Why is Early Childhood Education so Important?

Did you know children develop more rapidly during the first five years of age than at any other time? Right from learning how to hold a spoon to forming connections, their essential groundwork foundation is laid during these crucial learning years. That brings us to the question is the importance of early childhood education more than we thought?

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By the age of three, speaking, learning and reasoning abilities in a child are well-developed. They can build sandcastles, stand on one toe and examine your temperature while they are being the loveliest doctor you have ever met! It’s insane how a little human is aware of and can do so many things, right? Therefore, it’s our responsibility to bolster our kid’s early development by exposing them to quality early education.

Learning is fun

Children are always learning. They are constantly analyzing the world around them and incessantly questioning everything. They want to know why the sky is blue and why birds don’t fall? Moreover, research suggests children who do well in early developing ages or kindergarten are more likely to enter into fulfilling adulthood. Talents and skills kids acquire in childhood and adulthood rests heavily on exposure to early education which can be both formal and informal. However, early childhood education is more than building academic abilities, it has often been called a wand for the holistic development of children.

What is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education generally refers to the time frame from a child’s birth to when they start nursery education. It lasts typically 6-8 years. Children are infinitely learning and absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

ECE is not limited to building academic abilities. It extends beyond it and plays a vital role in a kid’s holistic development. It provides a miniature of the real fast-paced world. It’s the first step kids take in recognising their inclination and interests. They scamper beyond their parents’ shadow and start forming human connections on their own. Inculcating social and emotional skills in children from an early age is important. The social interaction, playing, taking turns, sharing, expressing and listening that ECE gyrates around gives a head start to your kid.

Number Learning

Why do we refer to kids’ schools as playschools? That’s because play is an indispensable element when it comes to learning for children. They learn through playing, imitating and interacting. Whether it is learning to have patience, recognising colours or adopting healthy habits they imbibe it all during their initial years. Let’s delve deeper into this and know the importance of early childhood education in today’s time.

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Importance of Early Childhood Education

There is no dearth of research to prove the impact of early education on young kids. They benefit immensely from early education and social interaction. Providing a platform that engages kids through stories, poems and playtime are essential. If disseminated early education correctly, it yields lifelong benefits and lessons. Therefore, let’s know what are many known benefits of early childhood education are.

Brain Development

Brain Development

A child’s brain develops rapidly and completes 90% growth by the age of 5. The specially designed programs and activities of preschools explore the brain’s capacity. Sending kids to schools early enlarges their exposure. Hence, they develop advanced vocabulary and skills. They absorb things like sponges, therefore, the more exposure, the more knowledge. Thus, without early childhood education, children are unable to explore their brain’s capacity to the fullest.

Cultivating Social Skills

Get ready to hear your kid’s best friend’s stories! Social life is an integral part of an individual’s life and very often we encounter even adults struggling with their social life. When individuals are not given early exposure to social interaction, they struggle with social life later. Hence, to ensure your kids maintain healthy relationships in their lives, it is essential to let them form relationships away from family bonds. Watch how your child interacts with their teachers and peers in a safe learning environment.

Social Skills

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In a healthy social environment, children would learn how to express themselves and understand others. The prerequisites of humanity are sharing, listening and empathy that are inculcated in children through various preschool activities. Whether it is taking turns to speak or sharing lunch, all these small things herald happy adulthood.

Promising Academic Performance

Children who are acquainted with reading and maths at an early age perform better in academics than those who are not. Also, a Harvard study revealed that children who have access to early childhood education are more likely to graduate. So, what are you waiting for? Introduce your kids to children’s books and let their imagination soar. Don’t know where to start from? Fret not and read our The ultimate guide to raise a reader.

Also, ECE provides a foundation for strengthening STEM skills in children. Exposure to science at an early age demands critical thinking and analyzing skills. Don’t refrain your kid from asking questions. Gear up for their questions like why the stars twinkle and the moon follows them?

Promoting Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self Confidence

Do you think your kid is shy or maybe underconfident about themselves? Is it holding them back from exploring themselves and the world? It is undoubtedly a major concern as underconfidence and low self-esteem not only hampers early learning but also has a risk of following into adulthood. The early positive interactions with the world eliminate the scepticism and fear in young minds. They become more confident about themselves which also boosts their creativity. The group interactions, games and learning in a safe and loving environment promotes self-confidence in kids.

Better Attention Span and Concentration

Block Games

No matter where we are or what we do, we all require concentration. The ability to focus on a task for a period of time is known as attention span. As kids grow older, their work demands focus and concentration. A child who faces trouble concentrating is more likely to miss out on important things. Passive activities like watching tv and screen time reduce a child’s attention span. Therefore, it is important to engage kids in fun activities like colouring, reading and group playing. Early education does it all and more with their programs specially designed for young kids!

Invest in Early Childhood Education

Invest in Early Education

Our little energetic humans despise and refuse to sit back and wait. They are constantly learning and moving. Early Childhood Education furnishes them with a safe learning platform where they learn while playing. Surely, early education is not a cost but rather an investment. The lessons children learn and the diversity they are exposed to benefit them for a lifetime. Therefore, invest in your kid’s early education today for a better and prospering future!

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