that they both face is having to impress a very strict and villainous food critic,  Anton Ego. Watch this fantastic movie to find out whether they are able to succeed or not and to see the buds of friendship blossoming between Remy and his closest companion.


A Still From The Movie, ‘Big Hero Six’

Big hero six might be one of the most inspirational movie ever owing to its characters and their growth using their intelligence and willpower. The movie is didactic as it highlights the strength that each individual finds within themselves. The characters utilize it for the benefit of their friends, family and even the world. This movie, which has been adopted from a Marvel comic, has deservingly, won the Oscar award for the best animated feature film of the year.

The story centers around a teenage boy called hero who is extremely smart and is great with robotics. He uses his intellect to bring together a team who all possess some or the superpower. However, this movie is quite different from the other superhero movies. For instance, the superpowers that the children have, are a product of scientific experiment and not something fantastical. Lastly, they have Baymax on their team, who although a robot, is hard not to fall in love with. Log on to Amazon Prime now to find out what adventure this team faces. Enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions that ‘Big Hero Six’ has to offer! 

While this list seems really good we can assure you that the movies will be even more entertaining. Apart from just that, most of the movies also have a moral or a lesson to learn. This will definitely help children inculcate positive values within themselves and grow in an optimistic way. Now you can add the names of these movies to your bucket list and tick them off one by one because they are simply the creamy layer of the Oscar winning animated films for kids!

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