Macrame Threads Guide for Beginners

One of the best feelings in the world is being crafty and making beautiful things with simple and raw materials and no mass-produced thing can match the beauty of things that you make with your own hands. After spending a lot of days and putting a lot of effort into a thing when the final product comes in your hand it is automatically beautiful. There are a lot of crafts and arts on which you can try your hands. And such things can convert into a hobby as well as a good source of earning. One such amazing craft is the craft of threads known as macrame. It is a very in trend thing these days and popular among young people and can be seen all over Instagram. That is why more and more people are gaining interest in it and want to learn it.

If you are also someone who aspires to learn it then this article is all you need to read. In this article, we are going to also know about all its basics from the types of threads you need to pick and basic knots that you need to master. These basic skills will help you to kick start your Macrame journey in a simple way.

What is Macrame?

Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques. It is all about grabbing some specific type of threads and cords and then starting braiding in different knots and patterns. Macrame has been a popular way to decorate for decades, bringing texture and warmth into a home with knots that can be put together in unique ways to create different decorative and utility items. Macrame shows its existence for a very long time and is very popular in the Arab and Gulf region. And now is popular all around the world and people are using their creativity to make different new things with it.

What is Macrame

Types of Macrame Threads

Materials used in macramé include cords made of cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather, or yarn. Ropes and cords of different sizes, colors, and sizes. Here are three main types of threads that are highly used in making macrame products.

Difference between macrame string, cord, rope, and braided cord with G –  GANXXET
Types of Threads for Macrame

Braided Macrame Cords

It is a type of thread that is made by using many single threads that are braided into one thick thread. They come in many different thicknesses and vary according to the type of project that you are making. Many single strands of yarn are used to make one thick strand. It is most suitable for big projects and it is very tough and has strength.

3 PLY Macrame Cords

It is made up of thin cotton threads that are braided together in three brands. All these thin cotton strands are rolled together in a very precise way which makes it very strong and perfect for making planters or other things that involve weight.

Single Twist Cotton Macrame Cords

It is also made up of many thin cotton strands. They are all braided in single-strand and are also known as 1 PLY macrame cord. These Macrame cords are a joy to work with and the silky soft material creates the prettiest knots and a fluffy fringe. In simple words, it can be said that they are a little simplified version of 3 PLY cords.

Some Basic Knots You Need to Know About

Doing Macrame is all about playing with knots and using them in a rhematic way to make different patterns. There are a lot of different types of knots in it but there are a few basics you can begin with. Here are some simple and basic macrame knots that you can easily learn to get started with:

Lark’s Head Knot

It is one of the most basic knots and is used in almost all types of macrame projects. It is very simple to do. All you need to do is take your base stick and then keep a looped rope over it. Then move the loop side below the stick and then take out the free side from inside the loop. This knot will attach the rope to the stick. In big projects it is the most basic thing to do and then further patterns are made.

A Lark Head's knot
Lark’s Head Knot

Reverse Lark’s Head Knot

It is very clear by the name that to make this knot we will have to reverse the procedure of the previous knot. To start with taking your base stick and take a looped rope. Keep it under the stick and then take out the loose side from inside the loop. It will also help in fixing the roop to its place to allow further steps in bigger projects.

A Reverse Lark Head's knot
Reverse Lark’s Head Knot

Overhand Knot

To start with this knot you will first have to follow the steps of the Lark knot. After that, you will have to grab the remaining part of the rope and form a circle of it then take the end of the cord and pull it out of the circle. You will be able to see a figure like the sign of infinity. And your overhand knot is done.

Tightening the loop
Overhand Knot

Gathering Knot

This knot can not be done with a single strand of the cord a sit is very much clear by the name that for this knot you need to gather a lot of strands for it. To start with tie a lot of cords to the stick with Lark knot then gather loose side of all of them. Then take one more piece of cord and start rolling it around the cords once you are done rolling it then take its free side and take it inside the rolled cords.

This knot is super useful when you are making wall hangings or hanging planters.

Hiding the loop
Gathering Knot

Spiral Stitch

To make this knot you need at least two strands of cord and then tie them in a Lark knot. After that, you will have to start binding strands of both cords in a crossway. For this, you need to hold both the inside cords in your hand and revolve the outside rope around it the do the same with the other side. Keep following this step till you are satisfied with its length.

A macrame spiral
Spiral Stitch

Clove Hitch

For this tie, some cords in the Lark knot and then take the first cord and place it in a horizontal way. Then take the second side and revolve it around the sleeping rope. Repeat it with all the ropes and you are done with your clove stitch.

A horizontal cloth hitch
Clove Hitch

Slanting Clove Knot

As you can understand by the name that this knot is the slanted version of the previous one. The only change that you need to do is rather than keeping the first strand in the sleeping way you need to keep it in a slanting way and then repeat the following steps.

diagonal clove hitch macrame knot
Slanting Clove Knot

Have a look at some of the most basic knots and patterns of macrame

Knots and Patterns of Macrame

Easy Things Beginners can Make with Macrame

Get started by making these simple things that are easy to make and beautiful at the same time and you will definitely enjoy making them.

Plant Hanger

Plant hangers are one of the most beautiful pieces of home decor. And indoor planters are an essential part of home decor these days as they help in adding a good touch of freshness to the room. To make it you need a wooden ring, some long and thick cords, and a planter. Take the ring and then place all the cords on it. After that start making notes with all the ropes, then leave a lot of gaps and bind all the ropes at the end and leave some fringes at the bottom. And then place the plater in it ad you will be able to hang it with the help of the wooden ring on the top. You can make a lot of modifications as per your choice and decorate as you like.

But make sure that go for a strong cord and make all the knots strong so that they can hold the planters in their place.

Other plant hangers designs

Plant Hangers

Macrame Feathers

Macrame feathers are one of the most popular and beautiful things that you can make. They are undoubtedly a very beautiful piece of decoration. You need to take a cord for the center and then start attaching small cords all around it. Once you are done with it start opening the braid of all the cords. Then comb it and give it a proper shape. Don’t forget to leave a hoop at the top of it for the purpose of hanging.

This piece of macrame feather is super versatile as you can make big feathers for wall hangings, small for earrings, you can also make a coaster it with as well. With your creativity, you can make a lot of other things with it.

Other macrame feather designs

Macrame Feathers

Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are so in trend these days and you can see them all over the internet. YOu can make it in any size and can increase or decrease its complexity as per your choice. To begin with, you need to take a base stick it can be a small tree trunk as well. Start assembling your threads on it. Keep the length as per your choice. Then leave some gap at the top and start making patterns, then leave some more space and repeat the above pattern and repeat the process over and over again. Leave some fringes at the end to make it look even more beautiful. The add a cord of thread to the top of it in a V shape so you can hang it and your beautiful wall hanging is ready.

You can use a circle frame to make a circular wall hanging or other different shapes as per your choice. It will add a bohemian touch to your room.

Other macrame wall hangings designs

Wall Hanging

Have a look at how to make a macrame feather wallhanging

Macrame feather wall hanging


Aren’t keychains a perfect way to keep all your keys altogether safe? But sometimes selecting a good keychain becomes a bit difficult so why not make one of your own. For this, you just need two simple things a metalling holder and threads. Then take the metallic holder and tie a lot of threads to it, keeping the length of threads as per our choice. Then start making patterns to it. You can use any type of knots and patterns in it and leave some fringes at the end. Then comb it and cut it in a shape.

They will look super beautiful when hung on the keychain holder and can use any color or pattern of your choice. You just need to keep a little thing in mind that the selection of thread should be done properly because it influences how the pattern will finally look.

Other macrame keychain designs


Cute Earrings

Threads are a great material for making earrings and there was a time when thread earrings and tassel earrings were seen in everyone’s ear. Making macrame earrings is super easy. The main thing that you need to keep in your mind is to go for the slimmest threads so that that precision can be seen clearly. Take a simple metallic ring and add the ear hoop at the top. Then grab a lot of slim threads and star tying in on the ring then make some patterns then leave some fringes at the bottom and trim them in a proper shape. You can use different colors, types of threads and make different patterns to change the style and design of the earring.

Not only you can make earrings but a lot of other types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and many other things just by using your creativity.

Other macrame earrings designs

Cute Earrings


It is one of the easiest things that you will make with macrame. It is very simple to make as all you need to do is grab a thick macrame thread and start rolling it in a circle. Make it as big as much as you like and stop after you achieve your desired radius. To make the fringes around it you will have to open some threads, comb them and trim them in a proper shape. After making the fringes attach them to the main base.

You can use it for a lot of purposes like keeping your candles on the table, the base for coffee mugs, or just a center piece of your table. It will add a perfect rustic touch to your room.

Other macrame coaster designs


Other Macrame projects to makeDownload

Basis to Choose a Cord

Selecting a perfect cord for your project can be influenced by a lot of factors. You need to keep in mind a lot of things like what is the size of your project, and a lot of other things based on which you go for the length and thickness of it. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Type of Project

The main thing is the type of project that you are going for. Like if you are going for a big wall hanging then you will have to go for a thick cord, similarly, if you are planning to make small earrings then you should go for cords that are slim. The selection of thread or cord also depends if you need to keep something heavy on them. Like you are going to make a plant hanger then you should go for threads that have good strength because you need to keep a heavy pot on them. SO before selecting the cord for your project you should be completely clear about the project you are going to make.


Different types of cord make the final project look a little different. Braided and 3-PLY cords give your project a different look than if you would use single twist cords. Some types of cords are clearer than others. So while selecting the thread for your project you should also keep in mind what kind of appearance do you want for your project. If you want a more refined look then go for 3 ply cord and if you want to go for a little breezy look like for wall hangings then you can go for single twist cords.

If you are following a tutorial or not

Most of the time when we start learning a thing we follow a tutorial and it is the best way to learn things. A tutorial gives you instructions about all the things right from the type of material you need to choose and the steps following it. Follow those instructions in a proper way. Go for the type of cord that is mentioned in it. Because apparently, the types of patterns you need to make, type of knots you are going to tie influence the selection of cord or thread.

A little Note to Remember:

Macrame ProjectThread Thickness
Big wall hanging4-10 mm
Small wall hanging3-5 mm
Planter2-5 mm
Macrame bags3-5 mm
Jewelry1.5-3 mm
Key chain / Bookmark1.5-3 mm

Measurements according to different macrame projects

Q1. Is macrame a good business?

Most people start macrame as a hobby but you can easily turn it into a good business or begin with a good small business. On Instagram, you can see a lot of businesses of the same product. But you can definitely stand out by being creative, imaginative, and experimenting. Try making things and decor items that no one else is making. So in short macrame can be turned into a good business.

Q2. What material is used for macrame?

A lot of different types of material are used for Macrame. The most basic things that you need are macrame threads and wood bases. Other materials can vary according to the thing that you are making like for planters you need wooden rings, for wall hangings you need a wooden stick, for keychains you need metallic locks and such other things.

Q3. Can I teach myself macrame?

Teaching yourself macrame is not at all a tough task. For that, you just need to follow good tutorials, read good articles, and practice a lot. To excel in this you need to learn the basics in a good way. Practice some projects open it and then make it again or make some other thing. This is the best way to teach yourself macrame.

Q4. What is the point of macrame?

The very main point of macrame is to make different utility and home decor items. As you can make a large range of things from it like planters, wall hangings, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, coasters and a lot of other things like this.

Q5. What is the cost of macrame thread?

The cost of macrame threads can vary a lot based on their thickness, type, pattern, colors, and quality. You can have a look at different macrame threads here.

Final Thoughts on Macrame Art and Threads

There is nothing you can not make with the help of Macrame. Once you are good with the basics you will be able to earn more complex types of knots and patterns on your own just with a bit of practice. Then by making different things one after another you will be able to adorn your walls with wall hangings, beautify your table with coasters, make beautiful plant hangers and make your garden look even more beautiful and the list can go on with hundreds of other things and macrame jewelry is also one of them.

So be a macrame expert by learning basics and improving your skills continuously.

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