How to Deliver An Impromptu Speech?

 To know everything about Impromptu speech, it is first important to know what exactly it is. Impromptu Speech is speech delivered with little or no preparation for it. In simple terms, it is when you speak in front of public about a random topic with some prior knowledge about it. This type of speech is also referred as “off the cuff” or “spur of the moment” or “extempore” at times.

For example – when a class teacher asks student to answer about a topic discussed before. Sometimes, business meeting also start by impromptu speeches, where people talk about their work experience. Another example is when a teacher asks students to introduce themselves.

It is usually difficult for beginners to give a impromptu speech. It makes the person nervous as he/she does not have the prior knowledge of their turn. This can also happen because they do not have any experience. It can come up as the hardest thing for beginners but with practice and tips, it can be excelled.

Deliver Speech Impromptu

Tips and tricks to be followed to excel in an extempore.

Remember the Structure

It is important to always remember the structure of the speech irrespective of the mode of conveying i.e. whether it is written or oral. While spur of the moment is oral speaking, the structure of the general is to be followed. The correct structure of speech is to include introduction, main body and conclusion of the speech.


Without this format, you might end up confusing the audience as they will not be able to comprehend your speech. So, following the proper format is crucial to keep your audience’s attention with you.

Follow the PAL in Impromptu Speech!

Everybody follows different rules for impromptu speech. Thus, PAL is the rule that will be easy for a beginner. Here is the rule,

P – Personal opinion. Give your personal opinion about the topic

A – Anecdote. Talk about an experience or a story related to it.

L – Linkage. Co- relate the story with the subject.

This is a helpful method to keep your audience’s attention intact. This will create an impact because of the story recital. Talking about your personal opinion is also crucial in impromptu speech. It is because a person is expected to put his own opinions more than the general information in such a speech.

The 5 W’s

This is a crucial point to remember. Always remember to apply the W technique. Now you might what is 5 Ws technique. The 5 Ws are :

What – analyze the event and environment where you are present.

Who – know your audience before delivering speech. Be aware of the audience’s interest.

Where – search about the place where event is organized.

When – examine the present and future trends of the subject you are speaking about.

Why – last but not the least, it is extremely important to know why you as a speaker are present at the event. It will enable you to know your role for the audience. Secondly, know why audience are present in the event. Know the purpose behind their presence.

Write Ideas – Impromptu Speech Done!

When a person is given a topic for impromptu speech, he/she experiences a rapid rush of thoughts. It is important to jot them down on a paper quickly to remember all the points. Missing on a small point might cut the interlinking technique. Including each and every point will help the audience to connect more with the speaker. It will enhance the experience of both audience and speaker.

Write down

Writing down the pointers relating to the topic provides a better insight for the speaker. It will keep the speech crisp as the speaker will directly talk about the points instead of confusing the audience.

Decide the Tone

It is important to decide the tone in which the person wants to speak. The tone of the speech depends upon the occasion and environment of the event. For example – if the event is a wedding and you have to give a speech, then in that case, the tone of the speech is informal. As a public speaker, you have an advantage in informal meetings. You can be a bit relaxed with the way of speaking.

When in formal meetings, use formal tone of speaking. For example – if the event is a business meeting and clients are present, in that case it is important to use a professional and formal tone of speaking. Another example can be when a teacher asks student to answer something. In that case, the student needs to reply in a formal manner. Thus, deciding on the tone is crucial.

Universal quotes and Impromptu Speech!

Mentioning quotes by famous personalities always works! It is always a good idea to start your speech with a quote related to the subject. Whether in writing or verbally, quotes have a special place. The reader or the listener feels that the author has a great knowledge about the topic. For example – if the topic given to a person is books, then saying “books are ocean of knowledge” would create a greater impact on the audience.

Mold Your Topic

It is important to customize your topic according to you. If you have no idea about the topic given to you for the speech, then you can mold the topic according to you. For example – If the topic is importance of exercising and gym, then, you can talk about exercising more and about gym less. If u don’t know about importance of gym, in that case you can simply talk about personal experience or maybe stories related to the subject. It makes easy for the audience to understand.

Build Confidence!

Practice more and more speeches to build confidence about yourself. When talking about impromptu speech, the most important thing that comes into one’s mind is confidence. Even if you are not sure about the content, if you manage to speak confidently and convince your audience that the content is true, then bravo! You have excelled the art of giving impromptu speech. To know more about how to build confidence instantly, click here.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, speech is an important part of life. Wherever you go, you will have to speak. It is not possible to always prepare and speak and thus impromptu speech is important. It builds your confidence levels and helps you speak better in unexpected situations. Thus having a habit of giving impromptu speech is necessary. Podium School offers wide range of activities for better personality development. Check out podium school to know more about it.

Strategies of Delivering an Impromptu speech

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