Acting Classes: 6 Learning Benefits from Speech and Drama Course

What is Speech and Drama Course?

Speech and drama course is a co-curricular activity full of fun and entertainment. Enrolling kids in such a course is a long-term investment which reflects with their growing age, in their personality and actions. Children gain confidence after getting used to the stage and learning their way around the platform.

Speech and drama are not just about acting and dancing but a lot more than that; it teaches you skills that will help in developing your personality. It will block by block build in new things which will help you develop as a whole person. Below I’ve mentioned a few benefits of enlisting in such a wonderful course.

speech and drama course for children
Speech and drama course for children

6 Speech and Drama Learning Benefits

Importance of learning speech and drama for children

It helps you become better in speaking confidently

Kids learn voice modulation and pronunciation. They become more groomed and confident with time. They improve their English speaking and presentation skills. Children become more self-sufficient and hence don’t require a lot of rehearsal. They don’t feel hesitant when going on the stage to speak or perform.

It helps you increase your self confidence

Children become less afraid of being judged by the audience or the surrounding people. They try to think out of the box, try out new things, go for more competitions, learn new skills and engage actively with their classmates and teammates.

It helps in boosting your creativity

Speech and drama course’s essence makes the student’s imagination grow and spread. They think out of the box and go for newer and more innovative ideas.

It can improve your body language

It becomes easier for the children to mingle with others if they can read or understand body language. If they understand the body language and associated emotions of the other person, they can accordingly handle the situation by showing comfort, empathy, or any other necessary emotion for the moment. They can understand the messages and language of their own body, which will give them more confidence and peace.

It helps you in learning good etiquettes

Good manners make the child stand out and shine from the others. Good manners are also the core or the bases of many relationships in life and play a vital role. They make them pleasant and people will like them to be around; increase in likability. Good manners will also encourage the surrounding people to adopt and follow them.

It helps in becoming more assertive

Becoming more assertive will make the child good at holding a conversation and have exceptional communication skills. They will feel less anxious or stressful. The child will be more confident while putting forward his opinion or point of view.

Skill related to Speech and Drama Course

These are some of the other skills which are strongly related to learning speech and drama course-

Acting skills

Here you’ll work on scenes and monologues, plays, films and TV. You’ll read and follow a lot of classic dramas. Acting skills allow you to build relationship/association, presence, storytelling and listening.

Public speaking skills

Public speaking comes under soft skills and enables you to talk smoothly by engaging in group discussions and participation. It makes you comfortable speaking in front of crowds, irrespective of the size of the crowd or the number of people there.

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Creative Thinking Skills

This is the “think out of the box” skill. Here you maximumly use imagination and new ideas come flowing in. Creative thinking skills enable you to learn and implement new skills and talents easily. Sometimes it also helps to find your hidden talent and skill.

Leadership Skills

You know how to run the show! You’ll become a decision-maker whose decisions will be well thought about and planned.

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Networking and Social Skills

Good communication, good communication and good communication! is the key to form networks and relationships. Other than relationships there are many more benefits of networking and social skills you can share and learn new ideas and skills, get to know about fresh opportunities, get advice from other professionals, increase business and motivate and get motivated.

Expressive skills

When can I start learning a drama and speech course?

There is no age limit to learning; you can start anytime. Enrol you, child, at the early age of 6 or you can join in yourself. For young children 6 is the perfect age to learn speech and drama, they’ll catch each lesson very quickly. But don’t worry if you’ve crossed the golden age of 6 you can join now as well. The ideal age for doing speech and drama courses is 6-17 for children, for adults you guys can join in whenever you want, it’s up to you.

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