Amazing Tips to Deliver an Emotionally Effective Public Speech

A public speech in its definition means the act of making speeches in front of public or the art of effective oral communication with an audience.

Public speaking benefits the speaker in numerous ways. Without good communication skills, the ability to progress in the world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. That’s why, Public speaking is one of the most important form of communication in itself.

Now after you have already started public speaking, how do you deliver emotionally effective public speeches.

Given below are few tips to help you sail through the said task well.

Impressive Tips

Know your audience well

Nguyen Hoang Minh Chau: The importance of knowing your audience in  communication
Target Audience

You know what, before even starting your speech, you need to properly glance through your audience. Have a quick check that what is the age and gender composition of your audience.

We all have a rough idea that which age group likes which content. And what gender group is more inclined towards certain beliefs. Observe them thoroughly and then plan how are you going to speak.

Trust me, this mental exercise will help you a lot in making your public speech emotionally effective.

Use Emotional language

It is very very important that the choice of your words is correct. When you are trying to deliver an emotionally well equipped speech then the set of words should match to it.

Use more of emotional words like, Contentment, Optimism, Love, Pride, Joy, Triumph, Agony, Terrified, Panicked and many others.

Good content of these words will help you deliver a good public speech as well.

6 Public Speaking Tips

Be Attentive

Meanwhile, you are delivering your speech you need to be excessively attentive. You need to observe each and every respond of your audience.

You have to keep watching them if you want to know that whether you are on the right track or not. Be pretty aware of how your audience is responding to what you say.

Don’t memorize

Need to Memorize a Speech? Here's the Neuroscience Behind It (and 3 Apps to  Help) |
Do not ever Memorize

If you really want to be emotionally effective then do not memorise. Be well prepared but do not depend on note cards for your speech.

Try to engage with the audience and speak accordingly on the spot. This makes you think and speak according to the responses of the audience. I know it is a little bit tough thing to do. However, trust me this will make you a better speaker in itself.

Plan Ahead

The importance of planning cannot be over-emphasized. Remember if you are working without planning then surely you are planning to fail.

Plan everything in advance. Chart out all the details in your head. How are you going to start, how are you going to end, what emotions are you going to target i.e. happiness, sadness or anything else. Even how will to manage when you fumble. Resulting which, you are going to be all safe from your side.

See things are not going to always function accoriding to your plan but planning gives you sense of stability.

Breathe and pause

If you want to make your speech emotionally then my friend, you have to carefully pause in your speech. You have to keep in mind that good pauses make the audience understand better.

Breathing is a good exercise it reflects that you are conscious while you speak.

Thorough Research

How to Do Research for a Speech: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
Research Thoroughly

Make a good and thorough research about your topic. See what are the sorrounding emotions related to your selected topic. Practice those emotions well.

For example if your topic is about mental health then research well what are the possible emotions related to it. Good mental health can give you a contended life and happiness. However, disturbed mental health leads to sadness and grief.

When you know what your topic is from all dimensions, you can prepare a speech which covers all dimensions too.

Control your thoughts

Playing with emotions is a very weird sport. When you want to deliver a public speech which is emotionally embedded then you need to play with a lot of emotions at the same time.

Now here, you need to be very very alert that whatever emotion you have thought of should not start playing with you. You have to wisely control your thoughts and strictly do not let the emotions mix and confuse you.

Stories and Anecdotes

Make stories and anecdotes a good tool for your speech. Telling your audience about some real life examples or even some good fictions will make your speech even more connecting and emotional.

People find it really interesting when the speaker is interactive during his session. Stories and real life examples make the speech very much full of life.

Involve all your senses

5 simple ways to become a better speaker
Senses Involvement

When you involve all your senses in a task, its worth gets increased a lot because of this involvement. While you speak, you should use all your senses in your speech to enhance to speech delivery. The emotions which the speech contains are too enhanced with this one simple exercise.

Speak with your verbal sense, hear with your hearing sense, use your hands to the address the audience , use your eyes for eye contact and so on. Involve all your senses effectively to get better results in your overall performance.

Body language

A public speaker whose body language is appropriate, tends to gather most of the attendence from the audience. The speaker is center of attention all the time and all the eyes are on him. Hence, proper body language is deemed to be very crucial for the speaker.

Good body language is truly a game changer in the public speaking arena. The speaker’s body language should adequately match the emotions that he is trying to convey. Following four traits are a must have while the speaker performs public speaking :

  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Body movement
  • Facial expressions


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Till then, happy reading !

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