10 Amazing Benefits of Learning Hindustani Classical Music

There are many benefits of learning any performing art, more so, in the case of learning Hindustani classical music. To understand these benefits, let us first ask you a question- Have you ever been to the small towns of Rajasthan? They are the best places to witness struggling artists and singers singing at every nook, grabbing the attention of aspiring musicians from all over the world. They take you back to the good old days when you used to run around carefree, not worrying about how we would have to work to keep our homes warm and bellies warm.

The only thing we used to worry about back then was why our friend did not come down to play with us. It is a trip down memory lane, a lane full of giggles and happy tears. This is what it feels like listening to Hindustani music. Ever wondered what it feels like singing it? Must be a spiritual feeling. I have laid down ten reasons why you should learn Hindustani music.

Learn Hindustani Music

10 Benefits of Learning Hindustani Classical Music

Disciplines you and improves the presence of mind

Learning Hindustani music requires a lot of training and patience. In case you are a person who is a little too strict about timings and are all about perfection, then this part should come easily to you. If not, well then you may struggle but rest assure, it gets easier, not because your Guru goes easier on you, s/he may or may not, but you just get used to it over time. The practice of music improves your presence of mind. Singing requires you to stay in tune with the musicians, maintain a pitch and all this helps in improving the presence of mind.  

Learning Hindustani Classical Music acts as a natural anti-depressant

Classical music has a calming effect, it is said to normalize the abnormal blood flow and make you feel at ease and more peaceful. It improves your mood drastically and hence, helps to cope with depression. It also keeps your mind occupied, which in turn keeps the negative thoughts, moods and feelings at bay.  

Broadens communication skills

Learning how to sing or to play an instrument improves your listening skills. You listen to the beats more carefully, time yourself appropriately to make an impact when you raise your pitch and when you suddenly drop it. This practice in turn helps you to communicate better. Singing could even help you express your feelings better. In case you cannot speak about it, you could simply articulate it in a musical manner.

Learning Hindustani Classical Music improves your memory

Studies have found that classical music enhances memory retrieval by reorganising and creating pathways that were previously dormant. In a study, Raga Bhupali is said to have improved memory retrieval of students who listened for ten minutes every day. With improved listening skills, we tend to remember everything we listened to.

Helps you depict your emotions

Music is the universal language of emotions. There are eight basic emotions associated with Hindustani music, namely, rati or love, hasa or laughter, soka or mourning, krodha or anger, utsaha or enthusiasm, bhayam or fear, jugupsa or disgust, and finally vismaya or wonder. These emotions have been related with the seven basic notes of Hindustani music. These emotions help us express ourselves accurately.     

Learning music reduces stress levels

In a study, the effects of music elevated the state of anxiety. The results indicate that the background of Indian classical music is highly efficacious in reducing psychological distress. It helps to regulate the heartbeats to calm it down and singing helps to control the breath. Hindustani music releases dopamine and serotonin and helps in balancing the levels of cortisol. 

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Helps in building perseverance

Learning Hindustani music also teaches us the art to be persistent, not give in so easily to any kind of pressure, no matter how difficult a task may seem to be. In the end, it all turns out well. The patience of a student is really tested when s/he takes up Hindustani music because It takes a lot of time to learn the art of controlling the larynx, to produce the perfect pitch and to suddenly pick up the pace with the beats of the tabla. Patience, practice and perseverance are the three most important Ps of Hindustani music.      

Learning Hindustani Classical Music acts as a catharsis

Music helps with the release of the bottled up feeling. Singing Hindustani music, which depicts emotions so perfectly alleviates our mood greatly after releasing all the withheld emotions. Your body takes it up as a channel of releasing all the negative emotions in a healthy manner. The emotional release helps us feel lighter, more at ease and comfortable.      

Helps to cope with trauma

Did you know Hindustani music is used as therapy for children who have been traumatised? Children with PTSD have their ‘flight-or-fight response activated all the time. Singing helps them relaxing, the controlling of their breath helps with the high levels of anxiety they have. Music is also used as a means of healing and energizing the different chakras in the body. Each chakra symbolises different functions of the body and the soul. The healing of these chakras helps cope with trauma and the unhealed wounds from the past. When music is channelized through a chakra, one suddenly feels extremely relaxed and at ease. 

For a musician, music is his dharma. The principle of “dhaarayate iti dharma” means virtues worthy of acceptance, which celebrates the natural flow of life without inhibitions. Many religions emphasize singing as a way to build a connection with the Supreme Power. To establish a path of communication that helps us transcendent and take the last journey back to where we truly belong, with Him.

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One trip, one beat, one Swara changes us drastically. It could either help us put our pieces back together or they pull us apart, questioning the essence of life. Setting us on a quest to rediscover ourselves. Singing helps to figure out why we have been feeling so helpless, so lost. It helps us put ourselves back together. Filling in the void we just cannot explain to anyone else. When words fail us, we stick to music. Jack Kerouac, a Beatnik, once said that the only truth is music. I ponder on this quite a lot. In case you are a person who feels any of these feelings, Hindustani music is surely going to help you.

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