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Bullying in Schools: How to Deal with Bullying in Schools

Bullying has been in practice for many years now. Although, bullying is a demeaning act, still, a significant percentage has engaged in it. According to Niamh O’ Brien, traditional bullying behaviors have extended into cyber-bullying. Behaviors such as trolling, engaging in hate speech, and revenge posting has been on a rise. Being bullied is a […]

A Detailed Guide To Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the use of words to exchange information with others. As a result, it could include both oral and written communication. However, many people use the term to refer to only oral communication. The verbal component of communication is concerned with the words you choose as well as how they are heard and […]

English Story Writers

Reading books has become a necessary aspect of life. We have discussed in detail how they affect the lives of individuals and their benefits in the long term. Thus, novels or storybooks are one vital means of improving and indulging in the habit of reading books. While we talk about storybooks in this article, we […]

Sports a Good Way to Develop Personality

Well well well, sports be a part of everybody’s life especially kids. It is very important for physical fitness as well as mental fitness. It is a great way to strengthen our skeletal and muscular systems. That is why we encourage our kids to take part in it actively. Because kids who are indulged in […]

Why is Early Childhood Education so Important?

Did you know children develop more rapidly during the first five years of age than at any other time? Right from learning how to hold a spoon to forming connections, their essential groundwork foundation is laid during these crucial learning years. That brings us to the question is the importance of early childhood education more […]

How to Manage Childhood and Online Education?

Childhood and education are two things that not all children want to pursue together. Read the article to know how to manage both. After the Covid 19 outbreak, students paused their education for a while. Keeping the long break in mind, education had to shift from classroom to online learning. Younger students who cannot experience […]

Homeschooling – The New Revolution

Homeschooling has gained popularity in recent years among young middle-class families who wish to offer their children individualized primary-secondary education at home to help them develop their creative side, critical thinking, and problem-solving cognitive capacities.What is Homeschooling?Homeschooling is a kind of education in which a child’s education is completed at home utilizing freely accessible study […]

Parenting Right: 5 Reasons Why Your Child Looks Aloof

Do you see your child sulking in a cheerful function? Or do you find them speaking in bits and pieces? If you see such signs, it is sure that something is going on wrong with your children. Parenting might sound hard when your child shows aloofness from day-to-day activities or other things. It might be […]

10 Amazing Webtoon Recommendations for Teenagers

Webtoons refer to a digital form of South Korean comics (manhwa). While manhwa was generally unknown outside of Korea when it first appeared, there was a boom in its popularity worldwide, owing to the fact that most manhwas were launched on digital platforms as webtoons. As most of the popular webtoons were created with adults […]

Child Authors: Read These Powerful Books by Child Authors

Books for kids allow them to dig deeper into their minds and simultaneously give them space that fosters new opinions and ideas. Moreover, it gives them the impetus for creative writing which can rouse other young minds like them. However, the wonderful world of child authors though has bubbling potential, it still awaits its due.Therefore, […]