Learn Music: 10 amazing benefits of learning a musical instrument

Plato once said that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. This powerful quote hints off a lot of underlining benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument. Playing an instrument will not improve your social life but it also helps in impressing your crush (winks at you, jokingly). Below, I have enlisted ten reasons why you should learn to play a musical instrument.

Learning a musical instrument is a great stress buster

Music has an immensely relaxing effect on us. Slow and classical music slows our pulse and heart rate down, lowers the blood pressure and the stress hormones in the body. Music therapy is very important to manage stress in a person’s life. It helps to express the emotions built-in and providing catharsis to them. A channel for the emotions to vent out in a healthy manner. Most psychologists believe music helps to manage stress the most efficiently.

Music helps you improves your cognitive skills

Music is said to help one think clearly and improves learning and memory skills. This may be because of the way our brain process music the same way we memorize information. Learning to play a musical instrument stimulates the brain and improves the functions of abstract reasoning and memory, both of which are essential for maths and science.

It enhances verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Thereby, using both the sides of the brain at the same time, which strengthens memory power. Scientists believe that music training as a method of neuro-rehabilitation helps to improve the function of the brain.

Learning Musical Instruments

Learning Music helps you enhance body parts coordination

While playing an instrument, the brain has to work swiftly and efficiently because the brain has to concentrate on reading the notes and then converting the notes into tunes on the instrument. This in turn improves the hand-eye coordination and is generally superior to those who do not learn to play any instrument.

Playing an instrument benefits in building your confidence

Playing an instrument becomes a channel for one to express themselves better. This makes you feel lighter and happier, which makes you believe that you are skilled at a playing the instrument, this then helps to exude confidence. Elizabeth Dotson-Wetphalen, a music teacher and performer said that once the students realise they can develop a skill by themselves, they can get better and better at it. Successfully performing in front of a crowd gives a sense of achievement. The hard work pays off and one feels more confident in himself.

learning musical instruments

Learning music instils patience in you

Learning to play a music instrument instils in one patience. How? An instrument cannot be mastered overnight. It requires practice and patience along with a dedication to the instrument. You may practice and be patient but you also have to be dedicated to the instrument, not twenty-four hours a day but maybe two to three hours a week to learn it. This practising and proficiently mastering the difficult notes help to conquer the virtue of patience.

Learning an instrument improves your time management skills

Learning how to play an instrument demands from one to manage time efficiently. To master the skill to play the instrument, the musician needs to manage his time efficiently. The art of learning requires one to be disciplined enough to be dedicated to the field. Even if the subject bores you, dedication and practice help acing it. In the same way, to master an instrument it is necessary to be disciplined.

Music improves your listening skills

To play an instrument it is necessary to understand the importance of timing. To make sure you are in sync with the rest of the band, if you are performing with one or even the singer. In case you are playing solo, it is necessary to maintain the beat.

This in turn improves the listening skills and makes you a better listener. While learning how to play an instrument, it is necessary to pay attention to the instructions given by the teacher, the rhythm, and the speed which has to be coordinated with the pitch, now this, in turn, improves the listening skills. Studies have shown that children who play an instrument have better listening skills and are more focused than those who do not know how to play an instrument.

Learning a musical instrument makes one more creative

Every time a person plays a piece of music on his instrument, he adds to it a little quality of himself to it. This gives the same piece of music a sense of uniqueness, which helps musicians’ bag awards. Playing a musical instrument stimulates the creative side of the brain which in turn provokes the mind to think out of the box and more creatively.

Knowing music improves your social life

The social life of a musician improves tremendously because of the number of people one meets at a class, but it also encourages you to develop relationships with new kinds of people and the skills of leadership get honed. The instruments become instrumental to build relations anywhere one goes. Isn’t that the reason why everyone calls music as a universal language of emotions? One can express their feelings freely and many relate to him.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Learning music gives a sense of satisfaction

After playing an instrument successfully one feels satisfied. You find yourself at peace and this feeling of contentment. Like all pieces that did not fit together before now do because music filled that chasm and it all just makes sense now. Other hobbies like watching television or scrolling the social media are passive whereas playing music actively engages and stimulates the brain, making one feel happy and occupied.

Veracious Johann Sebastian Bach once said that it is easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the musical instrument will play itself. All one needs to master the skill of playing a musical instrument is to persevere and practice.

Over time the skill of playing an instrument gets honed. One thing to remember is that we need to strive for perfection, not success or for that matter play music for our crush, we are doing this for ourselves, to find an outlet from which our trapped feelings can be released. 

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