Bookmark Ideas: Make Your Reading More Fun with Bookmarks!

Ask anyone who enjoys reading how they would feel if a book they borrowed was returned with folds in the page corners resembling dog ears. Horrible! That’ll usually be the response, because no one wants their favourite book to be ruined. Of course, a piece of paper or a store-bought bookmark can help you keep track of your place while reading one of your favourite classics. But why not personalise and create your own need for the same?


Bookmarks : A Reader’s vital kit

They are an absolute necessity in readers’ lives, given the mind-boggling and sometimes downright terrifying variety of things that have been discovered hidden between the pages of a book.

Even if you’re fine with dog-eared pages and cracked spines, it’s a natural instinct to grab the first thing you can lay your hands on and shove it between the pages of the book you’re reading to mark your spot. Bookmarks are one of the easiest things to misplace and are just as important to intergalactic travel for bookish people as towels and the right guidebook.

The projects we have here are simple and inexpensive (most are free! ), making them ideal for a stress-relieving crafting session. Subsequently, they’d make wonderful, thoughtful, and unexpected gifts for fellow book lovers.

Your special reading buddies deserve an unexpected gift. Many of these DIY bookmark ideas are simple and practical upcycling projects for items you already have. So, let’s get started. Therefore, have fun with your crafting!

Designing A Bookmark

Where do you begin your bookmark-making journey with all of the available bookmark designs? A good brainstorming session is a wonderful place to start since it helps you to find out what you enjoy (and don’t like), what’s already on the market, and any voids that might be filled with your imagination.

It’s time to decide what kind of bookmarks you want to make after your bookmark brainstorming session. Considerations:

  • Firstly, who will use the bookmarks? Are you making something for yourself, to give as gifts, to sell for profit, or to promote your business?
  • What materials do you want to work with? Which is better: new or recycled? Furthermore, do you have experience with these materials or are you learning new ones?
  • Are you going to make a single bookmark or multiples?
  • How complicated is your design, and how long will it take you to finish it?
  • Lastly, how much money do you want to spend?

Grab a pencil and paper or open your favourite design programme at this point. It’s time to get your imagination going.

Craft Bookmark Ideas

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration for making unique bookmarks, it’s time to get creative! Furthermore, craft bookmarks can be made out of paper, felt, fabric, yarn, leather, wood, and metal, as well as some unique styles like corner, tassel, and paper clip!


Cardstock is the most effective material for making bookmarks.

Above all, cardstock is one of the most common and simple materials for making bookmarks. Create one of any size, shape, or design can be easily printed on a home printer, cut with scissors, embossed, or laminated. There are also a plethora of free printable bookmarks available online. Thus, all you have to do is download the art file, print it out, and decorate it as you see fit.

6 Easy DIY Paper bookmarks


Fabric Bookmarks are a perfect adornment for books.

These are great because there are so many different patterns and colours to choose from. There’s a print for everyone and every occasion, from classic and traditional to wild and whimsical.

If you do any sewing at all, you almost certainly have fabric scraps lying around. It’s ideal for making bookmarks! You can also get cheap remnants at fabric stores. What about your own wardrobe?

You probably have a few pieces where you like the pattern but the cut is out of date or the garment simply does not fit. Repurpose that old blouse, skirt, or denim to create a unique set of bookmarks.

Catch the tutorial right here!


Handmade craft by kids.

Host a bookmark craft session first to encourage kids to dive into their independent reading books. Use washable markers to decorate craft sticks and add a bit of metallic detail to make these easy lightsaber versions. Do you live in a house without a young Star Wars fan? Instead, make craft stick animals, flowers, or people.

Here’s the tutorial ( click here)!

Paper Clip

Most effective paper clip bookmarks

If metalsmithing appears to be too difficult, there is one very simple way to work with metal without all the tools (or skill!). Then there’s the ever-popular paper clip. They can be made by adding buttons, bows, laser cut cabochons, or just about anything else to a plain paper clip.

Choose a minimal, modern, homemade book clip to save your spot, especially if you like to keep your novels in mint condition. With a simple brass clip, there’s no risk of colour transfer or sticky pages.


Tassels : add some drama to your books

Tassels may appear to be a simple way to dress up a bookmark. They do, however, serve the important function of keeping the bookmark in place and preventing it from becoming lost among the pages.

Tassels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re incredibly simple to make. Create two-tiered tassels like Apricot Polkadot does for a little extra oomph.

To make a complete set of cute DIY-ed bookmarks, whip up a few to top strips of fabric (or sturdy cardstock). This is the tutorial for making custom bookmarks with tassels like these.

Yarn And Crochet

Yarn crafts are extremely popular right now. These hand-made techniques, from crocheting to macramé, have seen a resurgence—even to the point of spinning your own yarn! We love the cosy feel that yarn brings to any craft, for whatever reason they’re back. They’re also particularly attractive as bookmarks.

Easy and quick tutorial to make crochet bookmarks

Pressed Flower

Pressed Flower Bookmark
Add the love of nature

A set of pressed flower bookmarks will add a touch of natural beauty to your bookcase. This lovely project uses clear contact paper to highlight the organic beauty of pressed blooms, with no need for a background colour or pattern.

Here’s how to make the Pressed Flower Bookmark! @ Pressed Flower


A breathable and a flexible material to work with.

Felt is a soft, flexible material that is easy to work with. Cut it with scissors or a utility knife, sew it into cool shapes, or even laser cut it (a good option if you’re making a lot of them and want consistency, especially if you’re selling them).

Felt is more substantial and rigid than traditional fabric because it often has a wool base, but it still remains soft and flexible. It’s also available in a variety of bright, eye-catching colours for added appeal.

A quick guide to make one

As a result, beginner sewers will love felt, and this simple bookmark craft is a great way to practise hand-stitching. In a textbook or academic tome, use your finished felt earth elastic bookmark — it works especially well in a thicker volume.

Paint Chip Bookmark

Create your ombre – effect

Start with a free paint chip from your hardware store for an eye-catching ombre-effect bookmark. Because of the textured, durable paper, these bookmarks are sturdy, but they should be sealed in clear sticky paper to ensure that they last through many different novels.

Get the tutorial here!

Ribbon and hair tie bookmarks

Add hair ties and buttons

Do you want to make a simple but attractive bookmark?

Simply go to a craft store and purchase some nice polka dot ribbons, coloured hair ties, and buttons. Take a long piece of ribbon and secure it with a hair tie, most likely by sticking or sewing it into the corners.

For tutorial click here!

You can add a button to one or both sides of the area where the ribbons and elastic are attached to add a finishing touch.

Mermaid Bookmark

Your quick guide to make creative and cute bookmarks

You must cut the back part of the bookmark into a mermaid’s tail rather than a regular rectangular shape. To make the mermaid’s face, hair, and other accessories, you can use a variety of coloured papers and sketches. Furthermore, sequins and other glittery decorations can be used to embellish the entire bookmark.

Bowtie bookmark

What can you do with a paper clip and some fabric or ribbon? Make a magical bookmark for yourself. This could be a simple project to complete when you don’t have a lot of time but still want a great result.

Create your own bowtie

Simply cut some fabric into a bow tie, then attach it to a large paper clip. That concludes our discussion. You can now happily mark your pages. Also, make a few more of these; package them in a small box, and who knows? It could be the ideal gift for a bookworm friend.

Want to learn how to make a bowtie bookmark? Click here!

Washi tape bookmarks

Washi tapes, also known as paper tapes, can be used to make beautiful bookmarks. To make these, you’ll need a basic cardstock bookmark to which you can adhere washi tapes in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs.

Here’s a guide to making cute and quick bookmarks

Don’t forget to include the ribbon or thread that you usually use to attach a bookmark. You can even use a different pattern on the other side of your bookmark so that you can use it in both directions.

Sticking the sticky notes

For those who forget things, the sticky note is a lifesaver. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to make bookmarks? Simply place your sticky notes on a solid-colored cardstock paper. To finish it off, add some washi tape or ribbon to the top as a handle. What’s great about this bookmark is that it allows you to take notes while reading the book and not lose track of them. Isn’t it fantastic?

To get the tutorial click here!

Pompom bookmarks

Add a little fun with pompoms

Pompoms are a fun addition to any outfit. These small furry balls of yarn or wool make excellent decorations and are perfect for cheerleading. But did you know that they can also be used as bookmarks? I have one myself. They’re super cute, easy to make, and come in a variety of colours.

Hence, this guide (click here) will show you how to make a lovely pompom bookmark out of wool, yarn, or a leather sole, whatever your preference is!

Googly Eyes

Let’s create one with googly eyes

What can a piece of coloured paper, some googly eyes, and some scissors accomplish?

Indeed, a funny-faced bookmark with an ultra-cool design. All you have to do now is cut the coloured paper into rectangular shapes and add a long nose in the style of Pinocchio. Add some googly eyes as a finishing touch, and you’re finished! You could even give these funny little bookmark creatures horns if you wanted to go all out.

Catch the tutorial here!

Origami kitten bookmark

Kitten DIY origami project

This cute little kitten bookmark is a fun DIY origami project. Even though it appears to be difficult and time-consuming, if you follow the steps outlined in the tutorial, you will be successful. Also, it is not difficult to accomplish. And guess what? All you’ll need is some plain white paper and a knack for folding.

Here’s the tutorial! @

Confetti filled bookmark

Confetti sparkle is all you need to dive into the world of wonders

You’ll need one of those business envelopes with a clear address window to make a confetti-filled bookmark. You can cut around the window, place it on a piece of coloured paper, and adhere it to the paper on three sides only. So, fill in as much confetti as you’d like to create a gleaming, glittery bookmark.

Hand drawn bookmarks

Try something new

There is no greater source of inspiration than something made entirely from scratch by one’s own hands. Especially if drawing is involved. So, this time when you’re making cute bookmarks, try something new.

Instead of sticking printed items or embellishments on a cardstock sheet or thick paper, just draw whatever you want. Therefore, you are now ready to use this as your very own personalised bookmark.

Ruffled ribbon bookmark

This is a ruffled ribbon bookmark that can also be used as a journal wrap. You’ll need an elastic strip and a ribbon to make this bookmark.

To begin, fold the ribbon into small folds and stitch them together in a compact manner to create ruffles. To make the bookmark, sew the ruffled ribbon to the strip elastic.

This project would also necessitate the use of a sewing machine to achieve the desired finished look. A colourful ribbon would also be the best choice for this DIY project.
How to make ribbon Bookmarks

Some Other Creative Bookmark Ideas

Personalized photograph bookmarks

Giving someone bookmarks made from their own photos would be a fantastic gift idea, wouldn’t it?

You’ll need some old photos from your albums, preferably in crazy poses, that you don’t mind using in a craft for this. These photos must now be cut out in the shape of your body’s outline and threaded to a tassel at the top.

Embroidered ones made with linen

Linen can be used to make cute bookmarks. To make something similar to the one shown in the photo, cut two strips of linen fabric that will be stitched together later. Pick a favourite quote and write it down on one of the strips.

Now, embroider the quote according to the pattern on the sketch, and sew the two pieces together using a sewing machine or by hand. It’s even possible to embroider an image on it. Add a colourful ribbon or a very thin fabric strip to the top as a finishing touch.

Bookmarks with RE-PURPOSED calendars

We have a habit of tossing out previous year’s calendars when the New Year arrives. Don’t do it because the materials on the calendars can be used for a variety of DIY projects. One such example is these bookmarks.

All you have to do to make these bookmarks is pick the right artwork, cut it into a bookmark shape, and tie a string around it. That’s all there is to it. You can make as many as you want for yourself, or make a bunch to give away as New Year’s gifts to friends and family.

Bookmarks made out of Gift Tags

If you’re too lazy to make everything from scratch but still want a rustic bookmark, this one might be worth a shot. You’ll need a gift tag, a stamp, and a piece of string to make this bookmark. You must select a design and stamp it onto the gift tag, as well as tie a string to the end. This bookmark is ideal for those who don’t want to waste too much time but still want something simple and elegant.

Bookmark that Lets you Mark It Up

This bookmark is ideal for students or readers who like to highlight not only pages but also paragraphs. It also makes it easier to take short notes whenever possible. All you have to do is glue rows of small neon-colored sticky notes onto a plain cardstock paper bookmark. To give the bookmark a different look on the hole, use sticky notes of one colour or multiple colours.

Map your Favorite Place onto the Bookmark

People’s passion for travel is one of the most popular these days. Everyone has a favourite place they’ve visited, a place they’ve always wanted to visit, or a destination on their bucket list. So why not turn it into a bookmark?

All you need is cardstock paper and ribbon to make a simple bookmark. To make it more attractive, simply select a map of a place you love or want to visit and adhere it to the bookmark.

Final Thoughts

While spending an afternoon curled up with a good book and a warm mug of tea may seem like the most ideal way to spend a self-care day, adding your own handmade bookmarks to the mix might just make it even better.

A pre-reading bookmark craft session can also help your children feel more invested in their own reading goals, as well as help them focus longer. Try a few of the tutorials to make your own customised bookmarks. Make your next read a little more special, whether it’s a few pages before bed or ticking off another assigned summer reading book.

You could always look for new ideas and try making something that’s meaningful to you. So, don’t make the mistake of folding dog ears into the pages of your books; it’s an unforgivable sin. Instead, make a great bookmark as part of a DIY project to keep your book looking brand new!

May you always have a good book in your hands and a good bookmark to keep you on track.

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FAQ Section

What can you make bookmarks out of?

You can make bookmarks out of a variety of materials, including paper, felt, fabric, yarn, leather, wood, and metal, as well as some unique craft bookmark styles like corner, tassel, and paper clip.

How do you make a unique bookmark?

It can be made out of paper and then drawn on, or it can be made out of materials. To make your own personalised bookmarks, try a few of the tutorials according to your interest. You could always come up with new ideas and try to create something meaningful to you.

How do you bookmark in easy steps?

1. Gather all of your ingredients.
2. Make the basic shape by cutting it out.
3. Choose a nice patterned paper.
4. The patterned paper should be cut out and glued.
5. Use any and all pens you have on hand to decorate.
6. You’re almost finished!

Is it possible to use the spines of the books as bookmarks?

This fantastic idea involves making magical bookmarks out of book spines. So, if you decide to work on this project, proceed with caution. Only choose this option if you are willing to part with some of your prized collection of books.
However, if you have any old books lying around, simply cut them up, pick out the spine, and tie it to a piece of string to create a much-appreciated literary bookmark.

How can we use a simple paper clip as a bookmark?

This is yet another method for creating a simple but attractive bookmark. That, too, was accomplished with only two materials: ribbons and brightly coloured paper clips. Simply tie a small piece of ribbon around one end of the paperclip and you’re finished.

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