Vocabulary for Children: How to improve speaking vocabulary?

Speaking is an art. It is also a way in which an individual can develop the power of strong communication skills. Improving the speaking vocabulary of an individual helps in both day-to-day lives as well as in professional life. In this lesson, we will learn the benefits of good vocabulary as well as tips to improve speaking vocabulary.

Choosing the right words to speak is extremely important in conversing in any language. Although in early childhood vocabulary is learned by children very fast, learning, must not be limited to any age. Improving speaking vocabulary is the only way to learn a language completely.

What is Vocabulary?

A vocabulary is a group of words that are used to express a language property. Individuals every day learn new words that get added to the stock of words also known as vocabulary.

Improve speaking vocabulary

Ways to improve speaking vocabulary

how to memorize English words quickly

Talking to oneself whenever possible

Learning a new language requires talking to oneself. Practising speaking putting the correct vocabulary in sentences is extremely important to learn new words. This helps to fulfil the gaps in learning fast to understand which word to use when. 

Making a list of new words everyday

This is a very good suggestion to remember new words or vocabularies. This helps in learning various words faster and improving a lot of vocabulary. Whenever one comes across new words while reading he must jot them down in a handy notebook and use them in various sentences. 

Read as much as possible to improve speaking vocabulary

One must increase the reading as much as possible. Reading various books helps in increasing the vocabulary of individuals. To learn a language fast one must always improve the reading habit and going through various kinds of literary texts and so on.

Improving the context skill

Another critical point is to know which word is to use where. Both in writing and speaking skills knowing which word to use where is wholly needed. This also helps in knowing the vocabulary and its use in a proper manner. 

Practising is the key to improving speaking vocabulary

Learning vocabulary involves the writing and practising of new words regularly. This involves learning five to ten words regularly and writing them down. It is the best way to remember the words you learn. These words can also be remembered if meanings are written along with them and also writing down sentences with those words. 

Remembering connecting words

To improve speaking vocabulary learning similar or connecting words is also significant. This helps in increasing more stock of words. Connecting nouns with various describing words may also help to learn vocabulary. 

Making use of mnemonics to improve speaking vocabulary

Making use of mnemonics is a unique way of improving the speaking vocabulary of individuals who want to learn new words. It helps in better imagination and helps in connecting words to them.

Learn new words from the dictionary

It is a good habit to learn new words from a dictionary every day. Making it a habit to learn regularly a fixed number of words which are 5-10 every day is a very good option to improve one’s vocabulary.

Playing word games to improve speaking vocabulary

Solving crosswords and games like scrabble are both interesting and a very good way to learn newer words and vocabularies for children, especially. In modern times one can easily play these games regularly through the computer. This is very helpful in learning newer words. Crossword puzzles are also given in newspapers on a daily basis which may also be practised. 

Communicating more with people

The more one communicates with others, the more he will be able to understand the various words or vocabulary in the learning phases. Learning this way becomes application based. Individuals can also understand their gaps in learning to speak a specific language and ways to improve them. The more one communicates the better the speaking skills.

Developing the imagination to remember words

Imagining things in connection to various words help in remembering the words. Practising to image always helps. This is the reason why kids are told stories so that they learn the tactics of imagining things in their minds.

TRYING TO REMEMBER THE ANTONYMS: Learning to remember a word becomes more effective when you learn to remember the words by knowing their opposite words. This is a very useful trick. This also helps to learn a greater number of words at the same time. This is an impactful way to learn a greater no of words. 

Learning in short but continuous bursts

One should not try to learn a lot of things at once. To learn effectively one should first learn a few of them and keep learning and remembering them again and again and then go for the next set of words. 

Taking vocabulary tests

One should practice them by doing vocabulary tests by oneself. This may also be done through the online medium in the present day. This may prove very helpful in increasing vocabulary. 

Making lists of words to remember

One must make lists of various new words in order to remember them. This should be done specifically if you are about to appear for competitive examinations. These are both available online as well as various books of vocabulary are available in the market in contemporary times. Book reviews must be considered before buying them.

Using post-it notes to improve speaking vocabulary

Post-it notes which are readily available in the market can be used to remember words and their meaning. One can use it in the copy where they are making vocabulary lists or around any place in the house so that they can go through them time and again. The colourful post makes it very interesting and effective to make one remember new words. 

Best way to improve your vocabulary


These are the various ways when may help you to learn vocabularies quickly and in an interesting way. Any difficult job can be transformed into a fun one. This helps in simplifying them. Vocabulary also is such a thing. 

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