Famous Calligraphers Who Rocked the World of Calligraphy

Wordsmiths are the people who mould words and letters to present the idea and the concept in their form, while calligraphy is the visual art of writing and lettering. But what happens when these two aesthetes collide? Who wouldn’t be in awe of dedicated artists who seek to create an impact with calligraphy? One can never limit the potential of famous calligraphers to simple visual appeal.

Calligraphers often pack a load of meaning into their art. Right from why they chose a particular style, how they gave their spin to it, the colors and mediums they work with- these famous wordsmiths have it all covered.


And so, we’re back at it again! Discovering these wonderful artists and going through their impressive and impactful body of work was a pure delight for us. Therefore, we wished to share them with you.

Although, we are torn between letting them be our own little secret and aspiring for more recognition for them; here we are with the Famous Five stars of the world of calligraphy. We speak with surity that you’ll end up being a loyal fan of their artistry. Moreover, their purpose lends their calligraphy a punch of power!

Wordsmiths Who Revolutionised Calligraphy


Marquis Lewis, better known as RETNA, is a contemporary artist and one of the most famous calligraphers today. Lewis’ specialty is his unique graffiti art which is rich in typography and letterforms.

Inspired by global typography, RETNA is also the proud originator of a distinct linguistic script. According to him, he developed this script so that people from all across the world can bond over his art irrespective of the language they speak. We adore this calligrapher who styles letters with flair and purpose!


Though on first look, all his canvases look similar- covered with long, edgy letters. But once you’re familiar with his script, there’s no going back. Behind the bold letters lies the sheer artistic genius of Lewis, who is set on making a serious impression on his audience.

One can see Retna’s impressive calligraphy at display in Art for All in Malaga, Yves Laroche Galerie d’Art in Montreal,, and the Don Gallery in Milan. Working with high-profile clients has not diminished his humility as he still goes by the moniker of a street artist. This prolific wordsmith is the pride of Hebrew calligraphy and Gothic Blackletter and our first entry in this list.

Check out RETNA on his street exhibition- ‘The Halleluja World Tour’, here.

eL Seed

An Arab sensation, eL Seed uses his art to spread the message of peace and unity. His Arab Calligraphy also doubles up as a tool of political expression when he is not charming people with his elegant strokes.

Born in France to a Tunisian couple, this street artist calls his art calligraffiti. Owing to his origins, this famous wordsmith has chosen to build a link between French and Tunisian culture via his artistry with the pen.

El Seed

A logistics manager in a big pharma company, Seed left graffiti and focused on his profession until one day he accepted his true calling and begun putting calligraphy on the walls again

A recipient of the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture, this breakthrough talent with his swirling Arab script made it to our hearts and also to this list of wonderful and famous calligraphers.

Greatest Graffiti ever!

Some of his famous artworks are La tour Paris13, It Impossible, My Identity, Salwa Road, 5 Points, and many more. Catch el Seed in action in his studio in Dubaihere!

Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas, one of the most distinguished personalities and famous calligraphers in the world is a Moscow-born talent. This young calligrapher-graffiti artist also originated his own style called Calligrafuturism.

Lampas shot to fame with his unique style infused with a strong purpose of binding cultures in to one seamless web. This young calligrapher’s profile boasts of clients like Lamborghini, Adidas, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Fendi, etc.

Pokras Lampas: calligraffiti is part decorative, part meaningful - Friday  Magazine
Pokras Lampas

Lampas is also a world-record holder for the world’s largest calligraphy. This artwork is spread over the roofs in Moscow, which is even visible on Google Earth. This famous wordsmith has written his way into our admiration and respect. Hence, Lampas has made his mark among the famous calligraphers in the world with his immense creativity.

Molly Suber Thorpe

An award-winning graphic designer and calligrapher, Molly Suber Thorpe is the force behind Plurabelle Calligraphy. Over the years, she has worked with Google Arts & Culture, Martha Stewart, Fendi, and Michael Kors. She also creates font designs, freelancing tools for designers and creators.

Molly Suber Thorpe

She founded Calligrafile.com, in 2016 a free, database of trusted tools and resources for calligraphers, hand lettering artists, type enthusiasts, and creative freelancers.

Suber Thorpe’s intricate swirl patterns and lovingly crafted letters have a fan-following of their own. This talented artist-entrepreneur has many successful ventures under her belt. Therefore, we couldn’t think of making a list of famous calligraphers without her!

Capital calligraphy alphabet demonstration

Xu Bing

Xu Bing is a Chinese artist who once served as a vice-president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Bing is known for his artistic use of language, words, and text in printmaking and installation art. His work has been displayed at some of the best museums in the world like the Museum of Modern Art,; the British Museum; the Victoria and Albert Museum, etc.

Xu bing

Some of his distinguished artworks are Art for the people, Background Story: The Mountain in the South Looked as a Green Screen, Mustard seed garden, A Case Study of Transference, and many more. Bing supplies his word art with a staunch passion for culture and perceptions of linguistics during his time in China.

Final Thoughts

While most of us didn’t hear these names, yet these famous calligraphers have left an indelible impression in the art of Calligraphy. However, their work isn’t just a pleasing portrait to look at but carries a silent hope to make this world a better place.

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