Everything You Wanted to Know About Colouring for Adults

 Colouring is a kid’s activity, right? Well, hold your horses high because we are going to reveal the little known benefits of colouring for adults that would pleasantly surprise you. Whether it is living in the moment or unplugging from technology and having fun, adults need to learn a lot from their little humans. But why colouring? What makes colouring for adults so special and important?

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The colouring books for adults made an entrance in the market in the 2010s and took the bookshelves by storm! The activity which once kept us entertained and learning as kids is once again resurrecting as our saviours when we have stepped into the phase of responsible adulthood. Include mandalas, floral designs, intricate animal patterns and even The Lord of The Rings in your schedule and break the monotony.

What is Colouring for Adults?

Initially, it might seem that there are not many differences when it comes to colouring for adults and kids. To our amazement, not only the benefits of colouring are varied and different when it comes to kids and adults but also the books hawked are diverse. Adult colouring books have a deliberate purpose.

While colouring is beneficial and enjoyable for every age group, kids are introduced to colouring as a primary learning activity in early childhood. Have a look at the amazing benefits of colouring for children.

Geared towards alleviating stress and anxiety adult colouring is the silver bullet for health and wellness. The intricate and ornate designs are designed to make us focused while enjoying, thereby generating restorative effects.

Had a bad day at work? Want to have fun without leaving your bed? Want to channel your inner artist and see what you can create with those vibrant colours?

Simply, pick out your favourite shiny colours, an adult colouring book and let the creativity flow.

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Mandalas are quite a popular pick when it comes to adult colouring. However, get ready to explore because there is certainly much more than that in the colourful world. We all loved colouring bright flowers as kids. Delving into your childhood pick books with intricate floral designs. Explore ornate animal patterns and doodles.

Can’t get over exquisite, diverse and inspirational Harry Potter characters? Colour them. We have got everything, the adult colouring books have covered it all for their inquisitive, restless and responsible users.

Benefits of Colouring for Adults

Adults benefit from and love colouring as much as kids do. It is a therapeutic approach that induces inner calmness. In today’s world adopting a negative coping mechanism to escape or retreat from reality is not surprising. Hence, in today’s scenario, this modern tool comes at the rescue of the beleaguered souls.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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Research suggests colouring activities reduces stress and anxiety and consequently, stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for creativity and logic. Had a bad day at work? Pull out your crayons and spill out your anxiety by colouring in fine floral designs or mandalas. Colouring surely takes your mind off stressful events and induces calmness. It generates mindfulness allowing you to relax and relish at the moment. So, let’s get out of the rush of the to-do list and live in the moment!

Beginners guide to Adult Coloring with Coloured Pencils

Improves Vision, Motor Skills and Coordination

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When we talk about the benefits of colouring, enhanced vision and motor skills are well known. Colouring requires communication. While the logical part of our brain enables us to stay between the lines the creative part is responsible for choosing dynamic shades. Undoubtedly, colouring is a full brain workout! Right from maintaining the aesthetic balance to using fine motor skills, colouring compels us to use both the hemispheres of our brain effectively. It’s crazy how such a fun and simple activity can do so much, right?

Achieve Mindfulness and Increase Focus

In a world, as diverse as ours, we are quick to judge and have our reservations. No wonder, mindfulness and meditation have been quite the buzzwords these days. After all, who doesn’t desire a balanced life in a hectic world? The modern alternatives for meditation and yoga are popular these days because of their effectiveness and effortlessness. The act of colouring helps us achieve mindfulness by allowing us to focus on a simple, fun and predictable task.

Achieve Mindfulness with Adult Colouring Books

Have you ever thought about giving mindful meditation a try? Conventional meditation can feel intimidating, right? Put the stress in the rearview and delve into the relishing peaceful colourful world.

Improved Sleep

Reduction of stress and anxiety is vicariously linked to improved sleep. Just notice how kids love colouring and reading before bedtime, seems like they have known the secret all the time! The focus building activity along with its meditative effects is proven to be beneficial in sleep-related difficulties like insomnia. Therefore, swap your mobile phones with colouring books today and say goodbye to dark circles and the night owl you have known!

Nurture Your Inner Artist

Nurture your inner artist

There is no accurate time to nurture the inner artist inside you and spark creativity. You may argue that your work or daily schedule does not demand you to be creative. However, creativity is a tool that does not associate itself with a certain field or realm. Get creative in your life, get creative in your ways. Whether it is arranging your bookshelf, taking care of your pretty little colourful garden or presenting your assignment, you can flaunt your inner artist everywhere. Make connections with your neurons that you have neglected for a long time.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Okj2io16A8?feature=oembed5 easy tricks to improve your colouring

Books for Colouring for Adults

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Although we all are quite acquainted with colouring, selecting an adult colouring book might make you feel like the new kid on the block. Therefore, here we are at your rescue, start colouring your mind righy away with these bestsellers.

  • Joyful Designs Adult Coloring Book by Joy Ting
  • Worlds Within Worlds: Colour New Realms by Kerby Rosanes
  • Millie Marotta’s Woodland Wild: A Colouring Book Adventure
  • Calm and Cozy Colouring Book
  • Posh Adult Coloring Book by Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC
  • Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations by Souris Hong-Porretta
  • Color Me Stress-Free by Lacy Mucklow

Podium’s Parting Words

Let’s be honest, adulthood can be quite daunting at times! Worrying about grades, work, financial issues, settlement, parenting, health and what not! We are unrelentingly bombarded with thought-provoking and intimidating life questions. Let’s unload the cargo of responsibilities, shed our obligations for a while and consequently live in the present with our colourful friends.

Don’t take our word for it and try for yourself! Experience the calming and therapeutic benefits of colouring for adults. Also, try the art therapy that has been used by therapists for decades to relieve and alleviate stress and anxiety.

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